Anonymous Threatens AIPAC – Adopts Jihadi Swords in New Logo (Video)

The Jihadi Swords-

You knew it was only a matter of time…
Anonymous adopted the jihadi swords in their latest video. The online terror group is targeting Israeli websites. Today they expanded their attacks by threatening AIPAC.

Hat Tip Ed

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  • And so Anonymous goes from being irritants to Mossad targets. Yay for them!

  • buffy

    Well at least now we know that there is an AQ splinter hacking group using the branding. Bet Assange is pissed. He worked so hard to brand the name. HEHE……can’t wait til the originals start hacking the wanna be’s.

  • Arnold


    The way the Jewish lobby has destroyed America, mugged it trillions of dollars, stole elections for the Democrats, and the way the Jewish controlled media spews hatred towards Whites and Christians (such as Larry David urinating on Jesus, shows like good Christian bitches, porn), etc. I do not have much sympathy for either group.

    See the various articles about AIPAC, such as this one, about how AIPAC and Jewish group controls both parties and basically owns and operates our govt.

    The above is run by a Jewish convert to Christianity who knows all the workings of his people inside out.

    Also see Walt’s book: The Israel lobby and American foreign policy.


    “Jews” (who are basically white people who are brainwashed into thinking they are a special race on reliance on OT mythology) and Muslims deserve each other. If they can both finish each other soon, the world and especially USA would be a much better place.

  • Joanne


    Do not be like the British or Australians and hand in your guns. Get out in the street in protest. Do not let them target individuals – stand together. Never surrender your guns. Unite and fight against this. It doesn’t matter what laws the Demonrats put in place, they are the enemy – they are traitors to the U.S. Constitution. People will need to stop going to work and taking to the streets in non-violent protest. Obama knows this is all coming, and Americans have given him four years already to prepare. When he comes for your guns, he will be ready with hollow point bullets to force you into submission.

  • Andrew X

    When I was a kid, we used to build ship models, and we would glue firecrackers at a few places in the superstructure. Then, one day after finishing, we would cover it with model glue and set it afire, just to watch (and play ‘After the Battle’ I suppose). It was pretty cool, actually.

    Reason: Destruction is, in fact, a lot of fun. And it is sure as hell easier than building, including far easier than building a typical age 12 plastic ship model, which ain’t that hard.

    But, in the mind of many, they are both “accomplishments”. One is just a lot more kinetic, visually interesting, and of course, WAY WAY easier.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the (post) modern left…. now including ‘Anonymous’, obviously. People who could not build their way out of a paper bag, even with those Age 12 instructions, I’ll wager. But people who relish the smell of burning, the frission of the melt, the violence of the explosive. “I built that swiss clock! Took me months!” “Yeah, well I then destroyed it, with pliers and fire! Took me 30 minutes” “Yay! We both “accomplished something”. And who is anyone to judge “your” accomplishment better than mine?

    ‘Anonymous’ is doing what the left does…. replaces the word “despite” with the word “because”. They do not support movements despite being anti-democratic or pro-terrorist, they do it because they are anti-democratic and pro-terrorist. They do not loathe Israel despite decades of social success, it is because…. They do not attack Christmas despite millenia of tradition and for the genuine magic that is within… it it because….

    And by the way, wasn’t the very personification of evil in the Christmas specials so many of us grew up on defined by creatures (a good word) who waged war on Christmas?

    ‘Anonymous’ has joined the movement, full bore. And we are up against naked, smirking Evil here, nothing less.

    I have lived my life believing that the Good would win in the end. I wish I still felt that way, I really do. I wish I did. And like so much else, that too is now gone, at the hands of the likes of ‘Anonymous’, their ilk, and their mindless myrmadons who haven’t a clue what the world they march toward will really look like in the end, other than the very very few, who know exactly what it will look like, and intend to rule over it.

    Santa weeps, and Stalin smiles. On to 2013.

  • Freddy

    So, anonomyous has visably exposed their ‘kill the infidel’ side.

    Is this a surprise to anyone?

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  • JDubya

    Anonymous must be purged from mankind. Any organization that adopts the cancer of the Saracen, must die a miserable death.

    BTW, we get it, Anonymous, you hate Jews.

    So did Hitler and the Nazis. So now we know where you cowards come from.

    Hope mom can forgive you for your years of stealing her lotion and Kleenex while corrupting your mind in this crap.

    Your grandparents hate you…

  • bg


    Egyptian protesters seen wearing ‘Anonymous’ masks

    [Numerous protesters seen scaling the walls of the U.S. Embassy in
    Cairo, Egypt were wearing Guy Fawkes masks, the signature symbol
    of the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

    The mask, a symbol of dissidence and the rejection of tyranny, is also
    worn by protesters associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement
    and by many protesters associated with the Arab Spring.

    Anonymous claims credit for the early support of operations during
    the Arab Spring in Tunisia by hacking government websites.]

    albeit certainly not Ripley, believe it or not..



  • Ian

    So I see Arnold the Pig and some other pathetic anti-semites have come out of the wood work…
    We become EVEN MORE pro-israel and supportive of it…
    We also monitor these pigs, and yes, find and punish them by any means neccessary…

  • Chris W.

    It’s not the same organization. Not their MO.

  • bg


    wish i had read previous posts before posting:

    #10 November 21, 2012 at 12:23 pm bg

    re: Arnold #4 November 21, 2012 at 11:27 am

    re: Joanne #5 November 21, 2012 at 11:36 am

    another (previously posted 20/21/22) believe it or not:


    whatever the truth is, it’s not good for US nor anyone else.. 🙁


  • bg
  • Patty

    Threats, you say. Find them and lock up their sorry arses.

  • formwiz

    These idiots already hacked the Mossad, so their chances of making it to the implementation date of ObamaTax are pretty dim.

    Maybe we can have one of those Palestinian sack dances in the streets when the body bags start piling up.

  • Ghost

    The Left + Islam = Unholy Alliance by David Horowitz
    Still the Best Hope = America > (Left + Islam) by Dennis Prager

    these Anon. Assange, Fawkes people remind me of Ozymandias in Watchmen,
    so angry to be confined among us, like Lucifer they must Destroy us

    #6 come live with us in Red State territory after the Divorce,
    where Liberty, Justice by Law and Morality by God will reign- and STRENGTH! will prevail.

  • TMJ

    They are just plain DUMB.
    APIAC is CONSTANTLY pushing Israel to give up land for ‘peace’.

    Stupid idiots, they should actually SUPPORT Jew-icidal AIPAC