Race activist Dr. Randy Short told Iranian Press TV today that African Americans are oppressed in the United States like the Palestinian people.

Dr. Short told Press TV:

If you need to understand that African American people are an internal colony group, we are very similar to the Palestinians. We are in a very similar situation. And so we have a very corrupt leadership.

By the way, I am with a group; we will be picketing the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on February 1 at their phony image awards because we want to get rid of a corrupt and wicked black leadership like Mahmoud Abbas for the Palestine Authority.

We do not have good leadership. The corrupt people like Al Sharpton are responsible for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman, he is walking free. I mean more than a year, almost a year after he killed the kid, he is not even in jail.

So we have a very crooked, venal, cynical African American elite structure that is dignified to the one percent and it hates the 99 percent. They do not lead our people and they are responsible for allowing a huge number of murders of black people since this strange man, Barack Obama, became president. I mean murders are all over the place in this country.




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  1. “we are very similar to the Palestinians”

    Yes, in the sense that “we” murder innocent people and then cry “racism!” when we are caught and punished.

  2. Do the oppressed African Americans include President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Colin Powell, Will Smith and Oprah?

  3. Black people oppress themselves by voting for Democrats who are Masters at keeping them chained to the Government plantation which by and large only delivers misery and mayhem!

  4. I must have missed the part where our military was sending in airstrikes on black neighborhoods in retaliation for the missile attacks on affluent white areas.

    I suppose MSNBC was the only one carrying that story.

  5. Adding to #2 Hera. Let’s include the oppressed of the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and all the rap “artists”. More black unemployment under Obama and more blacks vote for him this time. Go figure.

  6. Yeah, it’s not like a black man could ever hope to be President of such a “racist” country!

  7. They have nobody to blame but themselves….and liberals just like Palestinians have body to blame but themselves

  8. Googled Dr. Short. Zero. What is his doctorate in?

  9. Well I can agree with one thing he said: “this strange man, Barack Obama, became president.”

  10. NAACP, Operation Push, Black Cong. Caucus, Acorn – all bastions of democratic thinking. All victims of their own thinking. Clinging to power at the expense of freedom.

  11. Tell that to my boss and the President of the most powerful indebted nation on Earth.

  12. Oh please, “DR.” Short go to GAZA and LIVE there-I would advise against it though- MUSLIMS would use you as a SERVANT or worse a HUMAN SHEILD if you did . Remember, ABEED=Black and to them black=slave!


  13. Ah, so the poor blacks are now freedom fighters and will commence blowing up crackers, I presume.

  14. Another acorn-sized brain at work. He should run for Congress. There’s a caucus of like-minded simpletons that he’d fit right in with.

  15. Fire a rocket, MF’er!

  16. Affitamiss Action, always looking for a job with no work attached.

  17. Well, this guy recognizes the severe leadership problem in the black community; but they pick their leaders, don’t they or do they allow themselves to be led by people who proclaim cheap false solutions. There is quite obviously a lot wrong with their judgment. But the rest of the country has more or less the same problem.

  18. fine.. go shoot a rocket at Israel and call me in the morning..

  19. Bobbi,



    Looks like the organization is associated with the University of Minnesota and every crazy left-wing group you can think of!

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