Blogger Adam Sharp answered the #My2K call and produced this video today.

“Riddle me this one, Barry… Why should I trust you?”



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  1. Adam Sharp is not exactly sharp.

  2. He’s sharp enough to know a lie when he see’s one Lady ….

  3. That seemed pretty sharp to me – then again, I ain’t green.


    Doctors in Britain withdraw food and fluid from infants so they will die. This is going to be the path Obamacare is going to take Americans down. You just can’t trust doctors or nurses any longer; the oath taken means less than nothing.

  5. ++

    Joanne #4 November 28, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    yes, that and worse are coming to America..

    heh, what am i saying, it’s already here.. :-(

    [Planned Parenthood Works to Maintain U.S. Position as One of
    Four Nations in the World with the Most Radical Pro-Abortion Policies

    As Planned Parenthood prepares to celebrate its 96th birthday in October,
    Americans United for Life launches a month-long series of revelations –
    the release of “The Planned Parenthood Exhibits,” the continuing case for
    investigating the nation’s largest abortion provider. Each day in the month
    of October, AUL will release a new backgrounder that highlights grounds
    for investigating and, ultimately, de-funding Planned Parenthood, which
    receives more than one million dollars a day in taxpayer subsidies.

    but many REPUBLICAN elites and self proclaimed CONSERVATIVES
    are quite happy, Akin was aborted, as was West, in their “no TEA
    PARTY HOBBITS allowed” at any cost crusade..


  6. “Riddle me this one, Barry… Why should I trust you?” riddle me this adam..why would you. conmen are a dime a dozen and so are dopes. a lot of poverty is brought on by blind faith/trust. how many of the flock have been fleeced by there spiritual mentors. how many of the downtrodden have been fleeced by their community organizers. fleecing people is a new job description.

  7. if one has insurance, there is no increase in one’s taxes. If one is employed and does not have insurance, one is stupid. I am entirely in favor of taxing the stupid.

  8. Lady Mondegreen – Looks like your taxes are going way up – “stupid.”

  9. #10. Thanks for your concern. I have insurance, thank you very much so this particular tax is not going to make any difference to me. An you clearly know nothing about marginal tax rates. Get an education and then we’ll talk.

  10. #9 Lady Mondegreen commented:

    if one has insurance, there is no increase in one’s taxes. If one is employed and does not have insurance, one is stupid. I am entirely in favor of taxing the stupid.

    You obviously do not understand (whether deliberately or not only you can say) OwebamaCare creates a disincentive for employers to have full time employees due to the insurance mandate; part time employees will be on their own when it comes to insurance attached to employment (as the current system exists now with regards to full time employment). So now businesses will keep most of their employees below 28 work hours a week, necessitating people to now attempt to get two part time jobs just to stay even on the work hours front, not to mention the cost of the employee having to purchase insurance as a company will be exempt with fewer than 50 full time (40 hour) employees. But even with two parttime jobs, their income will drop as parttimers do not get the pay a full time employee receives, plus the new cost to the employee required to purchase his or her own insurance.

    The unemployment bomb is going off now, and the underemployment bomb will drop January 1. Glad you voted the commie rat b*stard in this past election. I would say that you should reap what you’ve sown but the rest of us are going to reap the rewards of your stupidity. And that’s a crime.

  11. #9 November 29, 2012 at 6:14 am
    Lady Mondegreen commented:

    I’ve got insurance, and I’ve watched it double in price because of what the US government has done. This is no different from a tax increase, and the price has not dropped as promised. Of course, the price couldn’t drop, if 15 million people are added to the pool for “free.”

    This is only the beginning. Companies are dropping insurance benefits due to the cost, throwing more and more people into the government-paid pool. That is the objective, of course, of some Democrats, to replace the entire insurance market with a single-payor system.

    Now, if they’d only figured out how to avoid the “moral hazard” problem, first.

  12. To: L.Mondegreen ~

    You are no lady. Arrogance is not an education. Smug distain is not a right. My money is not yours to dole out as you see fit. Even the famous Marie Antoinette eventually paid for teasing the serfs. Get in line, sister.

  13. “Riddle Me This One, Barry… Why Should I Trust You?”

    Riddle Answer: You should not trust Barry to cut governmental spending ever.

  14. Many of the comments here make good points. However, it’s important to note that dopes like Mondegreen who foolishly think that Obamacare will be good for America are failing to take one thing into account …

    Yes, if you are buying your insurance, you don’t have to pay the “tax”, and yes, there are millions of people who SHOULD be paying in to the system. Supporting a government mandate like Obamacare, that promises to hold people accountable SEEMS like a good idea. The problem is, those people aren’t currently paying for anything … taxes, health insurance, health care, food …. nothing. So why would ANY INTELLIGENT PERSON think that they are going to suddenly start paying thousands of dollars to the federal government every year for Obamacare?

    Face it … they aren’t going to be paying into the system and anyone who thinks they are is a complete idiot. But they certainly ARE going to be getting their free health care now, and more of it. So just who is going to be paying for their care? YOU Lady Mondegreen, that’s who … you and the rest of us who do pay our health care and federal income tax bills. Now, I’m not a selfish person, but we do have a Constitution, and it specifically addresses things like “taking” and it grants us all equal protection from taxation. I’m not ready to let traitors like Obama, and morons like you who blindly support him, throw our Constitution out the window in order to build some sort of Socialist panacea. Anyone who’s ever studied history knows that the panacea you dream of will never come to pass. People will continue to suffer, the powerful will get richer and more powerful, and the rest of us will watch our lives, our wealth, and our great country disintegrate.

    I’d really LIKE to think that people will wake up some day and learn from history, because I was taught at an early age that reality trumps ideology, but some people are just too damn stupid to face facts. Ron White got it right when he said “you just can’t fix stupid” …


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