Bill O’Reilly: If the Economy Does Not Turn Around, the Democrat Party Will “Evaporate” (Video)

Bill O’Reilly suggested last night that the Democrat Party may have some trouble if they can’t turn things around.

“If the economy does not turn around, you can forget about the Democratic Party. They’re going to just evaporate. The people have been very generous to Barack Obama. The American people have been very generous to him. They’re giving him another chance. If he fails now. Believe me.”

I’d like to believe him, but as long as they get away with blaming Republicans for their failures, they will be in power for a long, long time.

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  • Patty

    Wow, an understatement.


    America: Get Ready For War!

    With Obama’s reelection, there is absolutely no reason for Israel to wait any longer to attack Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows that America/Obama will not be there to aid them.That also means Obama will not be able to interfere with Israel’s plan for a raid on Iran any longer.

    Read it when you can.

  • Cargosquid

    Ol’ Billy doesn’t have a clue.

    ANY problems will be blamed on the GOP.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If the Economy Does Not Turn Around, the Democrat Party Will “Evaporate”


    I’m more inclined to believe that they’ll simply blame everyone and everything else and become more thuggish in their actions.

  • Skip

    Jim Hoft – I agree with your comment. After this next four years we will not recognize our once great country.


    You can ALWAYS take what Ted Baxter says to the Bank!

  • Patty

    Both side of the isle are to blame. I feel now that the majority of power is in the Democrats favor then it would only stand to reason that they better pick up the pace and stop doing what they do best and raise taxes. Because the Middle Class has a huge tax burden coming, Obama care.

    The democrats have a tied rope to walk and their familiar old style is going to get the job done.

    They take our tax money and then when finished what is left is for them. That is the sort of stuff that we are all to familiar with. So, it is obvious to me that entitlements need to be cut somewhere and waste should be eliminated and a budget needs to be done, now.

    Let’s see what the left does. Our nation’s real recovery is on the chopping block and we don’t need another downgrade. If investors are going to invest in the American economy the need less government regulations and that is keeping them from investing in our Future Economy.

  • Michele

    The economy hasn’t turned around since Obama was elected, and they re-elected him anyway. The bottom feeders who vote Democrat are only interested in keeping their welfare checks and abortions. The Dems will always guarantee them that, so I doubt if I’ll see a Republican president again in the White House in my lifetime.

  • Joshua Fears

    Maybe start by thinking of some solutions to the Republican un-electability problem, instead of focusing so hard on calling The Democratic Party… the “Democrat” party. I don’t know. Maybe, just maybe that’s a good place to start. But hey, perhaps RWNJ bloggers know what works best. Oh wait, that’s right. They don’t know best at all. They don’t know crap, and that’s why “Where Hope Made A Comeback” can best be described as the US state of Ohio in 2012.

  • Patty

    Their familiar old style of working DOESN’T WORK. CORRECTION

  • Patty
  • Tighterlines64

    HeII lets just give em anything they want and lets let em destroy themselves. There will be a lot of very strong True Hard working Americans ready to rebuild. We will get our country back, we just might have to watch the left destroy it first. It really hasn’t been America for a long time now anyway. When the time comes the strong will step forward and take back what is ours and rebuild a great nation.

  • sarah

    Why would it evaporate? More likely, it will become larger as more and more people are out of work and go on the govt dole.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Bill, Bill, Bill,

    Obama voters don’t care about the economy, they don’t care about unemployment, they don’t even care about gas prices (public transportation). All they care about is FREE STUFF. That’s it. They vote for welfare checks, food stamps, housing subsidies, heating subsidies, free birth control pills, free abortions, free cell phones, union bribes and payoffs, etc, etc, etc. The seesaw has tipped where there are now more takers than producers. A complete collapse of entire economy and country is all but assured.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Poor dumbell BOR, another wasted Haaarrrvaaard education. They don’t want to turn it around, this is part of the plan. Jeesh, why can’t people see what is so obvious.

  • code3

    O’Reilley is an idiot. A collapsed American economy is their GOAL. Idiot.

  • bluemount

    Obama did inherit a mess…from Obama!! Let’s see how many times he uses the excuse that he inherited a mess (from himself!!) during these next four years. He is going to have some major headaches. Yep!! Let’s see how he tries to handle some formidable problems; he won’t have much time for golfing or celebrity $4,500/plate dinners at the White House. I hope he really squirms.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    @ Joshua #8

    What do you want the Republican Party to do. Short of promising people more FREE STUFF than the other party, there is nothing they can do. The Republican party’s single biggest problem is that unlike the Democrats, the Republicans actually have princples, and unless they sell out their principles like the Dems did long ago, our only recourse at this point is a Tax Revolt or a Civil War.

  • Marcy

    Let the economy crash. The Republicans should step back and just let the democrats fail on their own. This is another “too big to fail” thing that SHOULD FAIL. When the takers have nothing because the producers are gone the takers will start pulling the democratic leaders out of their fancy houses and rip them limb from limb.

    It might we tough for a while but us “producers” and hard workers will be just fine. I’m willing to suffer through this tough love phase just to get rid of those slobbering, slimy, dirty, obamaphone takers once and for all.

  • john03

    The Democrat party has succeeded in expanding the dependent class to the point that they’ll never have to worry until the total collapse of the economy occurs.

  • Amash

    Free stuff. That’s it. That’s all this”intelligent” electorate cares about. Once we’re Greece and there is no more free stuff, they’ll still expect free stuff. Soon there will be no incentive for the makers to continue to work. Why should they? We get Oblamer and his free stuff society. Why produce for either of them? 4 more years of this nonsense and its all over.
    And who will the people blame? Not the immature ego maniac in the WH. Somehow it’ll be any one stupid enough to question the One.