The Scrooges at, SEIU and #Occupy were so hoping to ruin Black Friday for millions of American shoppers. But, they failed.
Businesses, including Walmart, are reporting record Black Friday sales.

Here is a time lapse video of the record sales day.

Customers shopping on Black Friday at a Walmart supercenter. Black Friday time-lapse video of Homosassa, Fla., New Smryna, Fla., and Lake City, S.C. Walmart Stores between 6pm-Midnight, EST, Nov. 22, 2012.




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  1. I think all the union folks were there, ready to protest, but then caught sight of the pallet of cell phones reduced to nothing….and they…couldn’t….resist…

  2. That reminded me of the old films of locusts eating the grain fields bare.

  3. Whoopeee… FREE OBAMAPHONES…

  4. Wal mart is a big Obama suprter and Obama No Care too. Like Wal greens too. Effem both

  5. I know it can’t be my WalMart, coz we normally have about 6 cashiers open and people waiting on line for 20 minutes or more. I’d love to know where this WalMart is with so many cashiers open and short lines! Does that really exist at a walMart, lol.

  6. Net10 has phones for 3 pennies a minute. Time to Get away from all Sh*tcago companies like us cellular, mcdonalds, makeyourownlist. $25 a month for 750 minutes, c’mon.

  7. ot

    Greed, Lack of Transparency Caused Financial Crisis, Says Greenberger | National News | United States | Epoch Times

    “Very few people understand [what happened],” said University of Maryland Professor Michael Greenberger at the Center for National Policy on Nov. 1. “I firmly believe that the president of the United States doesn’t understand. They don’t understand what went wrong.”

  8. Whomever has stock in Walmart, YOU MADE A KILLING.

  9. I’m confused. Is this Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday? The captions says the time period of “between 6pm-Midnight, EST, Nov. 22, 2012″. Wouldn’t that be Thanksgiving (Thursday) night?


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