11-6-2012: The Day America Changed

November 6, 2012 is the day America changed.
8 to 9 percent unemployment is the new normal. It’s good enough. 46 million people on food stamps is OK. It shows we care. Debt spending is good. It will get paid off some day and if not, our kids can worry about it. Trillion dollar deficits make sense.

Socialized medicine is good. It will cost more, but did you honestly believe it wouldn’t? It doesn’t matter what you were told. Catholics should pay for abortions. Sandra Fluke is a prophet. Abortions and birth control should be free. We should fund abortions overseas, too.

The First Lady should be allowed to blow millions on lavish vacations. The White House parties should cost millions, too. The president should play as much golf and basketball as he pleases. They deserve it. They work hard.  They’re Democrats.

Greedy Americans should pay more taxes and millions of Americans who pay no taxes should receive more free money. It’s only fair. Businesses can afford to pay more taxes too. That’s what they teach you in school, right? We all know the Bush tax cuts that brought the deficit from $450 billion to $175 billion in four years and created millions of jobs didn’t work. Obama said so. And did you know Obama created 5 million jobs? Who cares how he came up with that number. In September he even created 600,000 part-time jobs somewhere. And, don’t you dare question his math.

Benghazi was a protest, or a terrorist attack. Obama said so from the beginning. Who cares anyway. Things like that happen all the time. And the media never covered anything up to help the president either. Right, 60 Minutes?

Al-Qaeda is dead or on the run.

We pushed the restart button with Russia. Putin is a democrat. He can be trusted. What do you mean there are Russian subs in the Gulf and off the east coast?

It’s not racist that 97% of blacks vote Democrat. It’s racist if you are white and vote Republican.

The media is your friend. The mainstream media is not biased. They would never hide anything from you.

Katrina was a national embarrassment.  It was Bush’s fault.  Sandy was not so bad.  And Obama did a great job focusing on it from between campaign stops.  The people are not suffering so much or we would have heard about it in the news.

America was once the land of the free. Now we want to be told what to do. More government is good. We want stuff.
On Tuesday America changed.

But the fight is not over.

God help us in the days ahead.

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  • The Elector of Saxony

    This day was a long time coming, and the long march that began in the 1930’s is finally finished. To be fair, the Men of the South tried to save the USA from Communism. They warned that your kids minds were being polluted by race music and hippie ideals. They warned you about Martin Luther Con-Job, but you wanted to sing KumBaya and not fight for your Culture for fear of being called “the R-word”. The Civil Rights Act put the nail in the coffin. The anti-White immigration bills of the 1960’s hammered it home. The nation is becoming browner and blacker and there is simply no way to overcome that trend. In a few years, Texas will be lost forever as a Red State due to unfettered Hispanic immigration, and if Obama has his way it will be next year. There may never be another Republican President after that happens. Now, we’ll get 20 million new American Citizens with shiny voting cards, most of whom are illiterate in every language, but no matter. A few years of public schooling and generous EBT cards, Sec. 8 free housing, and free health care on the taxpayer and they’ll all turn into little Issac Newtons, little Thomas Paine’s. Because there’s no difference in people, we’re all just the same. Perhaps they’ll vote for fiscal responsibility, hard work, delayed gratification, and lower taxes on businesses, just like all the black voters do. What? They just vote for more free stuff? Why, I never!

    It’s the electorate, stupid. Unemployment, our allies, National Security, none of these things matter one whit to the Obama voter. It’s a “gibs me dat” society we’re living in and there’s no going back. Once a people have lost their moral fiber, it rarely returns. Ask the late Julio-Claudian Emperors. Look at Europe. Moribund societies continue to decline and decay. We’ll be like Europe for a the next 50 years or so, then more like Mexico or Brazil for 50, and then the electrical grid is going to stop working because no one will remember how to fix it. Then, we’ll be Zimbabwe. Enjoy your diverse, multicultural future, America. Liberty is dead, Western Civilization is dead. The last, best hope of Mankind is dead.

  • Ella

    Any librul who wants something out of me, be it money, food, a ride or otherwise can go pound sand. Call the effing gubmint to take care of your ass. i will only help conservatives.

  • Redlite

    USA no more USSA!

    We as a country are f#####!

  • Time

    I am convinced, without hesitation believe that this election was long decided. That we as a nation are no longer controlled by us, the people. Our votes last night mean nothing. Our voices mean nothing. The votes were rigged. The system was rigged, machines and everything flowing from Washington was rigged, to set up a win for Obama. Even with the senate , seats that were kept, lost and not taken it is remarkable. They made sure that the Dems kept the senate. This was their intent. To block everything. The numbers they kept so close to make it appear that this race true, but, every where you went in this nation people were not dancing in the streets for the One, their numbers were not there. Look at his not so rock concerts, they were more then half empty. Yes something was very, very wrong last night when those numbers started coming in. The machines, software were per- determined and that you can count on. Say goodbye America and hello to Amika..

  • donh

    This whole election was about killing the Tea Party.

    Wendell Wilkie who lost to FDR

    ” I would rather lose in a cause that I know some day
    will triumph than to triumph in a cause that I know some day will fail.”

    The history of republican progressive elites intentionally losing goes waaay back.

    In this case for Romney…” I would rather lose in a cause to make the first black President an historical triumph than triumph and cause affirmative action communism to become an historical failure. ”

    Romney has ALWAYS been in tight with the very people who gave us Barak Obama. His re-election was won in the primary. The election was a sham to weaken the conservative movement.

  • Objective Analysis

    Guys we should have known that they were going to re-elect Obama (by fraud if need be). Soros told us that he like Romney because Romney is a liberal version of Obama. The Progressives in both parties (Democrats and Republicans) took our country away from us. They perfected the ultimate Coup on us.

    Now we are all Wards of the State and if we don’t abide by the New World Order, we will be exterminated. God help us.

  • 10gallonhat

    It’s a sad day for America. The looters won this round.

  • squeaky

    “Hard pill to swallow i know………my guess is all those idiots who voted for more doom and gloom will be begging for someone to help save them in another year or two, cause HELL is coming that’s for sure.”depending on who’s trolling for a donation i’ve started telling people i pay taxes
    end of story.

  • Jozan

    I’m firing 30 people today and locking my doors. Merry Christmas!

  • Bill Mitchell

    Total voters down over 10% from 2008. Has that ever happened before?

    Did evangelicals not vote?
    Did independents not vote?

    Romney was winning independents in every single poll by large double digits then lost?

  • Sam Stone

    I said early on in this race that at my age and place in life, if Obama wins I will work to become one of the 47%. Working since I was 14 years old and now have most of my health still and its time to enjoy my life. working to pay others bills has gotten passe and now I have a few years to plan and become one of the riders in the American Wagon, I have pulled long enough. Time to ride.
    ObamaPhone, free stuff is sounding better and better.

    I used to believe nothing was worth having unless I earned it. I earned enough.

  • Sasja

    We already closed our doors but we did help our employees find other work. We are in a red state so we are better off than those who like being blue and broke.

  • Bill Mitchell

    6 months from now America will say, WTF did we do?

  • Granny

    #33 – Sometimes people just have to learn the hard way. This will without a doubt be one of those times. Maybe our grandchildren will be able to get it back.

  • Bill Mitchell

    We were up 3 points in CO after EV, how the hell did we lose?


    We as a nation could survive this president, but we can never survive our people.

    The battle is no longer at the political level. We must retake the logistical outputs of the socialist ideology. Academia, media, and journalism must be overrun with Constitutional conservatives and taken over. The back of propaganda and the creators of ignorance must take place before change can ensue.

    The GOP is dead to me.
    The DNC has long been dead to me.

    It is the citizen that must now overcome this tyranny. I fear it is too late, and I have very little strength left to fight.

  • squeaky

    “I’m firing 30 people today and lockin…” and never having created a job themselves and not knowing the cost, labor, time intensity etc of making that business viable will be lost on them as they search for more neferious reasons [expecting you to man up and work for nothing so that they can keep their jobs, benefits, etc.] for you to close. sacred cows all of them.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I simply will never believe Republicans did not show up and vote for Romney or against Obama. It flies in the face of every bit of evidence on the ground.

    Something very corrupt happened here.

    23 million missing voters.

  • Hoser

    Psst, the gist of the article is spot on, the second to the last sentence is incorrect.It’s over and I’m not talking about a presidential election.As the article clearly pointed out, the people changed.
    From here on out is is Mister Toads Wild Ride to the garbage dump.
    Americans were bred out of their culture, that is obvious now.All that will be left is a heap of ashes from which no pheonix can rise.


    The back of propaganda and the creators of ignorance must take place before change can ensue.

    I meant that the back of propaganda and the creators of ignorance must BE BROKEN before change can ensue.