All alone.

Vice President Joe Biden looks back as he boards Air Force Two, Friday, Nov. 2, 2012, in Duluth, Minn., enroute to Colorado. (Matt Rourke, Associated Press)

Joe Biden held rallies today at two different high schools in Colorado.
At his first stop in Arvada less than one thousand supporters turned out. Later in the day Vice President did better at this Pueblo, Colorado rally where he had just over a thousand supporters turn out to see him.




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  1. Caption for the photo:

    “Sure is cold here in Idaho.”

  2. Caption for the Photo: I could have sworn this was Iowa. I feel so lost.

  3. Caption for the photo:

    *sigh* man, I’m gonna miss this gig

  4. Sure is great to be back in Ohio!

  5. Caption for the photo:

    Guess this isn’t such a BFD anymore.

  6. The Dems aren’t going to know what hit them on Tuesday. Cluless is what they are.

  7. Caption for the photo:

    “Gee, I sure hope someone doesn’t push me down these stairs!”

  8. Caption more like”Where the F*ck is this???”

  9. Anyone want a shot at what Gary Larson’s caption would be??

  10. Amazing, half full high school gymnasiums vs overflowing university stadiums….

  11. Okay Joe…you are on an know it is a big vehicle with wings and propellars on it…that’s it..and you are holding some sort of drink..(heaven only knows)..BTW did you take your meds? Start packin pal..your party is almost over!!

  12. Caption:

    Where are all my adoring fans?

  13. For the caption, how ’bout…

    “oops, I just crapped my pants!”

  14. “I gotta remember – there’s never been a day I’ve ever been proud of my President. Oops I did it again!”

  15. Obama is box-office poison.


    Stevie Wonder? Less than 200?????? It has to be the Obama effect.

  16. Good riddance Befuddled Foolish Dope

  17. But,but Obama has a 99.999% chance of reelection.

  18. OT: More Benghazi lies

    Question: White House now saying Stevens was dead early on, so they couldn’t have saved him.

    So why did the doctors in Benghazi try revive him hours later?

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