Mike Huckabee pointed out tonight that the Arkansas House and Senate went Republican today for the first time since Reconstruction… thanks to Barack Obama.
Huckabee added:

“They need to have a big party and honor Barack Obama whose leftwing policies have really made a shift in states like that.”




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  1. ++

    Congratulations Arkansas!!

    Obama win or lose, that gives me hope
    for my great & grandchildren’s futures..


  2. Another really great thing Obama has done, forcing America to RUN to the right – with LOTS of firearms to cling to! Good Job Barack – WELL DONE!

  3. ++

    jmho, but i believe had more so called Republicans (albeit meant in
    general, most especially our supposed representatives in Congress)
    spent more time informing the public as much as they could vs
    constantly bashing others as well as their own, things might have
    been a tad different, but alas, what do i know..

    there is a God, we are the people, and may God
    Bless US with a Romney and Ryan victory, Amen..


  4. I’ve been trying to relocate to AR from WI for about 10 months now. I am more motivated today to get out of goonion, Liberaland.


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