China to Build World’s Tallest Building in Just 90 Days

If completed, Sky City will be the world’s tallest building. (RFE-RL)

A Chinese construction company is planning on building the world’s tallest building in just 90 days.
Voice of America reported:

A Chinese construction company is insisting that it will be able to build the world’s tallest skyscraper in a matter of weeks.

The Broad Sustainable Building corporation tells the Construction Week magazine it is confident it can complete the 220-storey building, dubbed Sky City, in just 90 days.

The group says the 838-meter structure in the south-central city of Changsha will be completed at an astonishing pace of five storeys a day, using a special method that uses prefabricated sections.

Officials say construction is expected to begin by the end of the year, but they are still waiting for Chinese government approval of the project. When completed, it will house over 31,000 people, as well as schools, hospitals, offices and other businesses.

Meanwhile in New York… They’re still working on the One World Trade Center more than 10 years after the 9-11 attacks.

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  • Starvin’ Marvin

    “Remember, give a man a fish, feed him for a day
    Teach him to fish and feed him for life.”

    Horse hockey! I taught an sob how, where and when to fish… Next ting I knew the bastard was showing everyone who had a boat where my favorite fishing spot was. All I can say is don’t do it.

  • mamagriz1968

    They’ll be lucky if it’s still standing 90 days later. Not a building I would want to go into or be near.


    Will the foundation be cured enough to build in 90 days? I would think a foundation for a building that size would take at least a month to cure, possibly more.

    So does the timeline start after the foundation is cured or before?

  • Sasja

    I would love to see the floor plans. How many families will be sharing an apartment? In a city of over 7million, they do need the space.

  • Sasja

    Keep in mind, they work 24/7 and do not have to contend with labor unions and it’s pre-fab so most of the building is done off-site and assembled on-site.

  • CT

    Ridiculous nonsense presented for what purpose?

  • union proud

    Just remember, we said similar things about electronics and cars from Japan. “A TV for 10% the price of an American TV? Made in 2 hours on an assembly line cranking out millions instead of thousands? Nonsense… the thing won’t last. It’ll break. It’ll be lousy quality.”

    And we were right for a few years, until Sony, Honda, Nisan, Mitsubishi, etc. all blew past us and we never recovered. The fact is, given 21st century technology, process control, quality management, etc., we don’t need two years to build a building (let alone 11, which is a testament to the current decline and certain failure of the United States). That’s 1920s thinking. Robotics, supply chain management, modern concrete technology, modular interior tech, etc. all allow a building frame and exterior to go up with 1-2 floors a day, All of our American methods are a century behind and continue due to a governmental regulatory and unionized environment that constrains and prevents the use of such contemporary technologies.

    The USA is finished; 2012’s return of a magic Santa Claus gift redistributing president confirmed that America will never again make the hard choices necessary for competing in the world. It naively believes it can sit on its fat ass and continue to take welfare borrowed from other hard working nations, and remain secure from threats while pissing off the rest of the world as its number one deadbeat.

  • Bob

    I’d rather have a union made building.

  • raybojabo

    Where are they going to find enough bamboo for the scaffolding?

  • jim m

    Everyone is focusing on whether this project will be completed with any quality, yet they are ignoring the fact that the entire concept is flawed.

    Name just one massive government housing project in either Europe or North America that is not riddled with decay, crime and misery. The Chinese are planning to cram 31,000 people into this building. First, it is a death trap in a fire or earthquake. People will never be able to get out. Second, it will be a haven for crime. No matter what surveillance equipment you install authorities can never be there in time to stop crimes, unless the building becomes one large concentration camp, crime is going to be rampant.

    Lastly, since China has already seen alarming suicide rates in their vast factory cities, I will guarantee this place becomes a hazard for anyone walking nearby due to falling residents.


    What a dumb comment in the end of the article about about the world trade center at lease it will be safer then this commie building that nothing but a empty giant phallus!

  • Sasja

    I do take exception to America bashing. China’s not so great. All those ghost cities built have no one living, working, or shopping in them because no one can afford to. Besides they were only built, as I read somewhere, to prop up their GDP. They are also falling into disrepair. When you take into account that most of the “building” took place in a factory which, I’m sure, took more than 90 days. They will assemble the parts in 90 days; working 24/7. So big whoop!

  • Aaron

    Unions. Plain and simple. The Union Mentality is the single most destructive thing that’s ever happened to our Republic. Public or private.

  • vityas

    If it’s as good as my vacuum cleaner, parts will be falling off from the git-go.

  • Camilla–president-spends-17-5million-palace.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
    The costly upgrade to Zuma’s once-humble home in the village of Nkandla includes Astroturf sports fields and tennis courts, a gymnasium and state-of-the art security systems, including fingerprint-controlled access pads.

    And nearby roads have benefited from a further £40 million of improvements.

    When African journalists revealed the astronomical cost of the work, Zuma’s ministers turned on the whistle-blowers, saying that revealing the details of ‘top secret’ documents was illegal.

    Originally the cost of the project, which began two years ago, was put at £500,000 – but it has since skyrocketed. South African taxpayers are footing most of the bill, although Zuma, a polygamist with four wives and at least 20 children, is said to be contributing £700,000 of his own money – a stretch on his annual £185,000 salary

  • Camilla

    Speaking of Buildings….You gotta see this! ABove Link @ dailymail /uk
    The President took the money fromCameron, then built a HUGE Mansion.
    He is ZULU …
    BO is Luo Tribe of Kenya.

  • Vic Kelley

    I wouldn’t want to be in it or take the stairs or the elevator. Chinese make crap. Yeah this makes them look ambitious and technically savvy, but they still make crap. And as others pointed out they don’t worry about labor laws or environmental standards or job safety.

  • wtd

    As much as I despise the muslim approved rebuilding of WTC, I would be less likely to step foot inside the Chinese tower, given China’s well-earned negative reputation for wreckless abandon for quality and safety. Additionally, time is of the essence with this mega structure . . .who’s going to trust quality and safety measures were even a rational consideration under THAT insane time allotment. Besides, look at all the vacant mega cities already built . . .for what? . . .to boast ?!

  • NeoKong

    We should be ashamed that China can do that and we cannot.
    11 damn years to build one stupid sky scraper that isn’t all that impressive.

    People here can say they will use slave or that it won’t be safe or bluh blah blah but the fact remains that this could NEVER happen in the U.S. even if Barack Obama himself made it his personal mission.
    Petty politicians, local activists, community organizers, leftie judges, planning boards and union shakedown artists and greedy lawyers would siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars before the first shovel of dirt was even broken.
    What labor union would allow round the clock shifts at an increased pace…?

    People do not understand.
    China is building one of the great wonders of the world while we are building a food stamp nation.
    China is racing towards our future while we are racing towards their past.

  • gwhh

    I went to china for 3 weeks last year on vaction. EVERTHING looks new and modern from a DISTANCE but up close. Everything is crap. The building are build with any level of craftsmenship or care, everything is throw togther and made to work inside of the other way around.

    That way liberal LOVE china. Escpically, Berry. He loves there new harbor, airports, etc. Talks about them all the time. That because they think jusst like him.

    Who cares if it actually works (berry oil plan, obama care, etc) as longs as it LOOKS good and feels good.