Barack Obama won reelection tonight by taking Ohio.
The election is over.

Barack is the first president to win reelection with an unemployment rate at 7.9% since the Great Depression.

UPDATE: Karl Rove is going off — Angry that FOX called Ohio with 73% of Vote in….. It may not be over yet.

UPDATE: Besides Ohio, Florida looks like it will go to Obama by a few thousand votes.

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  • jim m

    We are all communists now

  • Granny

    There is an odd, sulfurous stench about this.

  • StandUpChuck

    The USA will never be the same, goodbye republic, hello full blown socialism.

  • Highlander

    Who is John Galt?

  • Patty

    The voters are not aware of what that have done. Start counting your money, adjust your income, save when and where you can and pray, because your every move now, it under the government’s thumb.

    Good bye the America we once knew!

  • zed

    Well. This should be a nightmare waiting to happen.

  • Ken

    Provisional ballots? I don’t see it until the election is certified.

  • dwd

    I’ve never been less proud of my country.

  • Patty

    Sorry for the garble in my last post but hope you get the message.

  • buffy

    Well Jim…better get ready for what Barry’s got planned for you and anyone else who questions the One. He will get his revenge. I cry for the country and all who have tried to hold back the tide. Now it’s time that we all make plans to care for our families and protect them from what’s coming. May God help us all.

    Good luck to all of you.

  • archtop

    Well, to put a “good” spin on this – nothing has changed. Republicans hold the House, Dems get the Presidency and Senate…

    “Same as it ever was…”

    Very, very disappointing…

    Wait till next year’s Obama tax hikes on the “rich”…

  • Economan

    No shortage of stupid people, voting pets and dead people.

  • Sarah

    Did we win the popular vote?

  • bg


    hey, the fix has always been in, and i have to say,
    the Republicans didn’t help their cause.. also bet
    Romney’s kicking himself for not doing things his
    way vs the Rove et al dinosaur “braintrust” way..


  • Highlander

    All we can do now is accelerate the collapse …. the quicker it comes, the more resources we’ll have left to rebuild it with. If we keep fighting to keep this country afloat while these parasites bleed us dry, there won’t be a thing left to rebuild with when it collapses …

  • George

    What do you think the stock market will do tomorrow? I almost sold a bunch today. I probably should have.

  • Ghost

    DIVORCE Now,
    sooner or later, you’ll agree

  • Patty

    We are what Kristen Powers said tonight and has said many times. WE ARE A BROWN NATION.

    Remember Kristen said this.

  • TeachX3

    I hope the very best for each and every commenter here at the GP… God bless you and yours and may He keep you in His care.

  • Sarah

    #11 archtop – yes, everything has changed because 4 more years of this we cannot suffer. and it will not only be worse because it will be 4 yrs piled on top of what have already been 4 hellish years, but because obama will not have an election hanging over his head, you know, the more flexibilty and all that sort of thing. i shudder to think of what he will unleash upon us and the rest of the world. yes, everything has changed. there simply is no good spin. this is dangerously serious.