Unions and far left organizations sent five busloads of demonstrators to the Walmart protest today at the Landover, Maryland store. The protesters wouldn’t speak to FOX News reporter James Rosen. The protesters were bused in on five charter buses from the Washington DC area.




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  1. I am not sure what their beef is. In our area, Walmart provides jobs for Somali immigrants who barely speak English, also handicapped and retarded people. Walmart appears to have lower (or more open, if you prefer) hiring standards than, say Target.

  2. Your typical rent-a-mob.
    It costs a lot of money to charter five buses.
    They are all being paid to be there.

    Once again we see Obama voters in their low rent attacks on success and prosperity.
    I suppose Walmart should be paying cashiers $40,000 a year for a job a a high school kid can do.

  3. Walmart is a cash cow for union dues. Ya know the kind of dues that pay for liberal reelections.

  4. People living on hand-outs should never be listened to or really paid much attention to, except me.

  5. obama’s rent-uh-mob. community organizing seen doing what it duz best.

    damn! i sure would like to have one more TWINKIE before i go. thanks unions

  6. Unions are living off the backs of good, decent people like me and all red-stated Americans.

  7. Good! These people will just become more and more isolated in their own ghetto.

  8. Unions killed the twinkie, but the ding-dongs may kill the unions.

  9. Hey, it is getting crowded down here. These goons are mucking up the drive train.

  10. Should ask those protesters if they are paid union wages and get benefits

  11. We need to de-program these union members…

    If they were introduced to basic business principles and economics, some would surely get a clue that their current course is unsustainable…

    Same with the plantation blacks…

    Truth and logic are on our side; let’s just hope that it’s not too late…

  12. We sent the young folk to check out our local Walmart to see if anything exciting was going on there. No demonstrators, just the usual crazed shoppers. If people had any sense, they would realize that not all “deals” are good and it’s best to wait on those big ticket items.

  13. On NBC last night, one unon member said they were demonstrating to “Demand respect.”

    Here’s the deal: You want respect, you gotta EARN IT. Unions are nothing more than sanctuaries for the worst workers and campaign cash machines for the worst politicians.

    There is nothing to respect.

  14. These BUSSED in SEIU puppets are whining about workers working on Thanksgiving?
    How about TV people? Cops? Nurses and doctors? Power company workers on standby?
    Public transportation workers? Any number of other people who must work on the same day are not out there as they KNEW coming in to the job what was required of them. These union idiots are so damn stupid they don’t just want a job, they want a job with little responsibility, little skilled required, high pay and many benefits.

    Seems that is the America of today. Slide through school, learn little and demand pay and benefits for a skilled job.

    Welcome to ObamaNation.

  15. #3 Conservative Ken commented: “Walmart is a cash cow for union dues.”

    Walmart has over 1,000,000 workers. That would mean about $120,000,000 a year @$10 a month dues.

  16. Won’t talk to FOX. BYE BYE exposure.

  17. I just spent $160 at Walmart ON LINE and pay $0 for shipping. No mad crowds, no pepper spray, no naggers to fight off, no dealing with arrogant ignorant cashiers or shoppers and in the comfort of my home and took advantage of Black Friday sale prices. Got a nice coffee maker for $12 freaking dollars! Last one like it has lasted me 4 year.

  18. Walmart, what other company hires 80 year old men and women or the mentally slow to greet you as you come in the door? Walmart just saved me about $50 on the stuff I bought if bought anywhere else. Thanks Walmart, now I have $50 to pay on my gas and electric bill I wouldn’t have had before.

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