Condoleezza Rice spoke at the St. Louis Speakers Series sponsored by Maryville University on Tuesday night. After an hour-long address on current world affairs Condi took a few questions. The former Secretary of State was asked about the massacre in Benghazi.

Here’s a partial transcript from her discussion on Benghazi terror attack on 9-11:

“When you have the ambassador walking out to talk to the Turkish chargé in the courtyard on 9-11, something doesn’t seem quite right to me about the level of security preparations at the consulate… The regional security officer is the head diplomatic security officer in the consulate. This one had come back in July, he had reportedly asked that some additional security be kept on the ground so something didn’t get right in terms of decisions about security on the ground prior to the attack.”

“The second big issue is what happened during the eight or nine hours. And there I think the proper place to understand that has to be the Congressional intelligence committees. There’s a lot that has to be understood about what is the role of the CIA was in all of this. There’s a lot that has to be understood about what role the Libyan militias actually were playing… It’s a sad thing with David Patraeus who I know very well and admire. I think he will be called to testify because he did the investigation himself… And they have in the State Department something we did not have which is a real time feed of what was going on.”




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  1. Brave woman

  2. Be careful Condy, and have all of your tax returns in order from the past ten years.

  3. I suspect David Patraeus gets too much credit for his role in iraq. More than likely his underlings were running the war while gigilo was prowling the ladies. Seeing the picture of him wearing an earring is all I need to know about his character. Maybe he was a great general at some time but he forgot himself.
    Being ex-military myself his behaviour does not instill confidence.

  4. Condi*

  5. Tom Pickering is a POS. Rice is worthless. The former and present secretaries of state are the biggest bunch of losers in government.

  6. What does she need to watch out for, Obama or his slaves workin’ for him, lol.. What are they going to do? Nothing, nothing what so ever!! Tell me what he’ll do?

  7. ++


    whether or not one agrees with everything
    that is stated (i don’t), imho, a must listen:

    ht Mary P. #47

    Glenn on Petreaus scandal: “They used him.
    Manipulated him. Now they’re exposing him.”

    [it's also rather long, but again, worth it imho]


  8. She’s unreliable. Do NOT trust her.

  9. I wish we knew as much about the 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi as we do about the crap of 2 adults getting their freak on…oBama MUST make this into a sex scandal because the real reason Petraeus resigned is that he was ordered and/or blackmailed to resign because in denying that the CIA ordered the 9/11 stand down in Benghazi, he implicated oBama or the weasel from hell, Leon Panetta. Petraeus needs to testify, period.

  10. Let’s not forget that Ms Rice was one of the folks who dismissed warnings about an attack in the summer of ’01. Not so sure I trust her judgement on these things.

  11. Wait a minute, everybody makes mistakes!!!!! Yes she did over look it but at that time (this was America & nothing was suppose to happen) we weren’t worried that much at that time.. I am a 20yr vet & I have all the respect in the world for her. Dam

  12. “And they have in the State Department something we did not have which is a real time feed of what was going on.”

    Well, actually the State Department is now claiming they ‘lost’ that video.

  13. That’s exactly right!!! He was begging for his life & not a fu(#ing word from Washington!! He suffered badly because of stupidity.. And my brother in arms thought he had backup shooting flares & got hisself killed because whomever didn’t order backup.. I betcha one thing had my brother knew there were no backup coming he would’ve took care of it himself!!!! Pissd off about it……

  14. related

    The Somali Connection
    Further questions about Obama’s interrogation and detention policies.

    via JOM

  15. I have no use for Condi at all.

  16. Nor I, Rose, nor I.

    And as for Navy Seal’s comment, yes, everybody does make mistakes, but Ms. Rice’s was a whopper of historic proportions and I can’t remember any foreign policy success that made up for it.

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