Jithu Mohan at Ernakulam General Hospital (file photo)

Youth football star Jithu Mohan was set ablaze for falling in love with a Muslim girl.
Mohan succombed to death on October 3rd.
India Wires reported, via ROP:

A Malayali youth Jithu Mohan, who was doused with petrol and set ablaze for being in love with a girl of the Muslim community succumbed to death today. The boy was invited to the girl’s relative’s house on the pretext of peaceful discussions. But he was allegedly bathed in petrol by an Inspector named Wahab, Police Officer of AR Camp and set ablaze. Jithu succumbed to death at Amrita Hospital, Ernakulam. He is the third victim of Jihadi terrorism in Kerala in short span of time, his death following that of Vishal, Chengannur and Sachin, Kannur.

The Vice Captain of Kerala Junior football with bright future, Jithu was in love with Shabana, a Muslim girl hailing from Chunakkara. On getting a whiff of the relationship, the girl’s relatives opposed it and smuggled her to another relative’s house. Following this Jithu filed a habeas corpus in the Kerala High Court, following which the girl was produced before the court. She was, however, allowed to leave the place with her relatives. The attack on Jithu took place soon after the court hearing.



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  1. Don’tcha just love the Religion of Peace?

  2. Yoo Hoo-Erin Burnett–think this is an act of savages?

  3. This nightmare is residing on our shores.

  4. The proper remedy: Burning at the stake for his murders and anyone who protects them. Including any and all imams and mullahs who incite such evil.

  5. Somebody needs to ask Mona Eltahawy if this was a “savage” act.

  6. But don’t you dare call Muslim jihadists and those Muslims doing their darndest to enforce Sharia law SAVAGES. Don’t. You. Dare.

  7. Coming to an Amerikan city near you…depending upon the outcome of this election. Vote as if your life and the lives of those you love depended upon your vote, because they do.

  8. Allow the animals to run loose and get away with it…Guess what…they continue to get more savage.

    Find any and all involved in his death… and return the favor….in the public square.

  9. Our media has brainwashed too many Americans into believing that Islam is a religion, when it’s actually a social-political ideology that seeks total control of those who submit to it.

    Obama has increased immigration from Islamic Fascist hellhole countries to purposely change America’s demographics.

  10. Had a thought…. They claim Polar bears are starving…..

    Simply drop off these ragheads in the arctic and see who survives. With those white rags on everywhere they will blend into the snow quite nicely.

  11. Aah, that’s just “Islamic family values” — right, Dinesh?

  12. And this is the culture of the so called “best and brightest” that we are importing as guest workers to replace Americans in STEM fields

  13. Anybody who adheres to this is a savage.


    Anybody who adheres to this, has to agree.


  14. Sickening. There is a backlash brewing in the US. If one of these pigs touches a child or relative of someone like me it is going to set off a massive confrontation that the leftists and politicians won’t be able to subdue.

  15. There is no future for those who insult Islam, and the Prophet. Isn’t that right Mr. President.

  16. “Peaceful discussions” in Islam are those you walk (or crawl) out of alive, even if you happen to get burnt alive in the process.

  17. (((((:~{>

    | So keep away from our wimmins!
    | BTW, what is your daughter doing Friday afternoon?
    | What time does middle school let out?
    | We could go to Chuck-e-Cheeze.

  18. And people still think Moochel is not a muslim !!

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