Anti-Israel protesters scattered like rats today when a missile alarm went off in Jerusalem.

Fortunately for them… The Hamas rocket did not hit their rally.
The rocket landed in an olive grove near Jerusalem.




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  1. Would it be totally wrong of me to think it might be an excellent thing if Hamas miscalculated and took out the Dome of the Rock?

  2. Poetic justice would be if a Hamas rocket landed on those leftist’s heads.

  3. Nothing worse than a cowardly human shield.

  4. Ah, ha, ha. More like roaches when the lights go on.

    Granny @ #1
    I’ve wondred about that and found it wouldn’t matter. Islamists and their proxies in the media would make the Joooooz somehow responsible one way or another. Hamas know this very, very, well. I.e. CNN, publishing that picture of a dead Gaza boy, a supposed victim of an Israeli attack, was actually killed in a blast by a wayward Hamas rocket.

    Israel is going through a hot-war and media blitzkrieg. May G-d help them.

  5. And rats ALWAYS run back to their holes.

  6. Keep mind that when the World Trade Center fell, the Palestinians on the West Bank and Gaza danced in the streets in joy. We owe them nothing beyond contempt.

  7. Reminds me of a stupid American girl who stupidly went over to protest Israel and stupidly got ran over by a bulldozer.

    Hopefully we can update that to a couple dozen stupid Americans who stupidly went over to protest Israel and stupidly got killed by a Hamas rocket.

  8. Surely Hamas wouldn’t be targeting them? Hah, hah, hah.


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