Another #My2K Response: President Obama – Taxing The Rich Won’t Work

Ulysses S. Arn submitted this #My2K video in response to Barack Obama’s request.
This video covers a lot of ground. It is excellent.
President Obama, Taxing The Rich Won’t Work

The Reagan quote was a nice touch:
“We don’t have deficits because people are taxed too little. We have deficits because government spends too much.”

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  • Economan

    Obama doesn’t care, his actions show that he is determined to destroy our economy. Nothing else makes sense.

  • we need to tax the rich(the politicans). you accomplish that by tax cuts. they are the ones that screwed up the economy not private citizens.

  • CR

    Another good video response but unfortunately it’s preaching to the choir. Facts, figures, common sense and logic don’t work on leftists. They only listen to their precious ‘feelings’ and they ‘feel’ that class warfare is the way to go. It’s a cultural problem so using reason to counter it is pointless.

    Fans of this corrupt culture are just going to have to find out for themselves how destructive it is. All we can do is play hide-the-pickle with our assets and wait for the inevitable bottom. Sentiment will then sour and the culture will become unpopular, leading to a new culture which will be better, or worse. Go Galt and get out of the way, then watch as people get exactly what they’ve been asking for.

  • lizzy84
  • The voters put this guy in office. Those voters include millions of Republicans that didn’t vote for Romney.

    Screw ’em. Raise the taxes. Voters voted for more spending and more government. Its time to make Americans actually pay for what they want. Americans that want this stuff need to feel the pain.

  • Of course it will work! The purpose of taxing the “rich” is to take money away from people that have it, nothing more.

  • Unreal

    WOW! The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper, amazing to me that people keep drinking the poison. This is just the beginning of the end of America as we know it. Hope everyone is happy with their voting choice because now the glitz and glam is over, not even Jay Z will be able to make the president look good after we fall over the cliff.
    Washington can not be fixed.
    If the Head is rotten, then the body is rotten.

  • mark

    “Going over the cliff” is simply balancing the budget!! I do this on a monthly basis. It is sometimes painful. It is not the end. It is called responsibility. Balancing the budget is required by law. We can have debt but it is limited; also by law. The senate has not passed a budget in years. Is the law not enforceable?

    Our government begins to make Chavez look respectable.

  • Jawkneemusic

    I was banned from twitter replying to these fools foolishness.

  • RickZ

    ‘You’re being silly’ my @ss.

    They want higher traxes, but aren’t willing to put their money where their vote is.

    Reason # 1,756,137 why there will be blood spilled before 2016.

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  • The “cliff” is a scam. The cliff was invented. The cliff is just a set of laws that were enacted last year. If the cliff is so bad, just pass ANOTHER law repealing the first one.

    I say the GOP should agree to Obama’s tax. Send that up to the Senate..but don’t send anything else. Let the cliff “cuts” stand. Force the Senate to do some work and fix it.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I say the GOP should agree to Obama’s tax.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  • mundus civilitas

    This has been a difficult election season for Fox News. Among the most enduring media images of the last few days of the election are Karl Rove late on election night angrily denying that Ohio, and thus the presidency, had gone to President Obama, and Dick Morris only a few days before the election confidently predicting a Romney landslide. Morris later tried to explain away his mistake after the election by claiming he had done it to create enthusiasm among Republican voters. The incidents involving Rove and Morris, both of whom work as both commentators on Fox and political consultants to conservative clients, are obviously embarrassing for Fox, but also raise the question of whether the network has outlived its value, even to the Republican Party.

    Because Fox generally reports news based on partisan talking points and ideological certainty rather than focusing on pesky things like facts, information and events, it has, in the past, been effective in encouraging misperceptions about President Obama’s background, nurturing the growth and development of the Tea Party movement and covering economic policy by referring to any spending by the government as socialism. These things have helped mobilize and misinform the right wing base of the Republican Party. Similarly, during the Bush administration, Fox helped increase support for the Gulf War by repeating White House positions on weapons of mass destruction, almost without question.

    Over the last several years, this has been very helpful to the Republican Party, but during 2012, particularly in recent months, this has begun to change. Fox has now become a problem for the Republican Party because it keeps a far right base mobilized and angry making it hard for the party to move to the center, or increase its appeal as it must do to remain electorally competitive. For example, Bill O’Reilly’s explanation of why the Obama was reelected may, in fact, resonate, with the older and heavily white viewership of Fox, but it is precisely the wrong public message and messenger for the Party.

    Moreover, while Fox helps the Republican Party when it slants its news coverage to the right, it damages the Party when its news coverage becomes too shoddy. A network that cannot get election night right because one of its star pundits simply refuses to accept defeat offers very little reason for potential viewers to watch it. Similarly a network whose pundits are so off in their election predictions will ultimately marginalize itself completely, as Fox is beginning to do.

    One of the bigger challenges facing the Republican Party is that they are perceived as the, to phrase it nicely, less smart of the two major parties. The anti-science perspective, unwillingness to speak out against absurd sounding conspiracy theories, and even the attacks on Nate Silver, presumably because Silver did somewhat sophisticated math, have contributed to this and are damaging the party. It is no coincidence that the Obama campaign had a more sophisticated targeting and turnout operation and better statistical modeling. A party that refuses to take a firm stand in support of evolution or recognizing climate change is not going to draw too many people with advanced statistical training as advisors and consultants.

    Fox contributes to that environment by creating a climate where partisan rantings of people like Dick Morris are indulged while criticism by serious people like Tom Ricks is shut down and attacked. There is no inevitable link between conservatism and stupidity, but one could be forgiven for coming to that conclusion while watching Fox News. As it is currently constructed, Fox News is going to bring in almost no swing voters in the coming years. It will more likely continue to repel them through poor analysis and rants that strike the precise tone the party should be trying to avoid.

    It is in the interest of the Democrats, not the Republicans, for there to be a loud, extremist, heavily white faction in the Republican Party, constantly pushing that party rightward. One of the reasons Mitt Romney was so unable to pivot back to the center was due to the drumbeat at Fox which contributing to forcing him to the right during the primary season. Even after the primary season, when Fox became a big supporter for Romney, the rift between official editorial position and the political feelings of Fox viewers and hosts, was clear.

    Unfortunately for the Republicans, while this is bad politics, it is good business for Fox. By positioning itself as the place where angry Republicans can go for their rhetorical red meat, Fox guarantees itself a sizable viewership, so the incentive for Fox to keep doing what it is doing is substantial, as is the potential damage to the Republican Party.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    One of the reasons Mitt Romney was so unable to pivot back to the center was due to the drumbeat at Fox which contributing to forcing him to the right during the primary season.

    The idea that Romney was “to the right” is rather laughable. In relative position to his opponent, sure, but that’s where it stops.

  • bg



    ht: Black Conservative Political Action

    via: The Other McCain

    Benghazi => ‘High On A Mountaintop’

    truthful, powerful, pass it on at
    least once a day, make it viral..


  • @mundus civilitas who in the world do you turn a video about the facts in regards to taxes(as in you can’t tax the rich enough to cover for Obama, Reid, & Pelosi’s spending) into an attack on Fox News. I didn’t even use Fox as a source for any of the information I used(I did use Heritage Foundation, a few tax policy think tanks/advocacy groups, even some from Zero Hedge, on top of actual IRS and CBO numbers). Good Lord man can you at least stay on topic or point.

  • ^How

  • YourMaster

    Nah, just set the dems up again for a massive failure…
    Republicans should just craft a bill that allows the extension of the bush tax cuts (either by making them permanent in the system over for another 20 yrs) …then give the demtards tax breaks for the middle class as well… now, congress should pass that bill
    when it gets to the senate…

    the senate dems have 2 options…
    1) either pass it on to 0bama for him to sign it
    or 2) refuse to and take us over the fiscal cliff (of which case the bush tax cuts would expire… which would mean a tax hike on all… at the worst time to do a tax increase on everyone …but still the people hit hardest by the tax increase would still be the middle class and poor (and 0bamacare will hurt them even more)

    making the bush tax permanent would really send the left into fits of rage and meltdowns
    ….and could rub it in their face and say it was 0bama who passed it.

    I don’t think 0bama wants a collapse of the US economy under his 2nd term… and that is likely to happen if a bill doesn’t passed… so he’ll do the smart thing and pss the first thing that gets to his desk… and if the dems block or don’t pass anything… the blame will go to them.

  • RickZ

    #19 YourMaster commented:

    I don’t think 0bama wants a collapse of the US economy under his 2nd term…

    On what, exactly, do you base this fantasy assertion?

    Owebama’s a commie rat b-stard hell bent on fundamentally changing this country, and he has — for the worse. OwebamaCare is the largest tax increase in the history of these United States, and will come to pass in a very dodgy economy. Do you think that bothers our King Putt? Hell no, it’s part of the progressive agenda as stated by Vladimir Illyich Ulanov: “The way to crush the bourgeoisie [read: middle class] is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

    People really need to stop thinking Owebama is some nice guy, family man, blah blah blah. Owebama is one evil motherf-cker, never forget that.

  • Patty

    Republicans, stop rolling over and playing chicken. We are going off the cliff, WAIT A MINUTE, we have and the future of our children looks bleak. Talk until they are blue in the face, nothing is ever going to get done, not while Obama is around.

  • johnW

    #my51k no 2k was family #my200k share of national debt. Lets get back on the problem

  • Whatever

    @ RickZ: Try, just try before posting, to “check your facts” rather than swallowing the Rush koolaid in one glurk of a lie. Please.

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