Catholic Bishops: We Will Not Obey Immoral Obama HHS Mandate (Video)

The US Bishops vowed this week at meeting that the Catholic Church will not obey the pro-abortion Obama HHS mandate.
Via the USCCB website:


Video has surfaced of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, who said the Catholic Church will not obey the pro-abortion HHS mandate the Obama administration put forward.

“The only thing we’re certainly prepared to do is not give in — not violate our consciences and not obey what we consider to be something immoral,” Dolan said Tuesday, as LifeNews reported. “That we’re committed on.”

“We took a bit of a breather as we waited for Election Day because the results of Election Day could have changed the playing field. It didn’t. So now I think the bishops have taken a deep breath and said, we better to get back to work and decide just what we are going to do,” he said. Saying he remains open to the Obama administration working out an acceptable compromise, he added, “I would say no door is closed, except the door to capitulation.”

Catholic leaders have promised a 100 percent chance civil disobedience if Obama pursues the HHS mandate.

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  • BuddyG

    Onward Christian soldiers . . .

  • Mad Hatter

    How is he going to get the Catholics to back him when the majority of them backed Obama?

  • Redlite

    Bring it on.
    Should be an interesting fight for freedom.
    DO not ever give in!

  • T. Thompson

    Wow, how interesting when the biggest percentage of Catholics voted for OBAMA—just go along now with what you voted for-not going to be treated any better than the rest of us, you voted for it, abide by it—sorry I’m tired of listening to you Catholics crying now

  • Remco Kimber

    You lead, padre. We’ll follow.

    We desperately need leaders with a pair.

  • rhonda

    Is this the same Catholic Church that covered its icons when Obama spoke at Notre Dame?

  • Patty

    Well, Bishop you are in a pickle. Try that, I am not in favor of Catholic organization handing out free contraception, either.

    But Obama was voted in by many of the youth who call themselves Catholics. The older and more traditional Catholics didn’t vote for Obama.

    So, the Church may have to live with it until Obama care possible will go away when a more Conservative President returns to office.

  • SeniorD

    I’d love to see civil disobedience by the Catholic Church! My hometown of Buffalo, already owned and operated by the Catholic Church, would be shut down completely.


  • Jeannie

    Okay to all of you having fun blasting the only organization in the world whose senior ‘officers’ are officially defending life, liberty and freedom,
    1) No, it is NOT the same church that backed the Obama visit to Notre Dame – blasted by the church officially, they were considered rogue
    2) Cajones are not a problem. In the last year, quietly placed across the country have been a series of archbishops who have for DECADES been following the same brand of traditional Catholicism as John Paul II. Pelosi has been allowed to go to church in San Francisco because hte archbishop there turned a blind eye to the heresy, and the rogue jesuits openly defended here. Salvatore Cordileone, just placed there last month, is their worst nightmare. Same goes for Denver, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Phoenix, new Mexico, Nebraska, Florida. If you were to take a satellite pic you’d likely see swords of light from the Archangel Michael crisscrossing the country from their various locations
    3) Catholics did not turn out in their biggest percentages so the biggest percent were not of ALL Catholics, but of those who voted.
    4) Most Catholics, not to mention AMericans in general, have had ZERO insight into how much of the social substructure, the net that allows those that the government forgets, has been through Catholics in every community. Obamacare will take away almost ALL of that and nobody has ANY inkling of how many of their charities, missions, fundraisers, clinics, emergency relief, will be gone from the map. For example, Catholic charities was quietly and effectively going in to aid NYC and Staten island when red tape (or revenge given that Staten Island is primarily conservative and not Obama friendly) interfered
    5) If ANY of you have been out on the frontlines, taking the MASSIVE media fraud for a very small and NOT recent series of HOMOSEXUAL priest encounters, whlie the PRESENT DAY MASSIVE abuse goes unpunished, please cast your first stone.
    6) Why don’t the rest of us grow a pair ourselves and recognize that this is the only organization presently suing (or leading now some other denominations) the government against the government overreach, while NOT trying to grab as much wealth for itself just in case…?
    7) this is Jesus’s church and those of you who say it ain’t so, show me any other church presently still fundamentally intact to ALL of its initial tradition 2000 years later, since its inception to be exact. If you check out the initial doctrine, the initial sacraments, the initial words, no ‘vote’ or ‘enlightened times’ have poisoned the purity of the message that is love, sacrifice and humility.
    8) Onward Christian soldiers is right. How about staring to SOUND like Christians and resound with charity and sacrifice and commitment to God, hmm??

  • Granny

    Why should the Catholic Church just have to “live with it”? Abortion has ALWAYS been against the beliefs of the Catholic Church – this is nothing new.

    When I was a young woman the town that I lived in had two hospitals – a public hospital and a Catholic hospital. Both of them delivered babies. If you gave birth at the public hospital, then if you got into trouble you could be assured that they would move heaven and earth to save your life, even if it cost the life of your child. If you gave birth at the Catholic hospital, then it was made very clear that their beliefs meant that if you got into trouble they would move heaven and earth to save the life of your child, even at the cost of yours. Women of my generation – and my mother’s and grandmother’s for that matter – were well aware of the consequences of their choice.

    If a substantial number of “catholics” no longer follow the teachings of their church, then that is between them and the church – and can be, BTW, grounds for excommunication. It is not ANY reason, however, for the Church to change its teachings.

  • Buzzy

    Too funny. So the Catholic Bishops say they are going to defy Obama with his mandates that they provide birth control and abortions in their insurance policies to employees. The rest of Obamacare is fine and great because it is social justice for all of the poor who just can’t afford health insurance. It’d be great if the Catholic Bishops came out and apologized to the parish members for supporting not only Obamacare, but redistribution of wealth all along. Don’t hold your breath. How about the Catholic Bishops adopt the teach a man to fish philosophy, and he will eat for life, rather than giving a man a fish who will eat only that day.

  • Jeannie

    5) CLARIFICATION: Present day MASSIVE abuse going on in nearly every segment of society BUT the Catholic church, as in educators, shrinks (who by the way were the self-serving large contingent who helped make an aberration mainstream, largely due to the huge number of homosexual shrinks.) and people in positions of authority and influence and intimidation.

  • retired military

    Maybe they should send a message to the faithful by excommunicating Pelosi, Reid, and Selibus to show Obama they are serious. Nah never happen.

  • retired military

    I meant Pelosi Biden and Selibus.

  • retired military

    I meant Pelosi Biden and Selibus. Also tell Obama that all Catholic hospitals will close in 3 months if Obamacare isnt changed.

  • Beef

    Tough talk is cheap. It sure didn’t seem all that serious when Cardinal Dolan was yukking it up with his buddy Barack at the Al Smith dinner less than one month ago. If past history is any indicator, the Catholic leadership will buckle, and more than half of American Catholics will vote for democrats next election.

  • Elizabeth

    Onward Christian soldiers! I pray our Bishops absolutely do not capitulate, and LEAD!

  • P. Aaron


  • Buzzy

    Patty said- “But Obama was voted in by many of the youth who call themselves Catholics. The older and more traditional Catholics didn’t vote for Obama.”

    Patty, do you have any links at all whatsoever that can prove that comment? I believe that you don’t, but prove me wrong.

  • Jonah Vark

    Bible publisher wins stay of Obama contraceptive mandate

    A federal court on Friday said a Bible publisher doesn’t have to offer health insurance coverage for contraceptives if it has moral objections, blocking the Obama administration from imposing its contraceptive care mandate on the business for now.

    Judge Reggie B. Walton said the Obama administration’s contraceptive coverage mandate puts companies that companies such as Illinois-based Tyndale House Publishers in an “untenable position” — either violate their beliefs, or face major penalties for failing to comply.

    Tyndale House Publishers Inc., a Christian publishing company, said it objects to several types of contraceptives the Health and Human Services Department requires be covered.

    Read more: Bible publisher wins stay of Obama contraceptive mandate – Washington Times

  • SturJen

    WOW! The amount of outright lies and disinformation about the Catholic Church and their followers is amazing!! Thanks to the mainstream media and their anti-Catholic, anti-Christianity bent, this is where we are: Catholics are now the ones most-hated in society. When are you going to line us up? Put little yellow crucifix’s on our clothes? Tell us where to live, with whom we can speak and what we can buy?

    Grandma? Nice try. Catholic Church’s stance on a problem like that is just like the Public Hospitals’. I ought to know, because I know of a couple who’s went through a difficult birth with the mother bleeding out -at a CATHOLIC Hospital – they did everything they could to save her, and she and the child survived. After consulting with their priest, it was decided that since another birth could lead to the death of the Mother, sterilization was permitted. TO SAVE MOM’s LIFE. So stop with the stupid, lame stories about the church’s supposed ‘h8tred” of women. It’s not true.

    I am convinced there was massive voter fraud in this last election. I’m convinced that there will be nothing done about that and we’re stuck with this …………Pretender for the rest of our lives. You think the grand Dictator is going to give up his throne?

    The bashing of anything good and right will continue. The media will be complicit in all, and those small voices that speak otherwise will be quashed. I expect to be rounded up, put in a ‘re-education facility’ (concentration camp) and killed. Why? Because y’all will sit around that stupid idiot box and soak up every single lie perpetrated by it. I’m surprised you haven’t burned Cardinal Dolan at the stake by now.

  • Steve

    Reminder to Republicans – The Democrats DIDN’T Compromise after 2004 (after losing the election)

  • donh

    “We took a bit of a breather as we waited for Election Day because the results of Election Day could have changed the playing field. It didn’t. So now I think the bishops have taken a deep breath and said, we better to get back to work and decide just what we are going to do”

    Took a breather ?….Dolan insisted on attending the Dem convention and pronounce blessing upon what amounted to a Planned Parenthood rally. …and while our evangelical pro life candidates were being savaged in the media as pro rapists….The Catholic Church was taking their breather . ….The church doesn’t seem capable of putting spokespeople forth in the media to articulate moral concerns about the rising evil of chucking burdensome life into the garbage can. They would rather partner with socialists to destroy our helthcare system and push the illegal immigation socialist gimmi gimmi gimmi agenda.

  • Buzzy

    Granny said-

    “If you gave birth at the public hospital, then if you got into trouble you could be assured that they would move heaven and earth to save your life, even if it cost the life of your child. If you gave birth at the Catholic hospital, then it was made very clear that their beliefs meant that if you got into trouble they would move heaven and earth to save the life of your child, even at the cost of yours.”

    Which is one of the biggest reasons I left the Catholic church. Not the only reason by any stretch, but it also had to do with teaching children that if you had the first bad thought, you were going to hell and will burn in damnation. Once I decided that I didn’t have to live in fear. looking over my shoulder every day for those bad thoughts, it was very uplifting and freeing to really understand God’s teachings. I found out that God really wasn’t damning me every day of my life, and keeping me in shackels and in total fear. Man those Catholic priests were harsh to a child.

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  • Buzzy

    How about all of Obamacare being “immoral” to all of American society. How about not supporting the majority of a law that is already destroying so many jobs in America. How about getting off the “social justice” bandwagon.

  • Stevo

    Never forget the clause: ‘or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.’

  • for all you so-called conservative catholic bashers, what are the protestant churches doing to fight obamacare, what are the atheists doing, the agnostics, the jews, the hindus, anybody else? take your bigotry and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  • More liberty

    On a side note, they reported that they would continue to rape young boys.

  • valerie

    #26 November 16, 2012 at 8:02 pm
    Buzzy commented:

    Sorry you met up with some really stupid Catholics. If I’d had that bad luck, I’d probably be something else, myself. What you are describing has nothing to do with the way I was raised as a cradle Catholic, but I’ve heard similar stories from others, so I do believe you.

    It seems to me that Catholicism deals so much more reasonably and compassionately with end-of-life issues, possibly because the clergy all have experience with such issues. They do seem to be a bit removed from the issues of young single people and young families. Maybe if they ever get back to ordaining women, they’ll get a better idea of that phase of life.

    Yeah — the early church ordained women. Just sayin’

  • valerie

    #30 November 16, 2012 at 8:52 pm
    tommy mc donnell commented:

    They came after the Catholics, but I wasn’t Catholic…

    We’ve seen this drill, before, and the Jews would know it if they bothered to think. Too bad the US Jews are so busy chortling over their electoral victory. I got an earful of it last weekend. That’s the other half of my family, the part that lost a bunch of family in WWII and thinks that somebody else is supposed to protect them. You can’t fix stupid.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Beef @ #17

    You took the words right outta mah mouth. That “yucking it up” with Obama by His Eminence at the Al Smith dinner is the first thing that came to mind!

    HOw ironic. Pope Benedict declared the Year Of Faith last month. He called on for Catholics to turn towards and meet Jesus Christ in the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist. And to rediscover the faith.

    Well, I hope Cardinal Nolan and the rest of his brother bishops and priests won’t let this “crisis go to waste” ;-}

  • dallasdan

    A majority of Catholics voted for BO, 50-48. The bishops are delusional if they think they can take on BO and win.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Yes you will, Cardinal. I know it, you know it, and He knows it.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    #32 November 16, 2012 at 9:13 pm
    valerie commented: Yeah — the early church ordained women. Just sayin’

    You’re absolutely psychotic!

  • Thomas

    So rhe child rapeists think health care is immoral. Wow

  • #31 and#38…your child is much more likely to raped by a public school teacher or a member of the democratic party-media complex than a catholic priest. among professions in america child molestation is least prevalent in the clergy. among the clergy it is lowest among catholic priests. do you think your bigoted opinion of catholic priests might have something to do with the democratic-party media complex viewing the catholic church as an enemy of marxism?

  • L.E. Liesner

    The Catholic leaders cannot promise anything. Look at the last election, Obama got the biggest share of the Catholic vote and he is still invited to speak at the Catholic schools. It seems that the leaders have lost their masses and have become impotent. For all their pomp and ceremony they let a skinny rabble-rouser steal their show. A word to the wise, promise nothing you cannot deliver. May God have mercy on their souls.

  • dnb03

    Buzzy #12 is 100% correct on the Bishops. “We took a bit of a breather as we waited for Election Day because the results of Election Day could have changed the playing field.” No, Cardinal Dolan, you should have been explaining, from every pulpit, how diocese lawsuits are being funded, and what to expect if the lawsuits go against the Catholic Church. Maybe then Catholics would have had the information they, under Faithship Citizenship, could have and should have used. I will be shocked, very shocked, if the USCCB follows through on civil disobedience given that they didn’t even have the morality to correct Pelosi and Sebelius on the beginning of life. Some shepherds.

  • bg



    “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    ‘We are God’s partners in matters of life and death’

    ‘my individual salvation is not gonna come about
    without a collective salvation for the country’ ….

    “Today, the responsibility, which used to be laid at
    the door of God, is fastened on the shoulders of man.”

    come, let us honor you..

    you’re welcome.. /s/


  • bg


    More liberty #31 November 16, 2012 at 8:55 pm


    Pedophilia in Islam

    Pedophilia in Hollywoord

    Pedophilia & Child Molester Stats


  • MSO

    “We took a bit of a breather as we waited for Election Day because the results of Election Day could have changed the playing field”

    Thanks, thanks a lot, Cardinal. You should have acted when it might have done some good.

  • bg


    #37 November 16, 2012 at 9:46 pm
    Maudie N Mandeville

    Ordained Women in the Early Church: A Documentary History


  • Kathleen

    The “catholics” that voted for Obama, are not Catholics in good standing with the Church. They should stop identifying themselves as Catholics.

  • squeaky

    people like their “evil” in movies not in real life. eventually we’ll all have to stand by our moral convictions or betray them. i’m sure obama finds a great deal of pleasure in breaking those who consider themselves to be moral beings. corrupt beings are just so second hat.
    a commentor at weasel zippers from another commentor……there’s a law!!!!!!

  • squeaky

    “They should stop identifying themselves as Catholics.” social club Catholics.

  • SeniorD

    Jeannie @10.7 – the Eastern Orthodox Churches (Russian, Greek, Serbian, Ukraine, etc.) have held true to Holy Tradition for 2012 years. The Catholic Church split with it’s Orthodox brothers over the ‘Filoque’ argument. There have been wars and conflicts between these two bodies since.

    To help you (and others) gein a perspective – consider the Serbs who are Orthodox but here in the West (under Roman thought) are considered terrorists and criminals. How about the Catholic Ustasha who aligned themeselves under the protection of the Roman church during WWII?

  • susan d

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Why do we even have Obamacare? 30 supposedly pro-life Catholic Democrats who chose Barry instead of life and John Roberts who gave some cockamammie convoluted legal cover for this bastard of a law.

    It would be nice if the priests would actually do this-it would be nice if they refused communion to the Kennedys, Pelosis, Daleys, Cuomos, etc and actually enforced the canon law they say is so critical to their church. I am afraid that we non-Catholics have learned that having Catholics as political allies is all about being thrown under a bus and really do not trust them. A deal will be struck with the Catholic church, probably to the detriment of those non-Catholics willing to support them-you can bet on it.

  • BurmaShave

    Like many people commenting here, I hope the Catholic church succeeds in their crusade; however, I also hope that they learn — and don’t forget — that they misplaced their faith in governmental solutions, and in the the Democrats in particular, a very long time ago. The battle ahead is going to be costly in money, lives, and souls, and could have been avoided.

  • mg4us

    #2 exactly

    Where was the church prior to the elections reminding Latinos the grave injustice OBAMACARE puts on the church!

  • squeaky

    who’s the next up to be required to follow the obama doctrine. maybe the church was late to the gate but now is the time for them to follow thru with their at bat. i don’t think being a hypocrite is a rare occurrence within human nature. pots and kettles and all.
    [This guy had the audacity to quote Bible scripture about how Christians are commanded to pray for their political leaders. Maybe he’s praying that God will cause Obama to have a change of heart as more black babies are exterminated. What a religious crock of you-know-what.]