The associate editor of The Guardian newspaper in London spoke at a pro-Palestinian rally this week. He told the crowd that Palestinians were victims who had every right to arm themselves and attack Israelis.
Cif Watch reported:

On Nov. 20 at ‘Comment is Free’ the Guardian’s Associate Editor, Seumas Milne, explicitly justified the murder of Israelis by Palestinian terrorists, while simultaneously arguing that, as an occupying power, Israel has no right to defend itself.

“So Gazans are an occupied people and have the right to resist, including by armed force (though not to target civilians), while Israel is an occupying power that has an obligation to withdraw – not a right to defend territories it controls or is colonising by dint of military power.

Even if Israel had genuinely ended its occupation in 2005, Gaza’s people are Palestinians, and their territory part of the 22% of historic Palestine earmarked for a Palestinian state that depends on Israeli withdrawal from the occupied West Bank and east Jerusalem. Across their land, Palestinians have the right to defend and arm themselves, whether they choose to exercise it or not.”

So, as long as terrorists who launch violent lethal assaults against Israelis, including suicide bombings and rocket attacks, can claim they weren’t specifically targeting civilians, killing Israelis is justified – a refrain which Milne repeated to an anti-Israel rally on Nov. 24 sponsored by ‘Stop The War Coalition‘.

And this far left anti-Semite is the associate editor at The Guardian.
It figures.



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  1. Like I said before, that will be a mistake.. Israel will never be defeated again!! NEVER……

  2. Maybe they should change their name from “Stop The War Coalition” to “Support War Against Israel Coalition”.

  3. How can they be victims when Israel is minding its on business & all of a sudden rockets are getting launched at them.. Victims my a$$!!

  4. Seamus Milne is an odious little man. I’ve read his op-eds from the Grauniad and he really is a totalitarian who fantasizes about totalitarianism. All at the expense of freedom and individual rights.

  5. Since Gaza is NOT occupied…what’s his problem? If that is his logic, then HAMAS does NOT have the right to attack Israel.

    Of course, this attribute logic to this slimeball and so can be safely ignored.

  6. I lived on the UK for years and call tell anyone that The Guardian is nothing but a Communist rag. I picked the paper up once and that was enough.

  7. Go ahead and arm yourselves. That’ll just greenlight the Israelis to kill your sorry @$$e$ sooner.

  8. Just another anti-Semite “English” nancy boy, hoping to be killed last by the Muslims.
    If he is killed first or last, he will be killed by the beheaders.

  9. Saying the Associate Editor of the Guardian is Far Left is as much of a revelation as saying water is wet. There is no true smaller government party/philosophy in the UK, only differing degrees of near-total state control, and so the newspapers exhibit the same tilt. What passes for conservatism in the UK would be considered liberal here across the pond.

  10. I might remind our British friends that THEY remain an occupying power themselves and by this criteria the Irish Republican Army has every right to come into Britain and bomb them to smithereens because they are “victims” and “occupied”.

  11. Madmen.
    Only barbarians support Hamas.
    Good riddance to UK

  12. One thing is for sure, the Palestinian marches and rallies bring out the terrorist sympathizers.

  13. It is just much easier to hate Jews than to confront terrorists – no Jew that you hate will ever kill you while confronting terrorists does pose risks. Meanwhile, if you do jump on the anti-Jew bandwagon you’ll actually be lauded for your courage!

  14. Adoph Hearts Guardian’s Associate Editor, Seumas Milne.

    If Britian wants to return to Greatness they should place a bounty on this Asshats head.

  15. The pali’s are victims of their own stupidity.

  16. ot

    Sixth-grader’s turns tables on bullying

    When adults can’t fix it a young girl with courage will.

    For most of Acacia Woodley’s 10 years, she has noticed people staring at her and, at times, whispering about her.

    The sixth-grader at Palm Bay Elementary School has learned to stand up for herself. Born without a right hand and a deformed left one, she has embraced what she calls her “difference.” It’s part of what makes Acacia, Acacia.

    “Some people say they feel sorry for me. I tell them not to be,” she said. “I don’t care that I’m different. I like that I’m different.”

    Moving from the Caribbean to South Carolina, then to Arizona, and finally Florida, Acacia realized there were bullies everywhere.

    After arriving in Brevard, she decided to do something about it. She proposed a place where anyone could go when they need a friend, when they could use some support or reassurance. Or even a hug.

    A “friendship bench.”

    If a student sits on the bench, it’s a signal to classmates — and nearby adults — it’s time to become a friend. Acacia borrowed the idea from something she’d seen in South Carolina.

    Acacia’s first friendship bench sits in the Palm Bay Elementary School lobby, a brightly painted, Adirondack-stye place to sit.

    So far, it’s been put to good use and has proven such a popular idea that other schools are inquiring about one, too.

  17. ++

    Y A W N


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