Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank in Brazil
The television show is reportedly being sued over this prank.
You’ll see why.

But, it’s so funny—–




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  1. Funny but…

  2. That is sooooo effed up.

  3. When I get scared I attack….I wonder if I would have decked the kid.

  4. Lol. Why is it that a “ghost” only shows up or leaves when the lights go out? Funny tho.

  5. Funny stuff. It works really well specially in Latin America where many people are superstitious and believe in spiritism.

    This is a similar prank than the ones produced by a popular Venezuelan TV program “Que Locura”, except that victims of the pranks are television and movie personalities:



    They also used twin girls ghost in some of the episodes.

  6. Peeps are pretty well fed in Brazil.

  7. Not funny, not even close to funny.

  8. The scream was too much, not really necessary. But showing up twice, LOFL.

  9. not remotely funny. just another prank that goes too far from brazil. something in the water over there? or maybe something else.

  10. Not funny. They could have killed that old lady. Not funny at all.

  11. That’s supposed to be funny?

    I’d consider it to the equivalent of an assault.

    Maybe they could have hired some Section VIII parasites to do fake carjackings so that an audience of freaking morons could have a laugh.

  12. I once got into an elevator with Maxine Waters and my children started screaming about their scary future.

  13. FINALLY! a blogpost tailored just for me.
    OF COURSE! this is verrry funny. don’t you know what makes it hilarious?

    y’see people, DO YOU SEE how pathetic cowardice is damn funny, it’s a howl!
    all these examples are because these weak saps fear confrontation.

    Sure, I’d’a been surprised, but all it takes is a smidgeon of courage to confront and figure out what the hell is going on, and then take it on straight up- no different than a giant spider in the bathtub.

    Thank you #4, a MAN after my own heart- and how did I know you were a MAN?!
    If’n the kid didn’t ‘splain straight out then I suppose they’d’a had to rush in security back-up.

    I’d like to draw analogies to many of today’s serious problems, but that’d be too easy.
    Enough to say… do ya’ think our Enemies ever think that we’re this funny?

  14. #13, y’ever see “Bait Car” – it’s a SCREAM! I love it!

    anybody remember the “ABSCAM” FBI sting from 1980? there was one Congressman who wanted to fight the undercover FBI agents, and the backup had to rush in to prevent injury.
    What was his name? Was it Larry Pressler (R-SD)?
    He was insulted by the corrupt offer and wanted to beat them up before he realized it was a sting operation.

    btw, #4 , you Are…

  15. Matt. 24:12 “And because lawlessness will be multiplied, the love of the many will grow cold.”

  16. Wouldn’t be so funny if the child was one of these:
    * Child A,
    * Child B,
    * or any of these children
    . . .reason being, the child in the ghost video (commendable performance, btw) portrayed a demonstrable fear of the occult.

    The other examples of children are dismissed by the establishment as harmless, yet are more likely to do serious harm.

    That is the world in which we live today – believe it, or else.

  17. It is not funny. THANK GOD THEY ARE BEING SUED. They could have given someone a heart attack. SICK.

  18. I would have asked the kid, who the eff are YOU?

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