Crazy!… Grinnell Sophomore Jack Taylor Shatters NCAA Record with 138 Points in a Game (Video)

This was just crazy!
Grinnell College sophomore Jack Taylor crushed the NCAA scoring record last night by scoring 138 points in a game against Faith Baptist Bible College.

WJLA reported:

In a sport where Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points in a single game are seen as a professional gold standard, NCAA Division III basketball player Jack Taylor sailed past that Tuesday night, and then some.

Taylor put on a performance unseen in any level of college or professional basketball for Grinnell College in a game against Faith Baptist Bible College, scoring 138 points in a 179-104 win in Grinnell, Iowa.

His 138 points shattered a 58-year-old record held by Clarence Francis, who scored 113 points in a game in 1954.

Taylor’s remarkable performance included a remarkable 80 points in the second half alone, a run that included a stretch of 28 consecutive points.

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  • Patty

    One busy young man. I would love to see the game sped up. And proves you don’t have to be that tall just have a talent and desire.

  • Sasja

    I wish they would get rid of those awful baggy pants. Ugh!

  • Sasja

    This kid is a winner. I’m sure whatever he decides to do in life, he will be a success.

    Now, I found this old bit. This is how the players should dress.

    Who ever came up with the baggy pants thing? Is a form of gangsta dress?

  • Pastorius

    He’ll never even make an NBA team. Guaranteed.

    Lord knows why he’s shooting the ball so much.

    This must be the Special Basketball League.

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  • Patty


    Jordan also appeared in several Nike commercials with Spike Lee wearing the roomy shorts. Jordan was emerging as an icon and trend-setter among kids both inside and outside city limits and the commercials caught on nationally. So did the shorts, albeit slowly, in the NBA.

    For the 1989 season, Jordan was the only player with the specific-tailored shorts. Then his teammate, Scottie Pippen, requested a pair. That offseason, the idea caught fire.

    “It was a league-requested change, based on feedback from the players,” said Cathy Marchant, the senior marketing manager for Champion. “The equipment managers of each team requested new shorts.”

    The change was felt in college when UNLV went baggy, too. The Fab Five from Michigan took the idea a bit further, literally, when their shorts were worn at the kneecaps and flapped in the breeze when they jogged upcourt. Roomy shorts became street fashion, and cool was measured in inseam and rise inches. Other than when Stockton wore them, short-shorts have disappeared much like CDs and phone booths. Even women’s teams began wearing long shorts.

    And there’s no sign of turning back.

    Curiously, it’s the jerseys that are now getting tighter. Last season the NBA issued uniforms made by adidas, the official outfitter, which are 30 percent lighter than the old ones and have a special pattern in the mesh that allows the jersey to breathe. Armpit holes are smaller and the jersey, although snugger-fitting, moves with the player.

    As for the shorts? They’re drier as well, but still roomy.

    At this stage, the shorts are iconic. Lacrosse shorts are now baggy. Workout shorts in the NFL are baggy. Boxing shorts and even tennis are, too. Only Australian Rules football refuses to change with the times. And Speedo.

    It all started when Michael Jordan wanted more room when he put his two shorts on, one leg at a time.

    Blame Michael Jordan

    There is more on site.

  • Huck

    No defense. Heck, a good high school team could have slowed him down, if not stopped him.

  • CR

    Yawn. Colleges are leftist indoctrination centers and should be shunned, along with anyone attending them. Basketball has been taken over by people who look like Obama’s sons and it is no longer worth a damn. See baggy pants and our Olympic team for confirmation.

    Good for Mr. Taylor – now he can be recruited into the NBA and play with fine upstanding humans like Kobe Bryant. All while being horrendously overpaid and converted from a talented athlete into a worthless celebrity.

    We cannot fix this country’s problems by continuing to contribute to this cultural nonsense. He scored a bunch of points. So what? Watching games at the Colosseum while Rome burns has been done before. We should refrain from repeating that disaster.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    The Obama Administration has determined that this isn’t fair.

    They are going to redistribute his points to other teammates so eveyone can claim they scored 13.8 points.

    “138 points? Jack Taylor didn’t build that,” President Stand Down exclaimed. “In fact, the bus driver who drove the team will also be credited with 13.8 points, and the janitor who turned on the lights in the gym will get 13.8 points.”

    Joe Biden suggested that in the true spirit of socialism, all of the points scored by both teams should be tallied and distributed equally among everyone in the Western Hemisphere.

    “That way, we have no losers, which is fair,” Biden said.

  • kato

    I’ve seen higher level basketball played on driveways in my neighborhood.

    Still, I heard Taylor on ESPN last night, and he sounds like a good kid. Intelligent, humble, the very opposite of the typical subprime hoopster.

  • Sasja

    Patty, I have never been a big fan of basketball and the only reason I would watch with my hubby was because the guys were fun to look at. Now, not so much. At least I don’t have to be bored with a very nothing game anymore.

  • StandUpChuck

    Ball hog. Seriously Faith Baptist Bible College? Wasnt that a school for the blind?

  • bigkahuna

    Adirondack Patriot….Beat me too it…Very well said..

    I have always thought that may be one way to get through liberals and young and even african americans heads…. Use sports against their arguments..

    Make both teams equal at the end No winners in the NFL, NBA or others. Make sure their are equal numbers of whites, blacks, asians and arabs on the teaM as well as women and gays. Nobody gets playing time based on skill but on a number drawn from a hat. All get paid the same. Imagine the crowds at those games…mmmmm mmmmm mmmm Barrack Insane Obama !

  • Does this “ball hog” ever pass too a team mate?

  • Nosmo

    No one will ever beat Wilt Chamberlain’s ‘SCORING’ record….

  • Stewart

    Stat nerds ruined basketball and made it a slowdown game.
    Stat nerds ruined baseball.
    Stat nerds ruined politics by encouraging pols to pander to every small demo instead of the broad electorate.

  • John Fembup

    You guys all illustrate why athletes hate to talk with “fans” much less the media (and for the most part, they only talk with media when their coaches insist on it).


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    This record may never be broken. Took over 57 years for the last one to be broken.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Basketball… …*yawn*…

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  • m. silo

    Great kid with a lot of talent.

    Ball hog??!! If you used this term then consider yourself a loser.

  • bobbi

    coulda stopped him? he was shooting from mid-court.

  • Winston Wolfe

    The dude jacked up 108 shots. He – and his coach – should be embarrassed.