Donald Trump: “Election Is a Total Sham and a Travesty”

After Mitt Romney’s defeat last night Donald Trump posted several tweets including this:
“This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!”

The liberal media was predictably very bothered by this but totally ignored the racist violent tweets coming from the left including death threats against Mitt Romney.

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  • Granny

    At least somebody is willing to call it like it is. Too bad Donald Trump didn’t do more.

  • Bill Mitchell

    23 million missing voters. Where are they?

  • owl

    Thank you Mr Trump for at least trying. I really wish you had offered that money back in the summer. Oh well…..

  • listingstarboard

    The numbers don’t add up.

  • Brivar Houtex

    The only one that gets it is Trump. Unfortunately it’s not enough. The Republican Party can go to Hell bunch of mamby pamby losers. The only thing more pitiful is anyone still supporting the Tea Party you bunch of clowns and that stupid dingbat Sarah Palin you got beat the worst and all you’re going to do about it is wring you hands and talk big. You are a non issue shut up and go home. Until you arm yourself and take some action welcome to status quo.

  • Flowergirl

    Hi, first time poster here. I agree with #4; something doesn’t add up.

  • donh

    # 5 This was anything BUT a Tea Party election. It was revenge of the RINO establishment all the way.

  • briscuit

    Let this Country fall off the edge. I would rather this Country die than have it be a marxist nation.

  • Robodog7

    That was massive chicanery last night, this election was a farce. I have lived in Virginia for 55 years and have always known election results to be completed by 9:30- 10:00 at the latest. Last night it took until nearly midnight for Fox to call Va. for Obama. Our polls are among the first to close, why were we among the last to be called? I also don’t believe that every swing state other than N.C. went to Obama, I think that the vote switching machines were running full speed last night.

    Can’t prove any of it so now our once great nation will collapse. Obama will appoint at least 2 more far left justices to SCOTUS, our debt will rise to over $20 trillion, and our military will be ineffective to defend.

  • Hobbitually Conservative

    briscuit commented:

    Let this Country fall off the edge. I would rather this Country die than have it be a marxist nation.

    Is there a difference that I am missing?

  • Edward Treadway

    Trump and his Birtherism was part of the problem. I really don’t believe he was *for* Romney.

  • Hobbitually Conservative

    Yeah Trump. We already know. Now it’s time to shut up. You’re part of the problem.

  • Andrew X

    Trump is right about all except “total sham”. Even if there was fraud, I cannot believe there was enough reverse the result. Fact is, we can drink that draft to numb ourselves, but this election did come off pretty much as it is supposed to, technically.

    What happened is, we all said, “It’s make or break time, because if that 47% of takers ever becomes 51%, it’s game over”. And we, and Mitt, were wrong. It became 51% already, it was too late, this was over before even before Sandy hit.

    Now conservatism has to go to a Plan B that I cannot even really fathom at this point. But I do believe this, bitter that it may be: Leftism has always put me in the mind of the show ‘Intervention’. It IS political heroin, and it has ALWAYS had the same effect on the body politic as heroin has on the human body, for the same reasons and with the same results.

    And the ONLY true answer is for the addict to suffer and suffer hard. For them to be homeless and scrounging in the gutter for food, when they are forced to realize that they HAVE to change, and say goodbye to their warm and fuzzy friend forever, or just die in that gutter and have done with it.

    And what does that look like on a societal level? I don’t even want to think too hard on that. I can’t consider that for some time, at least.

    But unless and until we successfully come up with a formula that will directly link the hurt these policies cause to the people voting for them, to make them bleed for voing this way, we will now ALWAYS lose – because people will hurl their families, their careers, their homes….. their country, their heritage, their values, and that which their forefathers died in the hundreds of thousands on battlefields foreign and domestic…. they will gladly toss it all just for one more ‘feel-good’ hit or vote… and there is nothing we can do about it. It is a sick, sick, demonic part of human nature, and it always will be. And America has no outside family of non-addicts to intervene.

    And so we go….

    Sorry. Not in a good mood at the moment.

  • bg


    hey Donald..

    “talk is cheap”

    nuff said..


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  • MR .ed

    The KIng will not like this I see the IRS and the Social and islamic justice dept looking in to The donald he has more then others and did not pay the king but gave to Clown.I see bars and stripes on the donald you heard it here first

  • owl

    You want to know what happened?

    Look at this thread. LOOK.

    One praises the Tea Party, another trashes it. One is talking about RINO revenge. One is calling birthism out as the problem, along with blaming Trump???

    So who beat ya???

    Yep. I can not shout and rant this enough. Old MEDIA beat you into the ground. We did not need to beat Obama. We only needed to beat MEDIA. They suffered some cracks but nothing even close to going down.

    We will never win this battle unless we can conquer ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC/NYT/WaPo/etc. They and their funny people programs. That’s it. Or it was it.

    Now we have another problem. Illegal immigration.

    I begged to have someone do something/anything under Bush. I ranted that it was our only shot at something. Oh NO. We must be purist and fight a losing battle that accomplishes nothing. Zero. Nada. Zip. We must cut off our nose to spite our face. Yep. Principles, donchaknow?

    I am still waiting to see what some of you have accomplished on this issue besides dooming all of us. They vote. MORE & MORE & MORE will vote. They voted yesterday. The crime??? Bush actually was making inroads. Of yes, that evil Bush. That RINO actually saw the handwriting on the wall when so many did not.

    When Mitt moved over to the send them back crowd, it doomed him.

    Two things beat the crap out of us. Media and immigrants. How strong you think this block will be in 4 more years? Yep.

  • asdf

    This whole scenario just doesn’t add up. Fraud has somehow been committed on a massive scale. It’s a coup.

  • owl

    I forgot to name the group I blame for what happened to us, our ELECTED voices.

    Are they too RINO, etc? No. What they have been is as divided as these threads and it is not even the issues. I do not give 2 cents about any of that at this point. Why care about an issue if you have zero way to change the outcome? What I do care about is that they are ineffective.

    Our ELECTED voices are not effective.

    They do not have a clue how to fight. They did not fight the entire time Bush was in office. They will sit on a tv show and ALLOW the media AND the Dem to state past history as fact and they will either be silent or nod. They have ALLOWED the media to continue to put out the lies as fact.

    They allowed Bush to be blamed for the economy. I read it over and over on these threads.

    What kind of idiots would agree with that and cement it into history? The media was no different those 8 years than these last 4 years. Not one iota difference.

    Boehner is not an effective leader. That simple. Name one thing that actually was accomplished and then tell me how he put a hold on any of Obama’s plans? I do not dislike him but this is bs. I can just imagine how they all reach across and hold hands at this point. Tea Party gave them the job in 2010 and look how they have all wasted it. No, I do not think the Tea Party is the be all, end all but only one part of a whole.

    This party did not have to rewrite history as Bush the RINO terrorist. But they did and do. You tell me the difference between Obama blaming Bush and what I and the country has listened to for years? Democrats know how to fight and they always protect their own.

  • MR .ed

    Hey owl do not forget Saudi owed in part Fox news they helped give us their man Mitt and helped Chriss christie rise to the top and many say Chris and The KING hand and hand on the beach helped show how much The King loves us all

  • Andrew X

    *sigh* Ed, it pains me to be part of the circular firing squad, but maybe it is a necessary part of the process. It is absurd to accuse Fox News of “not being conservative enough” or whatever, all such an accusation will ever do is be cut and pasted to Daily Kos for endless giggles and snorts. The fact is, the GOP field basically sucked in the primaries, and I think Mitt actually won me over, and was about as good a candidate, who ran as good a campaign (we can always nitpcik, but still..) as we could have hoped for. Every other candidate was a non-starter: Gingrich – radioactive. Bachman, Cain – earnest but inexperienced. Perry – a good governor, an incompetent national candidate. Santorum – Gee, ‘War on Women’ was apparently and appallingly effective, ya THINK it would have been deployed against Santorum?

    It ain’t Fox News fault, and I really don’t think it’s Mitt’s fault. Much to my undiluted horror and astonishment, it is the American people’s fault – we are not the country I thought we were, and current trends will lead to an end that lies between undesirable and nation-ending catastrophic, and We The People bought it lock, stock and barrel.

    Presumably a strong conservative will arise anew (and you know what? They HAVE to be a governor. HAVE to be.)

    And this may be heretical on this day, but there is a long GOP history of losing candidates coming back for round two, and winning (Nixon, Reagan). I think Mitt won a lot of people over, and depending on the horrors we have in store, I don’t rule out millions of people seeing him in a different light come 2014 or so.

  • Not Likely

    America rejects Donald Trump and Jim Hoft.

  • Micaela

    The media wasn’t bothered by Trump. They, and everybody who saw his original tweets (which have since been deleted) were LAUGHING at him. Comedy gold once again.


    Donald J. Trump [email protected]
    He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!

    Donald J. Trump [email protected]
    The phoney electoral college made a laughing stock out of our nation. The loser one!

    Donald J. Trump [email protected]
    More votes equals a loss…revolution!

    Quit inhaling Trumps spray tan.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Trump needs to shut the eff up.


    Him running his effing mouth for the last year certainly didn’t help yesterday.