After Obama Victory – Ohio Businessman Reads Prayer to Staff Then Lays Off 156 Employees

It’s an Obama world…
After Obama won reelection an Ohio businessman read a prayer to his staff then went and laid off 156 employees.

The mine owner blamed Obama as the reason for layoffs back in August.

Elections have consequences.
The Washington Post reported:

For the chairman and chief executive of Murray Energy, an Ohio-based coal company, the reelection of President Obama was no cause for celebration. It was a time for prayer – and layoffs.

Robert E. Murray read a prayer to a group of company staff members on the day after the election, lamenting the direction of the country and asking: “Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build.”

On Wednesday, Murray also laid off 54 people at American Coal, one of his subsidiary companies, and 102 at Utah American Energy, blaming a “war on coal” by the administration of President Barack Obama.”

Murray Energy is the country’s largest privately owned coal mining company, with about 3,000 employees producing about 30 million tons of bituminous coal a year, according to its Web site.

The company was the subject of an article in the New Republic that said the company had forced miners to attend a Romney campaign speech in southeastern Ohio in August. Murray denied the account. The New Republic also reported that Murray Energy employees have given more than $1.4 million to Republican candidates for federal office since 2007.

Robert E. Murray blamed Obama’s “war on coal” for the layoffs.
Deseret News reported:

The layoffs are necessary because of the president’s “war on coal,” the statement said. The slogan is one used frequently during the election by Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, who was an ardent supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

In its statement, UtahAmerican Energy blames the Obama administration for instituting policies that will close down “204 American coal-fired power plants by 2014” and for drastically reducing the market for coal.

“There is nowhere to sell our coal, and when we can, the market prices are far lower,” the statement said. “Without markets, there can be no coal mines and no coal jobs.”

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  • Jaynie59

    This is what Ed Morrissey wrote about another coal layoff in Utah at Hot Air:
    “It’s not just the regulatory policies in play here. The sudden discovery of vast amounts of natural gas and the relative ease in accessing it has made the cleaner fuel more cost-effective. That’s good news for both consumers and environmentalists … except that the latter wants to cut off access to natural gas as well. ”
    Can always count on Ed to give the Hezbollah view. Why any conservative listens to that tool is beyond me. Ed Morrissey is the worst thing to happen to the conservative blogosphere and until people stop listening to him there is no hope for real conservatism to be heard.

  • Practical Jane

    This whole thing – Obama’s America – is so unecessary, and so sad.

  • dwd

    #20 you’re an idiot

    Obama said out of his own mouth he would bankrupt the coal industry. Why is that anyone’s fault but Obama?

    You obviously don’t run a business, but if you did, and if the government decided to tax you so much that you lost money, why would you continue?

    Businesses will be forced to pay more for insurance for employees unless:
    1) they fire employees
    2) they reduce full-time employees to part-time employees

    These are called “unintended consequences” which Democrats are unable to foresee, but which anyone with a brain and experience can predict, and they are what happen in a dynamic world. It is not a static world in which everything stays the exact same AFTER legislation is enacted as before… the world will adapt, and businesses are doing just that, to avoid a burden placed on them by government.

  • Dan C

    #21 yup…Allah Puked It, and Ed Idiocy.

  • Practical Jane

    You obviously forgot the ‘i’ in your name.

  • myohmy

    Environmentalists are attacking fracking, too so goodbye for creating local jobs these days. EPA and eco-terrorists works hand in hand.

  • Winston Wolfe

    You own it, leftists. All of it.

    And I hope you choke on it.

  • Winston Wolfe

    MEANS I am not doing a very good job, but I don’t feel the need to admit it and need a scapegoat. – sck

    Spoken by some clown who’s obviously never had to sign the front of a paycheck.

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  • JenBee

    #19 Bitter Clinger commented:

    I read somewhere this morning that Obama didn’t win one state that required voter I.D. If that’s correct, that’s huge!

    Nope, not true. Michigan has voter ID law, and obviously The Messiah won Michigan handily.

    Here’s a link to a GWP post a while back (originally from FOX) that details how much electricity companies here in the mid-west are paying for futures for megawatts. It ain’t pretty. And of course ALL THAT is coming down the pipeline, only to show up on your electric bills probably starting next spring or summer. Our electricity bills will double, there is no doubt about it. And the poor? Well here just north of Detroit, I pay extra to Consumer’s Energy AND Detroit Edison to subsidize THE POOR. Yes, they get free electric on top of free everything else. Think they care about ‘necessarily skyrocketing’ electricity costs? Of course not, they live in Obama’s Bubble where everything is free and nobody pays taxes. Must be nice. I swear, every day I read some new horror that makes me feel like a stupid chump for actually getting up and going to work.

  • JenBee
  • Marcy

    SCK – Oh I guess they have learned how to “scapegoat” from the great messiah scapegoat himself….odumbo. You should be proud that your master has taught them so well.

  • bg


    November 8, 2012

    Boehner: Obamacare is ‘Law of the Land’

    Congress is in bed with itself..

    been saying that since i saw
    what both sides did to Bush..

    there is only ONE party, the Oligarchy Party
    the elitist multimillionaire career politicians..


    whatever that entails, it’s definitely a work in progress..

    and “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

    ~ Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein
    Obama (by any other factual, fictional, or
    composite names),

    oh yeah, remember to thank a Rockefeller.. /s/


  • osmian

    Wonder what’s the demographics of those firings? Since so many have forgotten how many white car dealerships obama put out of business with that GM bailout – I can’t help but wonder exactly what is the demographic markout of his reign?

  • Monkey Wrench


    I believe he just won Florida and we require a picture ID to vote.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Coal has been on the way out for a long time and for very good reason. Climate change is real, folks, and even if it weren’t, air and water pollution are. Environmental protection, clean air and clean water used to be Republican issues and the sooner they are again, the better.

  • Patty

    Obama said he would kill the coal industry with regulations they couldn’t afford. Or bankrupt them.

    Well, we will see now where America gets cheap energy this winter in freezing temps.

    And for the folks who have lost their job, well, hope they can find another or you too will be on government dole.

  • Patty

    Coal has a negative reputation as dirty fuel leftover the industrialization age. With the advent of cheap natural gas U.S. utilities are turning to natural gas as the low coal consumption in 2012 shows. Regardless, natural gas is starting to stage a turn around. In the midst of all of the hype investors ought to take a look at the long term picture. Increasing natural gas prices will help push coal higher. Over the past 5 years US coal exports have continued to increase while the latest numbers only confirm this trend. Even though natural gas has grown in popularity coal still remains an important part America’s electricity generation. Coal will not fizzle out tomorrow and the strong export numbers show that the strongest companies in the industry will be able to thrive even in midst of America’s fracking boom.


    Why U.S. Coal Exports are Increasing

    Coal is much easier to export than natural gas. Placing a ship full of coal and sending it over to Europe is much easier than building an LNG facility, charting an LNG carrier, then using another LNG facility to return the natural gas to its gaseous state. While renewable energy is a very important long term factor in the evolution of the world’s energy portfolio it will not replace all non-renewables by 9:00AM tomorrow morning. The world has started to reconsider nuclear energy with the recent Fukushima disaster. All of these factors coupled with Europe’s desire to not give Russia any more leverage with their natural gas resources makes the recent increase in US coal exports to Europe completely understandable.

    Why to invest in Coal.

  • SoLongSong

    #36 Lady Mondegreen – if climate change were real, and if Obama was so concerned, why is he so happy to have OTHER countries drill and dig? Aren’t we One World?

    It’s a FARCE, a grasp for power, that’s ALL it is.

  • Hera

    Elections have consequences. I saw an ongoing list of companies big and small that have laid off workers since Obama was reelected. Most aren’t bothering to wait before getting in to survival mode.If any of those who have been laid off voted for Obama can’t say I’m sorry for you.