DEAD PIG in a Romney T-Shirt Left at GOP Headquarters (Video)

A dead pig in a Romney T-shire was left at the GOP headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California last night.
The pig’s head was wrapped in barbed wire.

ABC Local reported:

A dead pig clad in a Mitt Romney T-shirt was left at a Republican campaign office in Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach Police had to discard the pig’s head and its feet in a trash bin, but not before several passersby saw it.

“I thought it was a dead body because of the way he approached it,” said Manhattan Beach resident Andy Gaeta. “And then when he lifted the shirt, he saw the head wrapped in barbed wire and it’s cut in half, the whole skull was. It looked like something from a butcher’s market.”

The pig was laid out at the doorstep of the Republican headquarters on Highland Avenue.

Tom Scully saw the display about 6:30 a.m. while he was out walking his dog.

“When I got closer I was like, ‘Oh, this is kind of gross. There was like barbed wire on its head. It’s nasty,” said Scully.

Manhattan Beach Police Animal Control later removed the trash bin containing the pig’s remains, taking it as evidence. Police say they’re investigating the incident as an “illegal dumping of an animal carcass.”

According to a police sergeant, they have no evidence suggesting any other crime was committed at this point.

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  • Jackie

    Way to go Liberals —- always classy!!! NOT!

  • bg


    probably one of faux BHO part deux’s Islamist pals
    trying to throw US off the scent.. /only half kidding/

    GOP Establishment on Notice


  • Restless

    Why do I have the feeling PETA won’t care.

  • bg



    scroll for more..


  • Freddy

    This is EXACTLY how California Police treat hate crimes against Republicans. They simply do not care. How does one collect evidence from a trash can after the evidence has been moved?

    These police, with the full support of their UNION, would have taken the same action if it had been the head of the Republican party!

  • Granny

    I read this as a direct threat to Mitt Romney – and the Republican headquarters.

  • bigkahuna

    Hillary? is that you ?

  • Patty

    They won, we the majority lost. They are morons, we are Patriots. They are sick and we are great. They are the lonely and we are the strong. They continue to hate and we try to compromise.

    They live their life in sin, and we live our with happiness and love.


    Obama: ‘Help Us Destroy Jesus And Start A New Age Of Liberal Darkness’


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  • Patty


    We are doomed.

    Obama Administration Shuts Down Oil Drilling Out West…

  • bigkahuna

    Lets see.

    Petraeus Resigns because of affair…….

    Hillary to resign after Obama lies under oath at the swearingin ceremony.

    Coincidence ?????????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Is Hillary getting even with Bill?

    Is this what Obama has over the Clintons??? LOL

  • Rainmom

    Somebody do that at Democrat headquarters in an Obama shirt and see what happens!

  • Patty

    Our Spiritual Winter…(the election)

    The recent re-election of Barak Hussein Obama has served to uncover the deep Spiritual crisis in America, particularly among confessing Christians. What a blow to the cause of freedom,playing by the rules, and responsibility! On election night, most people I know didn’t expect anything less than a reprieve from the four years long nightmare that is the Obama presidency. We sat in stunned silence, contemplating the new reality. We who cherish the American ideals of limited government, Judeo Christian morality, and sane servant leadership, no longer have the prevailing consensus, for now. But perhaps our vision of the right path…

  • Patty

    What I have taken from this elections is: First I wish I could say in a less then good light but this is the only way I can say it.

    I feel a little of all of us died. We couldn’t believe our eyes on Election night. How quickly the decision came and how long the past 4 years were of unbelief, anger, and How could they’s.

    It hurt and now we must decide personally what we will do from here. But we have been served up one of the worse pieces of pie, ever. I want to spit it out,

    I feel like this is a nightmare and I won’t wake up until 2016 and hopefully my nightmare will be over.

  • American Woman

    The abuse of animals sickens me and clearly identifies the culprit as a sociopath. S/he would have no problem murdering a human being.

    Unfortunately, it is s stereotypical action of the fascists that call themselves Progressives.

    Fortunately, every hateful thing that they do only strengthen our resolve.

  • Patty
  • donh

    Creepy….and my mind was actually thinking Mitt may suffer some kind of rape in the days following his loss….like a son dies in a fatal car accident. This comes as no surprise to me. Satanic Chicago mob boss politics ever since Obama came on the scene.

  • bg
  • bg


    re: Patty #16 November 9, 2012 at 5:58 pm
    re: #18 November 9, 2012 at 6:33 pm bg

    oops, missed your link, but at least
    they are two different sources.. 😉


  • bg


    donh #17 November 9, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    seen the following this yet??

    November 7, 2012

    Obama Administration Facing Massive Federal Lawsuit

    [A lawsuit seeking the return of $43 trillion (with a “t”) and an audit
    of all the TARP programs by an independent receiver has been filed
    against senior members of the Obama Administration and the New
    York group known as the “Banksters”.


    The Plaintiffs have established the location of the $43 trillion
    of laundered money in a criminal racketeering enterprise
    participated in by the following individuals:

    Eric Holder

    Tony West

    Kamala Harris

    Jon Corzine

    Robert Rubin

    Timothy Geitner

    Vikram Pandit

    Valerie Jarrett

    Anita Dunn

    Robert Bauer

    The lawsuit alleges that the Obama Administration actively borrowed
    money from these “Banksters” to fund his political campaign in this
    2012 Election and has not pursued any criminal charges against them.]


    now you know why they need to bilk US out of a roof over our heads,
    clothes on our backs, and food the table as they live higher & higher
    as good little Leninists should.. 😡


    Krim murders: Nanny kills children of CNBC executive – report

    CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After
    CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit

    [Since this information was surprisingly revealed by the mainstream
    news organization there has been a very suspicious and deadly
    fallout at the CNBC headquarters.

    Within hours the original page for the article was taken down, and
    CNBC senior vice president Kevin Krim received news that his
    children were killed under very suspicious circumstances.

    It seems that the murder happened first
    and then the page was removed later.]

    i know a few gay men were silenced for
    Obama, but children?? can this be true??

    Oil Executive and Renewable Fuel Researcher Assassinated

    [Nicholas Mockford, a 60 year old British executive for the oil company
    ExxonMobil has been shot dead in front of his wife in an assassination
    – style killing in Brussels.

    He was shot three times after leaving the Da Marcello
    restaurant in Rue de Beyseghem at around 10pm on
    Oct 14.

    The reason why news of this murder is just breaking now is because
    Belgian police imposed a news blackout and the areas government
    kept the story tightly under wraps.

    The fact that such a high profile figure can be assassinated in a public
    place without any news appearing for two weeks just goes to show
    you how easily it is to manipulate public perception, hiding things from
    the media as well as the general population.]

    if not scary, revealing..

    also demonstrates we truly have litttle to no choice
    but to abide by the trillionaire elitists tide, and why
    so many have died trying..

    never surrender, never meant so much as it does now..