Rep. Allen West lost his race tonight in Florida.

Business Insider reported:

Republican Rep. and tea-party favorite Allen West is projected to lose his election race to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, according to NBC.

The results, via NBC. Murphy leads by about 1,000 votes with 97 percent reporting. But no concession yet.




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  1. Its actually a different district since the redrawing


  2. Yep…all new people, with a lot more Democrats. This was revenge on the Tea Party. The powers that be can’t have a powerful Tea Party.

  3. Damn!!

  4. Whoa, I thought he was up 10 points. Something is not right in this whole election. I’m guessing the warning to their followers to not despair the early returns had a
    Chavez-like overtone to it. Hmmm.

  5. This isn’t the same country of our parents and grandparents. It saddens me to no end to see liberals destroying this country and how so many people are going along with it.

  6. They must be racist.

  7. The GOP powers-that-be are in cahoots. Explains their lack of interest on most things unConstitutional Barky has done. Time to toss the whole party overboard.

  8. By less than 1,000 votes? Ummmm, think I will call foul on this one. If I were West, I would be looking closely at those votes. It wouldn’t be the first time the Chicago machine stole an election. Just take a look at the Hillary/Obama primary in Texas in 2008.

  9. What about the miltary votes that are being screwed

  10. “……………”

  11. any word on mia love?

  12. Silly Bigkahuna, now that Dear Leader has retained control, who will do anything about it?

  13. too bad i thought he was the best tea party candidate elected in 2010.

  14. uhhhhhh, WHO did the redrawing of districts? isn’t FL legislature Republican-controlled?
    Soooooo, WHO is taking revenge on the Tea Party?

    this is a two-front war that we’ve already lost. forget it folks, it’s over. America is finished.

  15. America lost more than one patriot tonight. Looks to me like a total wipeout – and it carries the stench of sulfur.

  16. We had a Republic. We just lost it. Bye bye America.

  17. West is a great American; this is quite a loss for conservatives. I wish him well and hope Fox signs him up as a replacement for Juan Williams.

  18. Fox should fire the liberals on the network and let them find work elsewhere as well as healthcare insurance etc etc etc. Its time to let liberals get the fruits of their votes.

  19. Google reporting Mia Love lost by 2800 votes.

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