The tolerant left strikes again…
A pro-Hamas protestor screams, “F*ck you Jew!”- as the far left-Muslim rally in San Fran descends into violence and hatred.
This occurred at the pro-Palestinian rally in San Francisco on November 16, 2012.



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  1. So, the Middle East is on the verge of widespread conflagration, from Syria to Libya, and President “Stand-Down” promptly heads to . . . Cambodia?


  2. Actually it’s pretty much business as usual for these people.

  3. 2nd Amendment Rights even more important in the coming 4 years.

  4. Feel the love of the left. They are so inclusive. They are so tolerant. Why can’t the conservative American be more like them? Oh wait, I know, because conservatives are sexist, racist, homophobes filled with hate for anything and everything non-white. Conservative people of color are obviously Uncle Toms.

    On a very side note, please read Uncle Tom’s Cabin and find that the character was a very great Christian man. He did not sell-out, but rather he lived his life for God in a perfect and humble way. A way in which we all should live. In a way not bent by the world despite its great evils and allures.

    I know what calling someone an Uncle Tom has come to mean, but by the true definition of the character I could only wish to live as an Uncle Tom.

  5. As MK Ya’akov Katz correctly stated; ““There is no Jewish future in France,” Katz, of the National Union party, said, adding that the state of Israel is the future of the Jewish people, and that Jews should not trust their fate to “Sarkozy, Obama or other world leaders.”

    and there is no future in “tolerant” San Fransisco, either.

  6. @ All Is Lost – I love the Warrant version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Too bad about Jani Lane.

  7. “A pro-Hamas protestor screams, “F*ck you Jew!””

    AS IF anyone needed more proof that anti-semitism is malignantly alive in the liberal paradise of San Francisco . . .

  8. “Shock Video” ????? The sun came up today, Jim. Did that shock you too?
    Nothing about this video is shocking. It is predictable and disgusting but not

  9. And yet, these are the same clowns that keep Feinstein and Boxer in office…Go figure…..

  10. Okay, that was a female right? There is no Palestine, idiot. The trouble with this world is it is filled with stupid people who are violent.

  11. business as ususal for the pond scum

  12. What amazes me is that many of these protestors are foreign born immigrants. . .
    If they care so much about the ‘over there” then let’s send them there.

    Many immigrants today, especially from radical places, are not coming here to assimilate and contribute but to take, reshape and destroy the America our forefathers made GREAT.

    Time to stand up and take our country back. . .Starting with more conservatives in Congress and in the Senate and then impeach OBAMA.

  13. This is Islam true color the hate and hate and want to kill and kill all who they decide is worth death .

  14. Start shooting these violent thugs. They’ll stop.

  15. #4 Per your comments on Uncle Tom:
    This is something I too have often chuckled at. Unlike most of the people who use the phrase ‘Uncle Tom’ I have actually read Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book, although long,long ago. Uncle Tom, far from being a sellout, was in fact a Christian Martyr. In fact, to call a black person an Uncle Tom is actually a compliment. Leave it to our unread ignorant masses to turn it into a pejorative.

  16. how about F U homos in san fran instead!

  17. Nazis by any other name.

  18. Ahh the sweet sound of liberal civility, just like Pelosi called for.

    I can hear her cheering on those disgusting human beings (at least I think they are human) from here!

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