Condoleezza Rice on Benghazi Massacre: Something Doesn’t Seem Quite Right (Audio)

Condoleezza Rice spoke at the St. Louis Speakers Series sponsored by Maryville University on Tuesday night. After an hour-long address on current world affairs Condi took a few questions. The former Secretary of State was asked about the massacre in Benghazi.

Here’s a partial transcript from her discussion on Benghazi terror attack on 9-11:

“When you have the ambassador walking out to talk to the Turkish chargé in the courtyard on 9-11, something doesn’t seem quite right to me about the level of security preparations at the consulate… The regional security officer is the head diplomatic security officer in the consulate. This one had come back in July, he had reportedly asked that some additional security be kept on the ground so something didn’t get right in terms of decisions about security on the ground prior to the attack.”

“The second big issue is what happened during the eight or nine hours. And there I think the proper place to understand that has to be the Congressional intelligence committees. There’s a lot that has to be understood about what is the role of the CIA was in all of this. There’s a lot that has to be understood about what role the Libyan militias actually were playing… It’s a sad thing with David Patraeus who I know very well and admire. I think he will be called to testify because he did the investigation himself… And they have in the State Department something we did not have which is a real time feed of what was going on.”

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  • bigL

    State is full of Arabists They go way back 30-40 yrs. That is why James Baker could get away with saying ‘F… the Jews’. Condi is kabuki thrown out there to comfuse and obfuscate.
    Forget it. Imo this was gun running, it was going to be reveled by Turkey probably and so the buck stopped with the death of those men.
    The offices of the Hational Front for the Liberation of Libya (whatev called)was there in Benghazi/ We and Nato armed them for the fight against Kadaffi. That was why a dump like Benghazi “meritted”ambassador attention.

  • donh


    Note how Rice has cooked her position now that her brother Obama has re-election behind him. There is no new information here with regard to the Turkish Ambassador meeting….and she’s dishing responsibility away from the state department onto the official marked scapegoat , the CIA Petraeus.

    Here is Condeleeza’s Pre election interview with Gretta where she talks ” protocol….protocol… protocols in place , let the investigative bodies do their work “ of the State Department. Colon Powell and Rice BOTH helped Obama skate on this issue down the closing stretch and carry responsibility for demoralizing the Republican vote.


  • myohmy

    Thank God for a sane person talking about the real issue that people need to know. Beyond reproach that stupid people voted for this failed president.

    Unfortunately for us, liberals and union sympathizers has a strong hold in media censorship, propaganda, and welfare recipients. Sad, sad day for america.

  • n.a. palm

    Now even the clueless are getting clues…..WOW. CONdi is another phony ass beltway insider.

  • SomethingWicked

    Understatement of the year “something doesn’t seem quite right”

  • LarryE

    Something doesn’t seem quite right? No jock, Sherlock — who gave you the first clue?

  • kato

    Golly, gee. Ya think?

    Of course, the immensely learned Professor Condi, who gave so much bad advice to the Compassionate Dope, is the object of cartoon-conservative infatuation. She’s one of several unqualified black tokens that have been proffered as a Clueless Party presidential candidate over the years, even though the woman hasn’t sought a single elective office in her life. But that doesn’t matter to our cartoon conservatives. If they can’t have the black godfather of pizza or a blowhard real-estate tycoon, then Professor Condi must be the answer.

  • Charles Martel

    “Something doesn’t seem quite right” If that isn’t the understatement of the new millenium.
    Gee ya think so Condie?????

  • will overton

    What a “Dufus” she is. She voted FOR Obama the 1st time! Give me a break.
    If Romney would have won, she would be in his cabinet.
    Both parties are the same! This is the “WWF” of Politics. The Big Boys in the background,
    pick the “contestants”, know who is suppose to win, and the voting is just the “Show”.

  • Eagle

    No Kidding, Something Stinks In Washington.

  • bg


    i for one will never forget that the attack in which 4 Americans died, came first, the orchestrated protests in which some openly wore Soros financed
    and Obama approved OWS Anonymous masks were protesting a film they
    had only heard about in Cairo and elsewhere, later, not to mention the so
    called “filmmaker”..


  • bobbi

    petraeus was lying on Srpt 18th, because he was being blackmailed.

  • Buzzy

    Thank you God that this woman never was chosen as the Romney VP pick. She shouldn’t have been anyone’s choice. There wasn’t something “quite right” about the Benghazi massacre? You have to be kidding me.

    Condi also came out very recently saying that we have to “grow the tent.” I think Romney tried to “grow the tent,” threw the base under the bus, and failed miserably. Romney tried to grow the tent so much that the poles holding up that tent collapsed and folded on on his head.

  • Buzzy

    It’s not a problem of growing the tent for the Republicans/conservatives. It is choosing candidates that have solid principles and conservative ideas that they are willing to articulate without pandering or avoiding to duck their positions. Here is an idea, how about instead of trying to grow the tent that we agree to not shrink the message to smaller government, less taxes, individual liberty, and then allow the liberals to fill in the blanks.

  • Mutnodjmet

    DON’T DO “MAD MEN” IN A “MAD MAX MEDIA” WORLD.Gentlemen, let General Petraeus serve as a warning — this is not the day you can hide a passionate, handwritten note. You would be amazed at the relationship information put on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

  • Mgck59

    From my black mouth to god’s ear this “uncle tom cow” can crawl back under the rock she came out of. Considering she was wrapped up in Bush’s Irag lie so Missy doesn’t have much room to talk. I know this cow doesn’t want her lies bought to the forefront in reference to Iraq She doesn’t realize she looks stupid to the black community and if the whites want to support her do that… can have her Allen West and anyone else that is dumb enough to think that white America Republicans looks at them anything less than (Ni**er) puppets.. We in the black community aren’t buying her in fact people like her we’re pretty doggone sick of…she’s yours enjoy!!!

  • Navy seal

    Daaammn!! Yu musta already got yo phone & shiit from obama huh???

  • Mgck59

    @Navey Seal ….I love the intelligence that you demonstrate. The GOP has truly out done themselves this time. LOL!!! The best thing they could do for their party is drop ill educated losers like yourself, disassociate themselves from the rift wraft, the backward tea baggers and idots of that nature…. Those of us who understand economics and how a society works know that on average being someone with your limited level of education, as well as a very poor grasp of verbiage you qualified for the phone first. You’re the joke and believe you me I’m truly laughing carry on!

  • Navy seal

    $16,000,000,000,000 in debt.. I guess that’s all Bushes fault to huh? Since you probably can’t do the math, I’ll tell you how much your grand kids & great grand kids will have to pay back the government in their life time for no reason at all except your prez & his manly woman are havin a fine time spending all that money, anyway your GK & GGK will have to pay around $250,000 apiece in their lifetime on top of other things!! I know when Obamacare is implemented in jan 2014, I will be losing $15000 a year in my household. But no worries I’ll still go to work everyday so you can have insurance though!

  • Mgck59

    @Navy Seal……you keep saying you work for me…..dear you don’t work for me, my husband works for me. I have been married 37 years am over 50, a Social Worker with a Masters degree. My husband is a contractor….which tells me that we probably exceed your grossly income level by a very sizable margin….The ridiculous GOP is using people like yourself the ill informed, ill educated and planting a seed of fear. Fear will destroy you and that’s a fact. All of you keep repeating the same ridiculous mantra(look it up) with those economic numbers. YES, Bush thrust America into a downward spiral that slid middle class Americans right into poverty. Those of us informed and not color blind already know that. You and your kind have this misconception that minorities (especially blacks) are indigent or ignorant, and living off of your little nickels and dimes. It would be nice if you looked at a United States graph and see how middle class “white” Americans have basically been going down since Reaganomics you would be shocked to see WHO is living off of the system. Being a social worker I go into these poverty stricken dysfunctional homes everyday and try to teach families how to live within a society. The majority of these homes I visit aren’t minorities they are Caucasians and rather you believe that are not is irrelevant. In reference to Obamacare (as you idiots call it) Romney had a similar plan adapted in Massachusetts oh but, I forgot he’s “white”. I would suggest you read (Obamacare) I know you haven’t no one has it’s over 700 pages long but it’s on line and you can take as much time as you need to comprehend it…You and your kind are a strain on the American Society with your level of ignorance. We can not move any further until we purge ourselves of individuals like you. This is the 21st century and you as well as those like you are in for a rude awakening. So jump off of the porch, into your truck parked in the yard where grass should be, with your one tooth in your mouth (if any), gun in it’s rack, your Confederate flag blazing in the back with your best friend “buba”, while you drive down the street screaming yee haw, and the words tattooed down your arm “The South will rise again” and have a glorious, glorious day……. Oh! by the way as I’ve stated I’m black but, my husband is white, and in this new society that is the norm……thought I’d throw that in to just brighten your day.