Dick Morris: “My Own View Is That Romney Is Going to Win With 325 Electoral Votes” (Video)

Political consultant Dick Morris says all the numbers point to a Romney landslide on Tuesday.
Dick’s Picks–

Morris told Greta Van Susteren Mitt Romney will pick up 325 electoral votes.

It will be the biggest surprise in recent American political history. It will rekindle the whole question on why the media played this race as a nail biter where in fact Romney’s going to win by quite a bit. My own view is that Romney is going to win 325 electoral votes.”

Dick goes on to explain why much of the polling is wrong because the pollsters are consistently oversampling Democrats.

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  • Nofreelunch

    My map has Romney winning Michigan as well. Total 341

  • Big Red

    Did anyone see Jim Cramer’s prediction? He has Obama winning 440 EV’s. And I thought Nate Silver was the clown pollster of the Left. Jim has him beat by miles.

  • Fionnagh

    Ashamed to live in the state of Washington. But proudly voted for R/R.

  • Sasja

    If they didn’t over sample dems then they would have to face reality. Libs don’t do that very well.

  • Eric

    One thing is for sure: One side is going to be absolutely, completely wrong about what side wins 300+ EVs. What are the odds that the media delays calling Virginia in order to maintain the overall impression that ZerO isn’t getting destroyed? I don’t think VA will get called until Ohio is called.

  • Faye

    #5 Eric, I was thinking along those lines too.
    The socialist cheerleading msm will not call a state for Romney with any large amount of EVs till they absolutely have too.
    Sure hope Morris is calling this right, like he did in the 2010 mid term elections.

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  • Patty

    Morris is one very optimistic Character. But so are we. I am happy to see that so many believe in an America we all can be proud of after Romney’s landslide victory.

  • Bob

    The one thing that will NOT happen is an Obama landslide. It won’t happen. NO WAY.

    If Obama wins it will be by one of the narrowest margins in history.

    True Romney could win by a narrow margin. But he might win in a LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    #6 Faye: Dick Morris is a pretty confident guy, but I’ve been leery of him ever since his 2008 prediction blunder. I will be absolutely shocked to see MN go red. I’ve never seen that state go red in my entire lifetime.

  • Big Red

    If it were just Dick Morris I’d say he was on something. But now Michael Barone and George Will are saying the same thing. I’m sure I left out others but the point is respectable people on our side are predicting a big win. Who does the Left have? Nate Silver and Jim “Enron is a buy” Cramer. I like our chances.

  • Lucy

    Dick Morris is the only pollster who makes any sense. He explained to Greta the samples are too heavy democrat and 2008 will not be repeated and she still didn’t understand!!!!

  • http://www.precisenews.us/pt/blogs/ Steven W.

    Michigan and Nevada would be nice – but I think the real thing missing from Morris’ map is the 1 EV from Maine. GO R&R GO!

  • Ace

    Eric, we’ve seen a lot of shocking elections in the last 3 years. Remember the Weiner seat? The Kennedy seat? All because of “Obama”. And now, finally, he’s on the ballot.

  • Eric

    #11 Big Red: I agree. Which is why one side is going to have egg all over their faces. Both sides of the coin are significantly different from each other. The sampling in the polls is just weird. I don’t know how you can lead Independents by double digits and lose? My gut feeling is that the pollsters/media are doubling down on stupid because they put all of their eggs in one basket with Zer0.

  • Ace

    If 2010 was a referendum against “Obama”, and we all know it was, how much more so now?
    Have faith in our fellow citizens to do the right thing.

  • http://www.precisenews.us/pt/blogs/ Steven W.

    What’s the most difficult thing the media overlooks – given the way the race appears at this time – is that Obama has limited number of paths and requires he must run the table on all the swing states –


  • Ace

    Eric, is sampling in polls weird when compared to censoring a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 which left people dead?
    The corrupt media is in the bunker. They have no say on Tuesday. We do.

  • Eric

    #14 Ace: I totally agree. There has been some crazy stuff going on that you can not ignore. You have listed some prime examples. How about almost everyone with a (D) next to their name getting booted out of their gov’t position in Virginia? The Scott Walker recall that failed miserably? The “Support Chik-fil-a” day?

    Having said that, you can’t count out stupid. I work with people who rip on big business but have no problem taking a paycheck from them, and are voting for Bam. Hell, I’ve seen vehicles are large financial institutions with stickers promoting the “Dump your Bank” day or whatever that was a little while ago.

  • Eric

    Ace: I would not want to be an active service member after seeing what happened to our people in Benghazi. I can only imagine what would’ve happened if Seal Team 6 did not meet their objective.