All we are saying, is give peace a chance…
Israel and Hamas agreed to a ceasefire today.
It took Hamas about an hour before they started shooting off missiles into Israel.



UPDATE: Make that 20 missiles fired by Hamas since the so-called ceasefire.
An 11 year-old was injured in one attack.




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  1. ISREAL…..backed down from threats of a ground invation into GAZA …. and Hamas is acting on the perceived WEAKNESS….imposed on Israel by Obama.

  2. Surprise..surprise…No news on this because the media is in the tank with Obummer.

  3. Hamas and Morsi played the Benghazi couple.

  4. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke moments ago on the ceasefire agreement which was reached today between Israel and Hamas. PM Netanyahu said, “With this it’s of course clear, Israel cannot sit with their arms folded against our enemies with their weapons of terror. And therefore, I’ve agreed with President Obama that together with the United States we will fight against these weapons of terror, most of which comes from Iran.”

    He went on to say that, “The state of Israel has to try to achieve a ceasefire which will be continuous and as the prime minister it’s my responsibility, a great responsibility, to do the correct things in order to maintain our security.”

    Netanyahu sent his condolences to the families in Israel who have been affected by the ongoing conflict. He thanked those who helped achieve the operation ‘Pillar of Cloud.’

  5. FAE. Right on each firing point.

  6. Hamas Says “Israel Failed In Its Goals”, Thanks Iran

    AFP – Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal said on Wednesday that Israel had “failed in all its goals” after a Gaza truce deal came into effect, while thanking Egypt and Iran for their support during the conflict.

    “After eight days, God stayed their hand from the people of Gaza, and they were compelled to submit to the conditions of the resistance,” Meshaal said.

  7. The only winners in these political conflicts are those who produce the weapons for Israel and those arm dealers who sell to Hamas. The funds spent in these conflicts could feed and house many people on both sides, you can’t grow hate in any soil.

  8. Shoot back – hard and fast.

  9. The pressure on the Israeli government from the evil occupiers in the WH and at State must have been massive. They colluded with their Muslim Brotherhood cronies for this. I believe that they whipped out that thoroughly demonic “Responsibility to Protect” threat against Israel.

    The tyrannical occupation regime in our WH must be brought down.

  10. another great victory for hamas from the obama team

  11. Sadly, I think Alice is probably right. We won’t see this on the news until Israel fires back. Then we will hear more about the big, mean, Israeli bullies while information on Hamas breaking the ceasefire is conveniently left out. So much for journalism.

  12. Apparently a Hillary Cease Fire is only good for 30 minutes.

    An easy solution presents itself: She simply needs to apply 48 cease fires every day, from now until….forever.

  13. …this is why…. I have been saying all along….

    ….that Israel just needs to present a final ultimatum at the table talks….

    a permanent peace treaty or complete and total war against the arabs (no more peace treaties offered or accepted… just total annhilation and destruction of the arab culture until it’s marginalized or completely exiled from the mideast.

  14. Did the U.S. promise Egypt its own Iron Dome for mediating the ceasefire with Hamas? Or maybe the blind sheik will be released?

  15. They love death more than life. They will not stop. Every action they take in their eyes is a win-win-win situation for them

    Even the children are taught to die as “martyrs”. So give them what they want. Ultimately that is what God must do to those who feel that Satan is their god (and no doubt, Allah is definitely Satan himself!) Give them what they want.

  16. Why are they fighting?

    I’ve heard everything from Isaac and Ishmael
    to numerous tit-for-tat reasons

    I still see no rational reason for their fight.

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