Tremon Muhammad – looking for virgins in all the wrong places.

A local imam was busted recently in a Birmingham prostitution sting.
MyFOXAL reported, via Creeping Sharia:

A local minister was arrested with more than 30 others in a vice sting carried out by Birmingham Police this week.

Dubbed “Operation Red Light,” undercover officers saturated the area of 1st Avenue North in the Woodlawn area.

Tremon Muhammad, 36, was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. Muhammed is a sinister minister with the Nation of Islam in Birmingham.

His lawyer, Charles Salvagio, spoke to FOX6 News tonight, saying that something is “fishy” about the charges and arrests. He wouldn’t elaborate.

Muhammad is also known for calling on the city to take action after a video was released showing six officers beating a theft suspect.



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  1. ++

    (police be upon him) :D


  2. Hey, Muhammad, can’t find a girlfriend? Betcha there are a lot of lonely guys in the nation of islam. Maybe it’s their sorry sharia attitude?

  3. #1, BG,

    Now THAT’s funny!

  4. That area is very bad. Sort of a no go area. Houses are falling to pieces. Roofs caving in and yards pigstys. Businesses closing down. It used to be a nice lower middle class neighborhood but after the Civil Rights Act, when a seller had no right to sell to whomever he wanted to,
    it became mostly black and white flight became prevalent.

  5. #1 bg,

    clever :)

  6. Just you watch , Obama will give him a job at the State Dept or even a Cabinet post.

  7. he was just going to counsel the women.

  8. HMMMMM – anyone other than me find calling a muslim a “minister” – a term usually reserved for Protestant clerics – a bit “off”, even deceptive?

  9. Well, thankfully no Christian ministers have ever been embroiled in a prostitution scandal, and we can use this piece of news to roundly condem all of the Muslim faith.

  10. Hey, dave,

    We Christians are constantly trashed, regardless of our behavior. We cannot and do not claim perfection, but get mocked as “goodie-two-shoes” for advocating moral principles. Any “imperfect” behavior brings the label of hypocrite.

    This nation of islam “minister” belongs to a hardcore group of anti-Semite, anti-Americans, who hate women, gays and anyone who stands for moral principles. According to this “minister’s” own instructions to his followers, prostitution brings a death sentence. Rape is the victim’s fault and leads to criminal punishment.

    While you may wish to equate a hateful pagan cult with Christianity, it won’t pass the smell test. You may remember the common and familiar story this week of a vicious muslim mother-in-law who falsely accused her son’s wife of adultery, in order to have her killed by her own family, in accordance with muslim law.

    Get real, dave.

  11. Jihad on Dave. Call the Nazerene goon squads!

  12. Hey, Nation of Islam is a place where people of color go to vent their anger against the system within an organized religion.

    What it does not do is change who the person is inside. If he’s Leroy Brown convicted lowlife felon and changes his name to Shabazz kamal Dingalong a ding dong, it won’t change his mindset. In fact, if we have had the Un-PC backbone (I was thinking of another body part, but realized mixed company) in Law enforcement to really dig into the finances of the NOI, I’m betting there is enough criminal activity there to send Louie to the Federal mothership for the rest of his psychotic life!

    Nothing here but a man with a cover, doing what he’s done all the time. And besides, what does Islam tell men? That women are property to be used for the men’s pleasure. What are prostitutes?

    Seems an easy leap.

  13. Which prison was he incarcerated in when he made his conversion to Islam?

    “Minister”. Yup.

  14. bg @#1

    Staaaaaaaaahp! That was brilliant. It was written in the stars that yours be the first comment on this post.

    Was laughing so much that I transformed the spelling of my name into looking Eastern European or Russian.

    Hey, do you think that if the Preezee o’the United Steezee had an imam, he’d look like this guy?

  15. “This nation of islam “minister” belongs to a hardcore group of anti-Semite, anti-Americans, who hate women, gays…”

    Now, Bear, you do realize that while you’re trying not to equate Christians with Muslims, everything you said about Muslims just there (even the anti-American bit) can be applied to some Christians? Please note, I did not say all Christians, or most Christians, but some Christians.

  16. ++

    Dave #18 November 15, 2012 at 3:22 pm


    when was the first, never mind the last,
    time Christians HUNG a homosexual??

    and the last time a Muslim HUNG a homosexual??

    how about slaughtered Jews or attacked Israel??


  17. ++

    correction re:#19 November 15, 2012 at 3:29 pm bg

    SOME Christians.. /s/


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