Paula Broadwell was on with Imus earlier this year to promote her biography “All In” on General David Petraeus. Broadwell had this to say about CIA Director Petraeus,

“He looks at the organization, the military as an organization and is willing to take ideas from any rank, not that my ideas were that good, but, yeah, we had a lot of rapport.”

This is a great clip from The Five:




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  1. This article says that the affair began AFTER Petraeus became Director of the CIA.–politics.html

    “The affair with Broadwell started about two months after Petraeus took the CIA post, Boylan said. Petraeus became CIA director in September 2011.”

    That makes Petraeus’s judgment even more questionable.

  2. “All In” baby, balls deep, way to go General, you got some brother.

  3. Let me get this straight, this is a woman that cheated on her husband, and had an affair with a married man and she holds her chin up and shows no regret in her tone of voice?

    The one thing I respect about the Japanese is they still have shame in their culture. Too bad we lost all sense of shame in ours.

  4. For all their faults, Petraeus and Broadwell are not the main thugs in this story. The more we gobble this up, the more we fall for the Obama Admin’s bait and switch.

    The Obama Admin WANTS us to obsess over the Petraeus/Broadwell affair and miss the big scandal, which is Benghazi.

  5. Granted, the General showed bad judgement and behavior in his affair. Do I think Petraeus ignored plea’s for help for 7 hours from American Civilians and Military; NO WAY. This is Obama’s classic sex hit gambit. Use someone else’s non-related sex indiscretion to save Obama’s own ass. They’re going to lay it off on Petraeus to clear Obama, Clinton and every other low life scumbag politician. Petraeus is being used as a Patsy.

  6. #3, Shame requires a conscience and the moral foundation to respond appropriately to one’s conscience. Conscience has been seared in people like this. Our society celebrates immoral and criminal and godless behavior, it doesn’t condemn it or shame those who participate in it. Look at the celebration for every unwed Hollywood Whore with a baby out of wedlock.

  7. #6,

    Very well said.

    Interesting how the Alinsky Media is all over the Petraeus sex story, but is ignoring this sex story.

  8. ++

    uh, oh yeah, yawn..

    release the tapes!! :mad:

    bit more & here..


  9. ++

    re: #9 November 12, 2012 at 5:07 pm bg

    bit more here & here..


  10. ++

    Mad Hatter #8 November 12, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    they’re ignoring way more than this or that.. :-(


  11. ++

    damn re: #11 November 12, 2012 at 5:16 pm bg



  12. ++


    that’s the only affair i’m interested in..


  13. Yes they had good repport…She took it ALL IN.

  14. I’m disappointed in Eric Cantor — he knew about this weeks ago.

  15. “…we had a lot of rapport…”

    Oh, so, thats what they call extra-marital schtupping, now-a-days?

  16. Rap pore. must be ebonics for sex under the desk.


    Exclusive: Paula Broadwell’s Emails Revealed

    Broadwell’s notes to Jill Kelley were full of ‘cat-fight stuff,’ a source tells Michael Daly—but there were no overt threats, and Petraeus was barely mentioned. So why did the FBI jump in?

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