DNC Chair: GOP Got Whiter and More Male (Video)

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said the Republican Party “got whiter and more male” while the Democratic caucus is “majority minority and female.”
CNS News reported:

This is true.
93% of blacks voted for Obama.
71% of Hispanics voted for Obama.

Mitt Romney won among white voters by 20 percentage points.
There’s a reason why we have open borders.

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  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg

    ++ r

    really GP?? :roll:

    aah, guess you still still got the hots for her, well,
    either that or you got darker & more feminine.. 😀


  • NCBOb

    Sorry if many of us white guys don’t want to be associated with a Party full of dumb broads like Shultzy who sit around with their small brains and notice what group everybody belongs to.

  • BigRed

    They’re not going to knock on MY door when their food stamps are cut off. Suck on that, Little Debbie aka “Cousin Itt”!

  • Rachelle

    Does she know she is white?

    I wonder if the Democrats really want to brand themselves as the party for ‘Coloreds Only’?

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  • Swifty


  • shadow

    There’s a reason why we have open borders.

    Seen a lot of blacks sneeking across the border, have you?

  • shadow

    I wonder if the Democrats really want to brand themselves as the party for ‘Coloreds Only’?

    I believe it’s called a large tent, where everyone is welcome. You do realize that Obama got more white votes, than minority votes, don’t you?

  • Time

    My oh my.. It is heating up over @ the blaze big time. The temp is rising and people are furious. Beck just made many enemies.. He once again leads people along, pretending to stand up for the constitution, disgust at all this administration is doing to it, shredding it, bi- passing all laws in place, circumvents congress at every chance. He stands with black board and chalk mapping out the crimes committed against this nation and it’s people for all the world to see. But, as soon as he is in sight of real issues and real fraud he hits the deck running, taking cover in shrouded darkness. His pretense is awakened and his faux agenda is heard Loud and clear. People now are witnessing his insane denial to the true fraud that sits directly in front of him. No longer chalkboard, or chalk or mapping of the crimes that people have witnessed with their own eyes. He covers for their acts like a good, obediant operative that is highly paid. Voter fraud is alive and well and it is living in every state in the union and people know it, see it and are living the repercussions of it. Mr Beck has turned on the faucet by justifying and analyzing the outcome of this election. The poll numbers, counts, turn outs, registered voters that were all too impossible to believe, well Beck has his chalkboard out and he is again mapping it out on how it all is clear in the eyes of an operative, a highly paid one. He has just fanned the flames and the fire is just beginning to spread. Soon it will be an inferno, and I hope his site survives…time will tell..

  • Mad Hatter

    Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said the Republican Party “got whiter and more male” while the Democratic caucus is “majority minority and female.”


    And the U.S. Prison population got blacker, and more male.

    So what’s your point Debbie?

  • Sasja

    Actually, we have more Hispanic elected officials than do dhims. Rush touched on Ron Paul’s farewell address and Paul’s question of why is freedom so hard to sell.

    From Rush…….Freedom of the Founding, Freedom from government; the Constitution and the Bill of Rights limit what government can do. They celebrate the God-given freedom and liberty of each human being. That’s what we stand for. We also believe there should be guardrails. We call it morality.

    “What is so hard about selling freedom? And it is a tough sell, because to the people we’re trying to sell freedom, they look at us as their main impediment to freedom. We stand in the way of the way they define it. Their definition of freedom doesn’t involve government being in their way at all. We’re the ones in their way. They want gay rights, gay marriage. They want to redefine marriage any way they want, redefine the family any way they want. They want to legalize dope, you name it. They look at us as the obstacle. We deny them a good time. We deny them their fun. We deny them their freedom. Government, therefore, is to where they turn for action against us.

    Now, we go to our convention, and we had speaker after speaker of achieved and dynamic and articulate, the best among those in their business, minorities, African-Americans, women, Hispanics. We have more Hispanic elected officials in the Republican Party than the Democrats do. And that convention did not sell. It did not win any converts, is what I mean. Apparently it did not. I didn’t have anything to do with that convention, I’ll just stress again. But why didn’t that convention work? I mean, here we had Marco Rubio, and he told a story, up from nothing, Susana Martinez, ditto, Mia Love, ditto, Condoleezza Rice, ditto. I mean, the list is endless. Didn’t work.

    I think, on the other hand, our convention probably scared the people we were trying to convert. And Snerdley’s shaking his head, “What do you mean? How could that convention possibly…” Just think about it. Don’t make me provide the answer. Think about it, in terms of what we’ve discussed so far today in the first 40 minutes of the program. Here. “Groups backing an extension of unemployment benefits have launched a new round of lobbying to convince Congress,” to extend unemployment benefits $30 billion worth.

    I thought we had a recovering economy. I thought jobs were being created. This was the news before the election. Why do we need unemployment extension? I thought the objective was jobs. Even the president I thought was talking about creating jobs. Now we’ve got people who want unemployment benefits extended. What about our convention scared people? What do you think, Snerdley? Okay, what is it? Hm-hm. Hm-hm. No. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. There was nothing in our convention that said anybody’s benefits are gonna get cut. That’s the answer. What did people we hope to convert see when they watched our convention? They heard testimonials to hard work, stick-to-itiveness, family, sacrifice, not quitting, not giving up. Speaker after speaker after speaker.”

    Rush put the question of why did the convention not work as open-ended. Perhaps you have your own thoughts. Rush gave his.

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  • Songtan1

    Damn she is ugly…Outside and inside…

  • GotFreedom

    They are really trying their best aren’t they to instigate a race war. . .and IMO, not just a war of words. . .I truly believe that this administration/Dems would love nothing better than to see fighting in the streets across the country and they are going to continue to do everything they can to make sure that happens so that then they can sweep in/instigate Marshall law/set up Agenda 21 everywhere and make us all permanent slaves to the govt! Don’t take the bait people. . .together we stand/divided we fall and I’ll be dammed if I’ll lower myself to their level!

    When the Dems point a finger at us, they have 3 pointing back at themselves, in other words, if they claim we are racists, they are 3x more racists then their claims against us. And shame on America’s ethnic communities for allowing yourselves to be manipulated and used by the party who started and kept going the KKK! http://www.nationalblackrepublicans.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=pages.DYKKKKTerroristArmoftheDemocratParty

  • myohmy

    Evil…evil woman.

  • vityas

    Will some rabbi please revoke her bat mitzvah?

  • ooberlung

    Democrats are such intolerant and close minded racists and bigots. Baby killers too.

  • xiphos

    And this ‘administration’ took a sharp left turn and stepped on the accelerator.
    Dang, I thought that mad-cow disease was held in check.

  • Highlander

    That woman makes my skin crawl …

  • robert

    Damn Woman is ugly. I’d rather kiss a turd.