Bill O’Reilly: If the Economy Does Not Turn Around, the Democrat Party Will “Evaporate” (Video)

Bill O’Reilly suggested last night that the Democrat Party may have some trouble if they can’t turn things around.

“If the economy does not turn around, you can forget about the Democratic Party. They’re going to just evaporate. The people have been very generous to Barack Obama. The American people have been very generous to him. They’re giving him another chance. If he fails now. Believe me.”

I’d like to believe him, but as long as they get away with blaming Republicans for their failures, they will be in power for a long, long time.

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  • Patty

    Wow, an understatement.


    America: Get Ready For War!

    With Obama’s reelection, there is absolutely no reason for Israel to wait any longer to attack Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows that America/Obama will not be there to aid them.That also means Obama will not be able to interfere with Israel’s plan for a raid on Iran any longer.

    Read it when you can.

  • Ol’ Billy doesn’t have a clue.

    ANY problems will be blamed on the GOP.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If the Economy Does Not Turn Around, the Democrat Party Will “Evaporate”


    I’m more inclined to believe that they’ll simply blame everyone and everything else and become more thuggish in their actions.

  • Skip

    Jim Hoft – I agree with your comment. After this next four years we will not recognize our once great country.


    You can ALWAYS take what Ted Baxter says to the Bank!

  • Patty

    Both side of the isle are to blame. I feel now that the majority of power is in the Democrats favor then it would only stand to reason that they better pick up the pace and stop doing what they do best and raise taxes. Because the Middle Class has a huge tax burden coming, Obama care.

    The democrats have a tied rope to walk and their familiar old style is going to get the job done.

    They take our tax money and then when finished what is left is for them. That is the sort of stuff that we are all to familiar with. So, it is obvious to me that entitlements need to be cut somewhere and waste should be eliminated and a budget needs to be done, now.

    Let’s see what the left does. Our nation’s real recovery is on the chopping block and we don’t need another downgrade. If investors are going to invest in the American economy the need less government regulations and that is keeping them from investing in our Future Economy.

  • Michele

    The economy hasn’t turned around since Obama was elected, and they re-elected him anyway. The bottom feeders who vote Democrat are only interested in keeping their welfare checks and abortions. The Dems will always guarantee them that, so I doubt if I’ll see a Republican president again in the White House in my lifetime.

  • Joshua Fears

    Maybe start by thinking of some solutions to the Republican un-electability problem, instead of focusing so hard on calling The Democratic Party… the “Democrat” party. I don’t know. Maybe, just maybe that’s a good place to start. But hey, perhaps RWNJ bloggers know what works best. Oh wait, that’s right. They don’t know best at all. They don’t know crap, and that’s why “Where Hope Made A Comeback” can best be described as the US state of Ohio in 2012.

  • Patty

    Their familiar old style of working DOESN’T WORK. CORRECTION

  • Patty
  • Tighterlines64

    HeII lets just give em anything they want and lets let em destroy themselves. There will be a lot of very strong True Hard working Americans ready to rebuild. We will get our country back, we just might have to watch the left destroy it first. It really hasn’t been America for a long time now anyway. When the time comes the strong will step forward and take back what is ours and rebuild a great nation.

  • sarah

    Why would it evaporate? More likely, it will become larger as more and more people are out of work and go on the govt dole.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    Bill, Bill, Bill,

    Obama voters don’t care about the economy, they don’t care about unemployment, they don’t even care about gas prices (public transportation). All they care about is FREE STUFF. That’s it. They vote for welfare checks, food stamps, housing subsidies, heating subsidies, free birth control pills, free abortions, free cell phones, union bribes and payoffs, etc, etc, etc. The seesaw has tipped where there are now more takers than producers. A complete collapse of entire economy and country is all but assured.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Poor dumbell BOR, another wasted Haaarrrvaaard education. They don’t want to turn it around, this is part of the plan. Jeesh, why can’t people see what is so obvious.

  • code3

    O’Reilley is an idiot. A collapsed American economy is their GOAL. Idiot.

  • bluemount

    Obama did inherit a mess…from Obama!! Let’s see how many times he uses the excuse that he inherited a mess (from himself!!) during these next four years. He is going to have some major headaches. Yep!! Let’s see how he tries to handle some formidable problems; he won’t have much time for golfing or celebrity $4,500/plate dinners at the White House. I hope he really squirms.

  • The Central Scrutinizer

    @ Joshua #8

    What do you want the Republican Party to do. Short of promising people more FREE STUFF than the other party, there is nothing they can do. The Republican party’s single biggest problem is that unlike the Democrats, the Republicans actually have princples, and unless they sell out their principles like the Dems did long ago, our only recourse at this point is a Tax Revolt or a Civil War.

  • Marcy

    Let the economy crash. The Republicans should step back and just let the democrats fail on their own. This is another “too big to fail” thing that SHOULD FAIL. When the takers have nothing because the producers are gone the takers will start pulling the democratic leaders out of their fancy houses and rip them limb from limb.

    It might we tough for a while but us “producers” and hard workers will be just fine. I’m willing to suffer through this tough love phase just to get rid of those slobbering, slimy, dirty, obamaphone takers once and for all.

  • john03

    The Democrat party has succeeded in expanding the dependent class to the point that they’ll never have to worry until the total collapse of the economy occurs.

  • Amash

    Free stuff. That’s it. That’s all this”intelligent” electorate cares about. Once we’re Greece and there is no more free stuff, they’ll still expect free stuff. Soon there will be no incentive for the makers to continue to work. Why should they? We get Oblamer and his free stuff society. Why produce for either of them? 4 more years of this nonsense and its all over.
    And who will the people blame? Not the immature ego maniac in the WH. Somehow it’ll be any one stupid enough to question the One.

  • BurmaShave

    “If the Economy Does Not Turn Around, the Democrat Party Will ‘Evaporate’”

    O’Reilly thinks most people care about the economy.

    I think there enough people in California, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Illinois, Hawaii, Washington, New Mexico, and Delaware to keep the Democrat Party alive no matter what the H happens to the economy or the country.

  • Maudie N Mandeville

    Democrat Party Will “Evaporate”. That’s a pretty stupid statement after this election. Blacks, Hispanics and the young don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand ‘economy’. They understand food stamps.

  • SM-WI

    Reality will set in from Barry’s policies. Women especially won’t like to have their healthcare changed. I’ve had dr specialists go out of private practice in anticipation of Obamacare. Tax increases will kick in—and on most of us. They’ll try, but will be difficult to continue blaming Bush.

  • retired militaryq

    A couple of things to keep in mind.

    a. Dem party is hte party of free stuff so folks wont go away. in fact it will become more popular
    b. The MSM’s influence is waning. They wont be able to prop up the next dem nominee near as much. However, they will blame the republican house for trying to keep people from getting their free stuff and go on for months about how folks could have more free stuff if the republicans would only get out of the way.
    c. Hillary will be running in 2016 if she is breathing. The RNC will do a great job of agreeing to debate moderators like Chris Matthews, George Stephanolous and Olberman (I bet one of the 3 will be debate moderator in 2016 – at least one). After all the RNC guys will still want to get invited to the DC parties and hobnob with the NY Times so folks wont talk bad about them.
    d. The RNC will be so worried about attracting middle of the road folks they will nominate someone like McCain Romney meaning maybe Huckabee, johnson, Lindsey Graham or some other Rino. That Rino will get fewer votes than Romney who got fewer than either McCain or Kerry. Gas prices will be $15 a gallon but the folks who get free stuff will be eligible for free gas waivers.
    e. Look forward to at least another 8 years of Democrat rule.
    f. in 2020 after a total economic collapse because all the free stuff is gone IF we have an election republicans will come in and have to deal with the greece like riots of folks who want their free stuff. Since a Rino will be picked again (what is that defnitiion of insanity – oh yeah doing the same thing over and over) you can hang up any meaningul reform.
    g. in 2022 I will be eligible for my social security which will be about 10% of what it is today and worth about 1% in relative value.

  • Ray

    Things will have to get rougher before they get better. The minority and young vote won’t change. However,I do believe Obama’s soft white support(factory workers in the rust belt,suburban women)wmay not forever be attached to leftism. The former fell for obama’s Bain ads(see Ohio)and the latter probably won Virginia,Florida,and Colorado. These are people who are not radicals,not mooches,but instead useful idiots.

  • Andrew X

    Bless his heart, I like BO’R, but he is neglecting the heroin factor.

    Of course the heroin user will give it up in due time. Look what it does: Job — gone. Family/Spouse — gone. Housing — gone. Money — gone. So of course they will eventually look around and draw the obvious conclusion. Obviously. Right?


    Socialism is to the body politic what heroin is to the body human. Ever it shall be thus.

  • The Democratic Party is as surely dead as the America of 236 years they have killed. The Democrats have disappeared and been replaced by Is;amarxists. They lmpw their guilt and will become dictatorial to protect themselves.

  • donh

    Trust in God….The fate of this country would be entirely different if the FASCIST Romney had won and begun the sell out of conservative principles …starting with breaking his promise on Obamacare repeal.

    Obama got an OJ Jury nullification and he will SUFFER the same scorn going forward…The jury will carry guilt and remorse. The lies will be exposed….The economy will fail. The shadow of DEATH will grow darker over the land, and the 2014 election will be far better for us . REAL conservatism will progress better in the coming days than under Romney. Obama is an incompetent fascist in an opposing camp…Romney is an intelligent fascist in our own camp. He would have used the power of party leadership to kill off the best among us like Allen West and Michelle Bachmann and snuff out the embers of Tea Party activism.

  • re lmpw Oopsie.

  • Freddy

    Bill is still scratching around at anything other than the truth.

    Romney failed to get as many votes as McCain. Bill pushed for Romney in the primaries by TRASHING every other Republican candidate for several months. Bill tried to engineer an election for his FRIEND and it totally failed.

  • Andrew

    I think this demographic thing is being highly blown out of overproportion because 10 million fewer people voted compare to 2008. No one is bringing this up. There were alot of disfranchised voters that did not show up. I think Romney’s problem was he did not convince enough conservatiove to show up at the polls.

  • ouldbollix

    Bill is clueless, this is the guy that wanted bamster to get elected, hey just give him a chance….now look what we have, we have reached the tipping point where there are more takers than makers and nobody will vote to stop their gubmint check.

    When dems and bamster are done blaming BUUUSSSSHHHH they will move on to the next boogey man, take your pick, insurance companies, wall st.

    Just wait until bamster starts blaming the greedy doctors making profits off sick people.

  • Lenore

    O’Rielly is a jerk and needs to stfu. Time to remember charity begins at home and keep it there.

  • donh

    Yes # 30 and look how Ann Coulter has jumped on this loss to peddle her list of no more tea party pro life candidates like Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Todd Akin, and Murdock…Tucker Carlson was trashing the pro life movment in real time as votes were being counted. …

    Lets face it…We do have satanic monsters in our own party who believe in the elitism of eugenic race engineering. They want abortion and they want it publicly funded because it keeps welfare recipients from breeding.

  • keithofboston

    So when did this country go from ‘Ask what you can do for your country’ to ‘Where’s my free stuff?’ Somebody said the barry the idiot should ask Mitt to be ‘Secratary of bizzness’ so Mitt can turn the country around while barry takes the credit. Mitt loves the US so much he’d probably do it.

  • jzaik

    I see. Well, if that’s the case Billy—then why isn’t there a might GOP party in Illinois, california, Michigan (Detroit), Chicago………….

    A democrat party that can’t turn the economy around= will evaporate.

    Got it.

  • I disagree completely with Bill. The party will continue to grow larger and stronger, full of money and power. While it continues to feed the people small scraps a bit at t a time to keep them on the wagon. Look at the huge corrupt unions… the people benefit just enough but the heads are bloated. The people who get handouts are not going to let the party that gives it to them evaporate.

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  • Practical Jane

    The Enabeler speaks. Shut-up dufus. If you had told America the truth about Obama in 2007 we wouldn’t be in this mess. Shut-Up!

  • myohmy

    O’ Reilly was wrong as long as the DNC find any suckers to vote for them. Good time will keep on rolling.

  • Ray

    Akin,Mourdock and Christie were worth 5 pts to Obama.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Would Bill look like good ole’ Peggy Noonan dressed in drag? I knew we were in deep doodoo when Peggy crawled out from under her rock on Tuesday to praise Mitt’s campaign. Never a good sign for a ‘conservative’.

  • The GOP needs to use a little political aikido. Step back, vote present, let the Democrats surge past, and hit the wall hard as hell. Let them enact EVERY. DAMN. THING.

    Let them abort who they want, when they want. Let them tax, tax, tax, and spend, spend, spend.

    We just keep our head down and let them crash and burn.

  • #8, spot on……

  • mean spot on 18#

  • bg
  • jb

    O’Reilly is the FOX version of Chris Matthews – he says whatever passes through the grey matter at any moment, and expects us to accept what he says.

    Patty – exactly how many of YOUR children are you going to commit to potential death to go destroy Iran, which has not attacked anyone 4 times or more longer than Israel has existed – who attacks everyone?

    My bet is – none.

    Hoft – your site is running a close second to Colbert and Jay Leno for the humor factor.

  • aldol

    Since 1965 85% of Legal immigrants came from third world countries, for the most part they were illiterate and likely to require government aid, they also for the most part exhibited higher birthrates than whites, as a consequencei am afraid the US is on the way to be another South Africa after apartheid.only possible alternative breaking up the way Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia did

  • Chris Light

    O’Reilly is wrong again. The Democratic Party will only evaporate after a total economic collapse and there is no longer any money coming from the government to pay the freeloaders. At that point it’ll still be the “rich” peoples’ fault. Democrats are a parasite.

  • theblackdude

    people are stupid, they will support the left know matter how screwed up they are. Obama still the POTUS. that should be proof enough of that.

  • Buffalobob

    As long as there is a steady flow of socialists form south of the boarder the country will stay progressive/liberal for generations.

  • Joanne

    The Republicans will never win another election. The counting of the votes is outsourced to a Spanish Company, the CEO was a major financial supporter of Obama in the 2008 election, the CEO was in Chicago, Illinois at the time, and he is a socialist. The company gets ‘first look’ at results and has ‘ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA’. ‘“…will be no ballots, no physical evidence, no way for the public to authenticate who actually cast the votes…or the count.”’ Even if Americans thought something was majorly wrong, as in this election, there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about a recount. Does anyone actually think Obama won’t stoop that low to win an election. Anything and everything are the means for them to reach their goals. Can we all say major ‘conflict of interest’ and ‘fraud’.

  • kato

    The party won’t evaporate as long as there are millions of subprime freeloaders and Section VIII parasites.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    John Boehner DOES NOT HAVE TO raise the debt ceiling one penny! He should just let the economy collapse on Obama’s watch. But, since Boehner has NOT BALLS AT ALL, we are all assured that he will cave the very first opportunity afforded to him and raise the debt ceiling so that Barack has another 2 Trillion blank check to kick down the road for another year or two.

    Don’t you just LOVE totally spinelss RINOs? And people wonder why Republicans LOST this last election? Too funny!

  • David

    O’Reilly thinks liberals are rationale. They will blame the republicans for blocking Obama’s initiatives and they will keep blaming Bush

  • Indiana

    Holder is expecting his nomination to the Supreme Court…..

  • Nosmo

    As long as deamoncrats keep poor people feeling happy living in poverty, they will always get their vote…

  • [quote]I’d like to believe him, but as long as they get away with blaming Republicans for their failures, they will be in power for a long, long time.[/quote]

    Maybe it’s time to let them have their way? The House can #StandDown and let Dems do whatever they want. When it fails–and it will, perhaps we can pick up the pieces and get back on track. This slow death is not helping anyone, and they will, indeed, hold power for much longer if they continue to be restrained. Why not, then, rip off the band-aid?

  • Ray

    Obama’s environmental extremism will ultimately hurt Dems(I hope)in the midwest. He won those states by bragging about saving GM,and attacking Romney for his wealth. Now that he is in power though,he will turn his back on the idiotic hardhats in Ohio and other places that elected him.

  • lizzy84

    No, O’Reilly.
    They’re not just going to ‘evaporate,’ even when we go over the fiscal cliff.

    These people are NEVER going to walk away:

  • owl

    Ray#41 “Akin,Mourdock and Christie were worth 5 pts to Obama.”

    Not sure I would give it that much weight but Akin & Mourdock played up by Scoopers reminded voters of things they do not like.

    Christie? Yep, at least 1/2/3+ points. Spit…..spit…..spit…..never let him get close to my back. I knew he gave a yawn of a ‘me-me-me’ speech at convention. Goodness his revenge should have been satisfied. But I thought most of that was a yawn except for Ryan, Love, ‘Damn Chuck we are Repubican’ Lady and Clint.

    The Professional Poop Scoopers gave Obama at least 10pts. But you have to figure at least 5 pts to be overcome for every election.

    More I think about what I watched in those lines, comments read (not reg conservative) for months…………….someone needs to take a look at the voter lists. I assume it is just too big a job to match up enough numbers going to the right candidate but something is wrong with the lines & numbers. I didn’t believe it at first rumblings, then had my doubts a little later and now, I am a full fledged 9/11/01 nutjobie. Even if right, nothing could be done but somebody better find it before next time. Something wrong with those campaign rally numbers, length of lines and results. Stinks like a 7.8.

    Mr Bill can be right but when he is wrong it is painful. What he said sounds as crazy as my above.

    You noticed that he talked over his guest who sure didn’t look like he agreed. Yep. He also thought it was nutty and looked slightly stunned.

  • owl

    #56 That made me ill. I think I will even put money on it. Here I am worried about Senate & Obama killing us with treaties but you pull out one that is a sure bet. No, I’m not joking.

  • o’reilly is full of hot air as usual. there are so many imaginary registered democratic voters that the democratic party will remain the majority until their is a revolution.

  • owl

    #54 Boehner needs to not compromise one iota. Nada. Zip. Give lip service each day and do not move.

    The voters wanted Obama and the Senate? Well, they also wanted the House.

    The voters voted for stalemate. They voted. Give it to them. Better to go over the cliff now. They are so stupid to vote for the same thing. Do not give up one penny for another thing.

    Voters voted to go over that cliff and it is the job of the elected officials to listen to the mandate.

  • The Democrat Party is made up of blithering idiots. As this country gets dumber they will get more votes not less. Go over to the Blaze and watch the video of college kids standing in line to vote. Their answers no longer stun me.

  • Monkey Wrench


    The Dems want to go over the cliff. All the tax rates go up and there are massive cuts to the military budget. Then, Dems propose legislation to reduce taxes on all but the rich and increase military spending.

    Do the Repubs vote against tax reduction and against an increase in military spending?

  • GRU57

    What makes you people think that we’ll have another election in 4 years? I have my doubts.

  • owl

    Sit on the money.

  • Alana

    Wisheul thinking, Bill. You’re Charlie Brown with the football. I cant believe you actually think anything’s going to be different this time,

    We know that everything that goes wrong is the Republicans’ fault. Obama can do no wrong. If he killed kittens on live tv, it would be because those kittens needed killin’.

    We know this because the MSM tells us so, every minute of every day. And apparently a majority of Americans believe it.

  • owl

    Pass a defunding bill every day. Pile them up and announce them and their sum total each day. Start with EPA. That ought to be an impressive number. They think Big Bird so funny? Add that NPR total to the big board. Each day just pass a bill to wipe out an agency.

    Will any of them go anywhere? No. But do not say the House is not working and adding up impressive numbers. Each day a new number. So busy they can not do the other. Hold a press conference each day with a new number. Have FOX announce it at the same time they ask where the budget is for the last 4 years.

    These House members need to learn to fight like Dems. Now.

  • owl

    Chicken craps might have won if they knew how to fight like Dems. What exactly do they have to lose? If those idiots think doing the same thing will give different results………..

  • owl

    Make them sign that they will not keep on doing the same darn thing. Put a flea in their ear that it is not working and they will not even be there in 2-4 years if a shock is not given now.

  • Sparky

    The GOP should back off and LET Obama be the President. Make the buck stop with him. Force him to actually make a decision. Let Obama fall flat on his face.

    After four years, the Democrats will be begging for the Conservatives to take the Presidency.

  • Sidney Allen Johnson

    It was the Republican party that evaporated. All day long every state was reporting higher voter turnout yet when the votes are counted turnout was…down? You know this election was stolen. What are you going to do about it. The Chicago Machine already intimidated Romney into silence just as they did Chief Justice John Roberts. Are we all going to take this? Without question?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    The ONLY branch of Gov’t that the Republicans control is the House of Representatives and THAT is run by a totally spineless guy who caves at the first sign of the opposition getting upset. Face it, we’re doomed.


    The O is so wrong, as he normally is. When the economy tanks and the free stuff can no longer be provided it will be blamed on the evil rich and GOP just as everything else is. With no one caring to provide truth to the lies it works to well.

  • Monkey Wrench


    Where is all this free stuff? Can I get some?