After Election 2012 – What Would Breitbart Do?


Michelle Malkin, Andrew Marcus, Dana Loesch, Jenny Beth Martin and Chris Loesch at the “Occupy the Truth” rally in Cleveland.

Director-Producer Andrew Marcus of Hating Breitbart penned an important piece today on the 2012 elections.
Andrew asks the important question, “What would Breitbart do?”
From his article at Townhall:

Despite how the media wanted to depict Andrew, he was not an angry person….passionate, opinioned and confrontational yes, but not angry. I believe that by now, Andrew would have already dusted himself off and turned to the people he loved, fought for and defended the most passionately and vigorously-citizen journalists. And he would remind each of us that we all have the power to expose the malfeasance and corruption in the MSM and Institutional left. He would not Monday morning quarterback the Romney campaign or dissect numbers and graphs. He would exhaust every hour of every day exposing the corrupt mainstream media for who and what they are. Though they might be silently (and disturbingly some not so silently) grateful that Andrew is no longer here to stand up to their destructive behavior, in the months and years to come they will be forced to face the reality that his spirit and his example continues on every single day with thousands of citizen journalists in every inch of this nation. And they will never be able to put the Genie that Andrew released back in the bottle. That’s what Andrew Breitbart would have done, and what millions of citizen journalists will continue to do as long as we have breath.

Read the whole thing here.

And when you have time read Ronald Reagan’s words after the 1964 Republican loss.

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  • ohme

    What a wonderful tribute to the Patriot Breitbart.
    From the looks of things on Facebook, we’ve dusted ourselves off and we’re ready for battle.
    Long live Breitbart and thank you for carrying on, it’s great to see you all.

  • Conservative Ken

    I was talking a about Andrew last night. The release of his video bombshells was sidelined by his passing.

    If he were alive he would have gone to the mat for principle.

  • obfuscatenot

    That’s an easy one…..Never, never, never give up!

  • n_bourbaki

    Another question is Breitbart would have thought of the Romney campaign. If you have any doubt, go watch that last CPAC speech on YouTube.

  • ★FALCON★

    Really doesn’t matter what Andrew would do. He was a libertarian and not a conservative. Facts are facts. I respected the guy as much as the next man, but he was hardly Reaganesque.

    Now what should Conservatives do? Go to trench warfare with the communists. This is it. The nation either survives or it collapses, and it could collapse much faster than anyone realizes. Should it survive it will be in an anemic state for decades, possibly. If it survives, it will not be in a growth mode and one percent growth will be the norm, with 10 plus percent unemployment, UE6 of 18 percent, and 5-6 dollar a gallon gas. Food and utilities will skyrocket. Hyperinflation and dollar devaluation are on the horizon no matter what happens in the financial debate. Along with another downgrade.

    Make the case that a rising sea lifts all ships, and a lower tax rate will be the best cure for what ails the nation.

    Allow the communists to explain to the nation that this is about revenge and how they get to decide who will get to suffer the most.

    Two fundamentally different approaches.

    Either way – the Democrats get an anchor around the neck.

  • Multitude

    What would Breitbart do? He most certainly would NOT whine, complain, lay down, roll over and pull a Boehner. He wouldn’t try to fight on the enemy’s territory, under their rules. He wouldn’t continue to be the perpetual Charlie Brown to the Democrats and their Mainstream Media Agency’s Lucy.

    He would shift the battlefield. ObamaPhoners and the Party of the Parasite are generally lazy and unwilling to crawl across broken glass to win. They certainly have their 1% that’s militantly motivated — the New Black Panthers, Media Matters, MoveOn and other ilk.

    One look at the national county returns shows a nation that despises Obama and the progressive plague. A rhizomatic movement that works at the level of locality, that functions below and at the level of the individual states, that builds upon gains in local and state governor politics, is a movement that the left cannot defeat. It can’t even effectively engage it, with a hierarchical war-machine that is solely tuned to construct a singular, totalizing narrative from a central Politburo: “We have always been at war with Eastasia! Unemployment is gone – those who do not have jobs are lazy. Work makes you free! Suspicion Breeds Confidence!”

    Progressivism is the hierarchy of hierarchies that cannot function politics becomes radically local.

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  • Nice thought, but I’m going to be angry for awhile until conservatives can get their message out better thatn through wish-wash moderate R candidates who state “O is a nice man…”

    TEA party, conservative, small government, low tax movement needs more FIGHTERS in it – why can’t their be a conservative MAINSTREAM media TV station? Can’t we pursuade Koch Bros or other benefactors in our cause to BY OUT a CNN or FOX or some other channel and get the truth out?

    I’m angry at all the leftis lies – now permeated and taught to the kids – this war will be long and now that elections are RIGGED, America cannot get on the right path again until you teach and get the truth out to kids and the public…

    This ain’t gonna happen for a long long time… and I’m gonna be angry for a long long time…

    see you in the reeduction camps

  • Patty

    He might speak of this:

    Audio Emerges of Dem Poll Watcher Getting Rid of GOP Inspectors: ‘I Say What the Law Is!’

    Listen at above site.

  • Patty

    And this would be on Breibart’s agenda:

    Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud

    There were many factors that hurt Mitt Romney and favored Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. The Democrats portrayed Romney in the worst light possible; as a wealthy, out of touch millionaire who wanted to return women to the 1800’s.

  • Patty

    SOMOS REPUBLICANS is Retiring in light of RNC’s anti-immigrant platform it recently adopted – Leaders Moving to SOMOS (We Are) INDEPENDENTS

    SOMOS REPUBLICANS is Retiring From Public Spotlight in light of the RNC’s anti-immigrant platform it recently adopted – Former Latino Republican leaders have already switched their affiliation as an independent voter, and are moving to SOMOS (We Are) INDEPENDENTS. We need to go back to the good ol’ days when bipartisanship happened, and if the independent voters need to be the method for that to take place — then so be it.


    We must work on the Hispanic voters and soon.

    Might be one priority for Breitbart. Who knows?

  • ★FALCON★

    There are currently 85 million employed persons. Roughly 43 million pay income taxes. Some, as you know, get an earned income tax credit. They pay no taxes and get a refund.

    There simply isn’t enough income – even taxed at the 75 percentile – to make up the difference from the 2.6 trillion that actually comes in and the 3.8 trillion that actually goes out.

    It could be taxed at the 100 percentile and it still wouldn’t cover the gap.

    The debt ceiling will rise again by another 2.4 trillion shortly and this will put the national debt close to 20 trillion, plus 65 trillion in unfunded future liabilities.

    Obama keeps harping that the wars are ending and that will save 1 trillion over 10 years. However, he simply wants to redirect the money he said Bush used but never paid for.

    In my opinion, the spending needs to be cut by 1.7 trillion per year with no tax increases. Ending the wars, Obama’s words – and a 700 billion reduction in spending.

  • Bubba

    He’d spin in his grave like a top. Not so much because Barry won, but because the country has changed so much in just four years.

    A lot of talking heads are full of sh*t, but in one regard, they are true–this was the last election (probably ever) that the GOP can run on the traditional platform of “cut spending, shrink government, and get it out of the way of the American spirit, which, if unteathered will deliver explosive growth and prosperity.”

    That argument is just gone. RIP. The Dems will do backflips of joy if the GOP ever tries to mount a campaign touting that ever again. Because, they can mail in the campaign and come out winners.

    America is a nation of takers, now. 108 million Americans are on some form of welfare. If the GOP thinks they’re open whatsoever to any talk of cutting spending (read “taking away what the govment is giving them) and making it possible for them to go out and being everything they can be, they are sadly delusional.

    That’s what’s changed in 4 years, and it’s a sick sad reality that the GOP of “old” (uh…4 years ago) cannot be successful in this new world Obama, Pelosi and Reid has created.

    If they try, they’ll get beat. SHOULD it be that way? That’s irrelevant, and anyone who cries and bemoans that it’s not the new reality is baisng their thinking on what they think SHOULD be.

    And one thing about all the “dig in Boehner” talk–as much as it pains me to say this, Barry is right (UHG) about one thing. The people voted for higher taxes. SIMPLE…AS…THAT. The Right blasted Obama during the campaign that he didn’t have any plan. THat his only plan consisted of raising taxes. Well, that’s true. Obama said it over and over again. It was the only thing he said, really. Romney said, no, don’t do that. It was, when you think about it, the lynchpin issue of this campaign. Barry won on a platform of raising taxes on the “rich” (whatever the f*** that means), so the GOP can shut the hell up, get out of the way, and get it over with.

    Let him raise taxes. Let him destory America. It’s the only chance we have of saving it, now.

  • ★FALCON★

    ObamaCare will fully kick in sometime in 2014. ObamaCare took 716 trillion from Medicaid to fund ObamaCare – in addition to the fact that ObamaCare is funded through taxation of six years but has a projection of 10 years with four years unfunded.

    ObamaCare is expected to cost 1 trillion per year – four years unfunded adds another 4 plus trillion to the debt.

  • Simple launch full on #WAR

    Has anyone taken notice of how much sh*t is coming out after the election that was deliberately withheld? I just saw the Woodward Meet the Press interview where he is sitting on a document from the WH about cutting TRICARE, SS & Medicare… programs they accused Romney was going to cut when the Emperor himself was planning to do it. Whats infuriating is its Bob Woodwards sitting on it!


  • Patty

    Obama Tax Healthcare act:

    Tax will be particularly hard on the poor and middle class — the very people that were supposed to benefit from the law.

    In 2014, people earning between $10,000 and $30,000 will pay almost $2.8 billion in higher health insurance premiums. People earning between $30,000 and $50,000 will pay $2.2 billion. (This does not include the proposed government subsidy.) People earning from $75,000 to $100,000 will pay less than $1.5 billion, and the numbers only go down from there.

    While insurers will be forced to collect the tax, the bottom line is that all Americans will ultimately pay the tab — the people already struggling to pay their grocery bills, car payments and mortgages during one of the worst periods of economic growth in recent memory.

    In addition to higher premiums, patients could see higher medical bills elsewhere.

    Under “Obamacare,” insurers won’t even pay a predictable percentage in taxes — they’ll pay a share of an arbitrary fee. Every year, the secretary of health and human services will set a deadline for insurance companies to report how much revenue they earned the year before. Then the secretary will tell them what to pay.

    Similar to speeding tickets, every insurer will be responsible for paying the penalty on time, even if the government takes months to figure out how much it owes.

    When “Obamacare” starts taxing health care premiums, Americans will pay the price — in dollars and cents, lower quality insurance and ease of access to the care that keeps you alive and well.

    Read more:

  • donh

    I don’t know why people are taking this so hard. IT WAS AN O J VERDICT…. A FACE SAVING OPERATION…..This is why the left is so angry in victory and have won nothing but contempt . They have taken full ownership of misery , corruption, and failure.

  • Patty

    When “Obamacare” starts taxing health care premiums, Americans will pay the price — in dollars and cents, lower quality insurance and ease of access to the care that keeps you alive and well.


    I think Breitbart would have a few choice words about this.

  • ★FALCON★

    #14 November 11, 2012 at 12:07 pm
    ★FALCON★ commented:

    ObamaCare will fully kick in sometime in 2014. ObamaCare took 716 BILLION from Medicaid to fund ObamaCare – in addition to the fact that ObamaCare is funded through taxation of six years but has a projection of 10 years with four years unfunded.

    ObamaCare is expected to cost 1 trillion per year – four years unfunded adds another 4 plus trillion to the debt.

    Edit to correct Billion, not trillion.

  • ★FALCON★

    #15 November 11, 2012 at 12:09 pm commented:

    Simple launch full on #WAR


    War is the answer, it always is.

  • ★FALCON★

    My overall view on ObamaCare is that is a 16 trillion dollar wealth redistribution scheme that has nothing to do with healthcare.

  • Patty

    #21 November 11, 2012 at 12:19 pm
    ★FALCON★ commented:

    And isn’t that what all his failed bailouts, recovery act, stimulus package and green job failures have done already.


  • n_bourbaki

    #8 Totally agree

    …was the last election (probably ever) that the GOP can run on the traditional platform of “cut spending, shrink government, and get it out of the way of the American spirit, which, if unteathered will deliver explosive growth and prosperity.”

    Was that the campaign that Romney ran? I hadn’t noticed.

  • retired military

    I am betting about the only thing he can do now.
    Turning over in his grave.

  • olm

    What would Brietbart do?
    Ha, that is easy. Confront these power hungry politicians (both sides) on their fraud and abuse.
    Too many are saying game over.
    When talking about Benghazi the overwhelming comment is that Obama will never have to face it. Election fraud………same thing.
    It doesn’t matter if they face consequences or not, the truth deserves the light of day.
    Political categories matter little, the truth deserves to be known.

  • American Conservatism


    Peacefully grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.

    As the founding fathers of the United States of America made clear in the Declaration of Independence in 1776:

    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

    “…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government…”


    Were Andrew still with us, I believe that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Forgery/Fraud evidence would have gotten a much wider airing from our side. And therefore the Kenyan would not be starting Usurpation 2.0 on 1/20/13.

    Just like the 3 million GOP voters that stayed home, the conservative media failed to “show-up” and spread the NEWS of Arpaio’s Mountain of Evidence.

    He and many others PUSHED Weinergate out there and this was about 1,000 times more important.

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  • mg4us

    First we need to give Democrats and ALL who voted for Obama a taste of their own medicine. . .we need to repeal ALL OBAMACARE waivers so that OBAMACARE applies to everyone equally at the same time. .including Government workers as well as congressmen, Senators, judges and the president himself. . NO EXCEPTIONS PERIOD!!!

    Let everyone feel the effect fully and equally at the same time. . .

    Next, let’s GIVE OBAMA More TAXES and help him spread the wealth by initiating a very high sur-tax on Hollywood movie stars, actors, singers, entertainers and sports figures. . .say 80%!

    Also tax movies, concerts and ball games and other low-value added yet hi revenue generating venues with ALL MONEY to go to Education programs for teaching math, writing and history.

  • bg
  • we need to get our own institutions. the left infiltrated the existing institutions and subverted them to their purpose. we need our own media, educational system, entertainment industry, publishing industry, our own cultural mediums. we can start by fighting to take our income back from the leftist government. everything the left does is financed with the sweat of the right’s brow. make sure your know where you spent your money. stop purchasing the products of businesses(both large and small)that support the ideas of the left, i.e. capital one bank. capital one bank used alex baldwin as its spokes person. let bg repost his wonderful quote about henry hyde. put your money where your mouth is, stop supporting the corporation that are finances the progress of the left for political influence.

  • Oliver

    Andrew was an inspiration, but here’s the reality:

    Breitbart is dead, Alinsky lives.

  • Sarah2016

    #32 says,

    “Breitbart is dead, Alinsky lives.”…so does the incorruptible, smart & courageous Sarah Palin.
    As Breitbart said in the movie about Sarah Palin “The Undefeated” it’s the eunuchs of the establishment RINO party that failed to act like men, defend Palin & true conservatism. Palin 2016 still stands & “fights like a girl.” Let’s get behind her & don’t let the Dems. the Obama/Pravda media & the GOP wimps smear our honest conservative candidates, define the narrative or seize the agenda.

  • StevefromMKE

    He would ignore Karl Rove and Bill Kristol…forever..

  • Miss Peach

    We are all Brietbart now ! Stand up, fight, never give up. Expose the darkness to sunlight. With God’s help, we will win in the end.

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  • anti-bho

    One word that describes this article…. DUH!!

    Obama Likely Won Re-Election Through Election Fraud – Rachel Alexander