Screaming Afghan women disrupted a Canadian Remembrance Day Ceremony for war heroes.
A brawl broke out as the women screamed at the remembrance ceremony.
Via Jihad Watch:

Of course, if the women were back in Afghanistan they would be shot dead for being seen in public without a burka.

The Blaze reported:

Canadians honored the nation’s 158 soldiers who have died in the Afghanistan war during a remembrance ceremony in downtown Toronto on Sunday. It was not a political event by any stretch of the imagination.

But that didn’t stop two women, who claimed to be “Afghan women,” from screaming at the participants at the ceremony, making known their opposition to Canada’s involvement in the war. The incitement led to a chaotic scene where fists were thrown and police intervention was needed.

“Where’s freedom? All you do is bomb other countries like mine,” one of the women shouts.

“Who’s going to remember the Afghans who were killed in this illegal occupation,” the other woman yells.

A short time later, all hell broke lose. While it’s unclear what started the initial physical altercation, two men can be seen on video throwing punches and wrestling. Neither man was identified so it is uncertain whether one of the men was with the anti-war group.




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  1. Sorry – those were not Afghani women – or if they have Afghani heritage they were born here. Not so much as a trace of an accent LOL.

    Where’s the “Freedom of Speech?” one of them screamed . . . put that blue bag back on, head on back to Afghanistan and see how much Freedom of Speech you have there.

  2. get the cancer out of each western country…. evil bustards

  3. “..Afghani heritage they were born here. Not so much as a trace of an accent LOL.” like the vietnamese younger generation migrating to the democrats maybe. or the cuban vote for obama.
    not experiencing first hand the atmosphere that caused their older relatives to flee….

  4. The abov comment about Asians being democrats: very true. The put intelligent educated Asians at the backlog the line. What we get now are Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, etc. in other words, Asians that are about as capable if contributing to society as Mexicans – vote fodder for democrats. Tellin ya, it’s intentional too. There’s been a concerted effort by the left to dilute and replace white conservative voters with brown leeches so they can get their utopia. But we see their utopia, and what it is – California. We need to secede before annoutbinnokace our own policies before the 3rd world overruns us. Sorry, it’s truth.

  5. I noticed a tattoo on the arm of one of the brawlers that appears to be with the “Afghan women”. Look for what maybe the Anarchist’s symbol, a stylized ‘A’ on the thug in the white tee-shirt.

  6. “Afghani women”…yeah right:) …Did you know that I’m French? “Croissant”, “Menage a trois”, etc.:)

  7. “Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, etc. in other words, Asians that are about as capable..” some of the same people that the dems were quick to abandon were plucked from the refugee camps and placed into the dem plantation. i’ve know more than few who are hard workers and credits to this nation. i’ve heard their stories. they appreciated what born citizens take for granted. the weakness in human nature isn’t limited to one group of people.

  8. “Did you know that I’m French? “Croissant”, “Menage a trois”, etc.:)” or maybe a french model.

  9. Statistically, those Asians are less likely to contribute. There’s a reason Dems favor them over Japanese, Chinese, etc. it’s math.

  10. Easy solution.

    One way ticket to Afghanistan.

  11. Now that the Iranian/Brotherhood axis has provoked a realtime demo of Iron Dome so that they and the Russians can study the system in action in order to develop countermeasures, suddenly the international community wants peace glorious peace to reign in the Holy Land.

    If you googlenews ‘obama gaza’ you’ll see that Obama’s now taking the lead in calling for a Hudna to stop Israel’s ground assault before Israel locates stockpiles of Hamas missiles, documents and infrastructure. Of course, anyone of any rank in Hamas is in Egypt at this point directing the PR campaign.

  12. Why, again, are we civilized countries letting these rabid lunatics in?

  13. Those two Asians sure have foul-mouths, just like the lot of them. They sure like to throw that F-bomb around. I did hear one man who approached them after tell them to show some respect. Who is going to remember the names of Afghans killed in Afghanistan? Well isn’t that something the Afghan people should do. We remember our war dead – they should remember their war dead. These women are stupid – do we have to remember their war dead for them too.

  14. kill them all! as israel knows all too well, there can be no fruitful negotiations with these stone age throw backs


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