An unveiled Christian girl had her hair cut after she bumped into a Muslim woman on a train.
Christian girls, who go without veils in public, are often harassed and abused.

Maggie Fazez

Assyrian International News Agency reported, via ROP:

13-year-old Coptic girl Maggie Milad Fazez filed a police complaint in Zaytoun, a suburb of Cairo, against a veiled woman who secretly cut her hair during their journey on the subway. The child said that as she entered the crowded train car she inadvertently pushed the veiled woman to go inside, which led to a verbal exchange between them. The veiled woman told Maggie, who has long hair, “You don’t know what I will do to you.”

When the schoolgirl left the train, she was shocked to find her hair cut off and lying on the collar of her jacket. The incident took place yesterday morning as Maggie was on her way to Zaytoun Preparatory school.

Her Father said that Maggie has abstained from taking food and is suffering psychologically because of this incident.

Dr. Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization said that this was the second time in one week that a schoolgirl has had her hair cut off. The first was a girl in first grade at Saray el Koba High School, he said.




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  1. Wow! That would have led to a near death beat down.

  2. Im in favor of turning Muslim country’s into parking lots.

  3. She’s lucky it was only her hair. Ahhh, Islam, the religion of peace and tolerance.

  4. These bitter women who have had their sexual organs destroyed and are then ruined for life, condemned to experience sex as a prepubescent, don’t want to see any other females NOT under the same yoke.

    I see the dirty looks Moslem burka women give regular women all the time, and I know why…

    A young woman’s hair is a symbol of her beauty and sexuality, and THAT must be stamped out by these Koran-thumpers.

  5. Nasty b*tch. Someone close to me had their hair cut by a couple girls while she was asleep. She was a teenager at the time, and she could barely deal with it. She was so distraught and upset about how cruel those girls were when she never had a problem with them. It is all just about envy. Egypt is a crap hole, but where to go?

  6. Too bad there’s no place to flee to.

  7. This is not a reflection of Islam. This is a reflection of ignorant people. Turning Islamic countries into parking lots….be careful ignorance and intolerance runs both ways.

  8. paul52: Yes, you are right. Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance. So the PROBLEM IS NOT WITH ISLAM. THE PROBLEM IS WITH MUSLIMS (not all of course). As a muslim I agree that the woman didn’t do right. This is not her business how others dress.
    ‘Islam’ means peace, don’t forget this please.


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