Police nabbed the suspect yesterday in the rape of a mentally disabled woman on a Los Angeles County bus.
It was the third rape this year on a LA bus.

FOX News reported:

For 10 agonizing minutes, an 18-year-old mentally disabled woman was raped in the back of a Los Angeles County bus at rush hour as it rolled past a state park, shopping mall and cemetery while no one on board did anything to stop it.

Surveillance video shot on the bus showed the attack and helped deputies nab a suspect, but it also showed that the driver and all but one of the few passengers aboard didn’t seem to notice what was going on.

“The victim told our detective that she was shocked and didn’t know what to do and was in fear for her safety and for her life,” said Sgt. Dan Scott of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The one passenger who appeared to try to get the driver’s attention in the video left the bus without saying anything and police were still trying to track him down.

Kerry Trotter, 20, was arrested thanks to an anonymous tip by someone who saw an image from the surveillance camera that was publicly released.

Trotter was booked for investigation of rape and was being held on $1 million bail
, authorities said. It wasn’t immediately known if he had retained an attorney…

It was the third rape so far this year on county buses that annually carry millions of people.




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  1. If Obama had a son…

  2. Sooo?

    He’s Holder’s People, nothing here

  3. Castration is the only answer.

  4. @5 Miss Peach….yup- and do it on the bus.

  5. The tolerant, educated, ‘we-are-better-than-you-are’ left just showing their love. Crime happens everywhere but it appears much of the most vile, disgusting, crime has been increasing at an alarming rate in liberal locals.

  6. If your human you have to protect yourselves and your family especially the mentally challenged from being even near these sub human feral apes. Gas them all!

  7. liberal *locales* not locals. :)

  8. too bad the cops brought him in alive. what happened to the good old days when they would have a “throw away” gun to put on the scum’s body?

  9. Our society is going down the drain! How will we ever get back morals, integrity, grace and kindness with all this going on everyday?

    Thuggery seems to have taken over everywhere!

  10. kerry trotter voted for obama.


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