Unreal… Obama Administration Didn’t Reach Benghazi For 17 Days Because They Were WAITING ON Visa’s (Video)

The Obama State Department testified this week that the rational that they were not on the ground for 17 days in Benghazi was because they could not get Visa’s.
Former CIA officer Gary Bernsten was on with Judge Jeanine Saturday:

Gary Bernsten:

“It’s about leadership. In this particular case I saw the Department of State and I heard testimony that said that the rational that we were not on the ground in Benghazi after 17 days is because they couldn’t get Visa’s. Which is insanity. They should have gotten people on planes, both the agency and the FBI, and similarly they should have had military people there, moving there to aid an embassy that was under attack that was sovereign US territory in an area that weakly controlled by the government. And even if it’s a diplomatic problem, you move to save your people first.”

It’s true… Press TV reported on this back on October 6th.

According to the report, security concerns had kept the American intelligence agents and investigators from traveling the 400 miles from the American embassy in Tripoli to gather evidence at the US consulate in Benghazi. Administration officials on Thursday attributed the delay to the Libyan government, which they said was slow in granting approval for the US operation.

Terrorists attacked our consulate and murdered our ambassador on 9-11 and the Obama administration waited 17 days to investigate the crime scene because they were waiting on visas.

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  • Obama, the Weakling-In-Cheif!

  • Buffalobob

    And yet thousands of illegals cross our southern boarder every day without visas. Big Sis should e mail obama, Hilary and Jarrett with tips on boarder crossings.

  • …probably didn’t even have an “Obama-phone” to call for assistance.

  • Oliver

    I saw this guy on Fox, he was great. I love his description of how it could have /should have been done within 24 hours. Great insight tonight too on comparisons to USS Cole fiasco while Clinton was campaigning, and some notable anger at throwing the intelligence community under the bus.

    I think the lid is going to blow on this in the next couple of days — be sure to activate your “spin shields” ’cause you know it’s coming.

    After Catherine Herridge’s report on JJ, I wrote to her to ask her to try and figure out who planted the link to the youtube video on Arab social media. There were only a handful of viewings before Sept 11th, so you know the video link had to be planted by someone — probably at the WH.

  • Francesca

    So, our Ambassador is murdered along with three other Americans, and we are waiting on VISAS? Why didn’t our people just go in – to heck with visas? We are being ‘led’ by a bunch of WIMPS! They are making me crazy.

  • Even Jummah Carter tried a military rescue mission when the Iranian savages took our embassy in Tehran in ’79…of course it failed because he had hollowed out the military so much, but that is another story of Liberal Democrat failures.

  • Freddy

    Any further questions regarding the competancy of the Obama administration are superflorous.

  • Blackbird

    Let me see if I get this right. Our embassy is attacked, our diplomat and staff are slaughtered, and the President of the United States can’t arrange for our people to get visas to a country we are supposed friendly with for 17 days to even go in to see the wreckage and blood. Remind me why we need an embassy in this country again. We obviously have a country that doesn’t really want us there, coupled with a President that has neither the desire nor the skill to protect his men or avenge them. This is failure on top of failure with lives lost for no gain whatsoever.

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  • Rose

    Nothing less than trails for TREASON and FOREIGN INSURGENCY! Both Hillary and Obama and for every person that actively propped up their garbage including some Mainstream Media Heads.

    NOTHING LESS. Watergate was over NOTHING – LESS than OBAMA’s Black Panther Voter Intimidation! Give this what it deserves. “Heads will roll” has become a joke phrase in American Jurisprudence. Treason is a crime punishable ONLY by HANGING in the courtyard. As is this level of Foreign Insurgency. He’s got Muslim Brotherhood in the White House all the time. GET REAL AND FIX IT!

  • Rose


  • Texas_Treeroach

    Obama plays mother-may-I with the Arabs, while the blood of our people dries on the streets of Benghazi — DEPLORABLE!

  • if this is true how could they be stupid enough to say it.

    the obama administration supposedly sent CIA teams into lybia during the revolt do you think they had visas?

  • MrGoodWench

    So muzies still don’t like us ?
    I wonder why ?
    I’m sure Husseen and Killary never have problems giving American visas to G-hadies from all over the world !

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  • 8 My Foot

    “Visa’s” is possessive. Should be “Visas”.

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  • Johnb

    ‘Waiting on visa’s’ ?

    Don’t you mean ‘waiting on visas’ ie, more than one visa?

    The apostrophe doesn’t make any sense.

  • They would have had them in no time if they had just stopped by the nearest Mexican embassy.

  • do you get the feeling they didn’t really want anyone to find out what happened.

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  • Robert

    Obama could have sent a picture of himself bowing,
    that might have helped speed up the process a bit.

  • 11B3V

    They’re going to need a lift kit on that bus. It’s getting crowded under there.

  • George Semper fi

    Why did they even have to go there to know what happened? :

    1. Anyone who has gone to a Walmart, Costco, Or Sam’s in the past ten years should be aware of “REAL TIME” surveillance/recording capabilities for security of their own home, property, or children. I find it absurd for our current leaders to be not aware that our US Embassies and Consulates would have this same “REAL TIME” streaming coverage. Was blaming an old, in-nocuous video another George Zimmerman type fix?
    2. It is also obvious to me that there is a daily intelligence report generated each morning for both the President and the Vice President, because in the 1980’s I was an MIS Consultant who wrote the code for the VP daily report while working at the old Executive Office Building..
    3. Assuming the POTUS and VP are conscientious enough when on meds and un-choomed to read these daily Intel briefings they may have had some inkling there was a possibility some Muslims might misbehave somewhat improperly, especially on 9/11, like by possibly murdering and raping our ambassador. One also might reasonably assume it should occur that someone with an IQ above room temperature would have perceived that something negative could occur.
    4. If the “Watergate” coverup, or a stained dress were impeachable offences, why are we not in the process of impeachment now?

    I have another question for the entire Obama Administration. How stupid do you think we, of all races, in the silent majority are?

    George Semper fi Dan YPSOB

  • arnonerik

    This Administration has put us in grave danger because of the weakness and indecision on display for the World to see. They have emboldened our enemies to further test their incompetance with more murder and mayhem. Obama and company are putting Americans at greater risk both at home and abroad.
    What good is it even if they do answer that 3:00 AM phone call but still don’t know what to do or how to lead.

  • Bustr

    If this culture of bureaucratic paralysis is how our masters in Washington operate with their own people, just think how well it will do for you and your family when Obamacare kicks in.

  • robins111

    If my aunt had nuts, she’d be my uncle. This is getting to be so absurd, its not even laughable any more.

  • squeaky

    “This Administration has put us in grave danger because of the weakness and indecision on display for the World to see. They have emboldened our…” and this along with the 53% of the population that voted for the schmuck.

  • Ella

    Something smells very rotten in Libya. WHY was the ambassador in Benghazi, a well known vipers nest, on 9/11? one explanation I heard was to open a Cultural center? Really? Without security?

    The whole thing has something to do with the fact that Hussein propped up the “rebels” when Qadaffi died. That was such a weird thing too as Hussein pretty much acted on his own without getting Congressional approval first.

    For some reason Hussein does not want the FBI there on the ground conducting a serious investigation. That visa baloney is an incredibly weak excuse.

    Watch out on Monday re the economy. Hussein is going to try to use that to distract us.

  • Granny

    So, I have two questions

    1. What was in the consulate in Benghazi that “mr president” wanted to give away? I hear that our intelligence operations in the Mideast are utterly compromised because of what was lost?

    2. Who was it that needed the 17 days to get in and search the consulate? Because one phone call should have taken care of any entry issues.

  • squeaky

    “What was in the consulate in Benghazi that “mr president”..” maybe a game changing “bigger” october surprise. to be a fly on the wall.

  • BigAlSouth

    Little known fact: In WWII, the D-Day invasion was supposed to be May 5, 1944, but Ike had to wait a month for the French to issue “visa’s” to the troops . . .

  • Ella

    Is there a way to figure out what Huma Abedin’s role is in this? She stands smack between Hillary and Obama. check this link:


    i bet her loyalty lies with obama and not with Hillary. And forget the lesbian rumors.

  • Granny

    #33 – Huma Abedin is not new on the scene. Back during ’08 there was quite a lot written about the fact that she had total control over access to Hillary. She was the “gate keeper” but to an extent that it was more like the “jailer.”

  • Hades Theatre

    This coming debate will be like Madoff vs. King Solomon.

  • lizzy84

    If you don’t want the complete and utter failure of your pResident and secretary of state to protect our people in Benghazi to be exposed, you don’t want the scene of the terror attack to be secured. So you drag your feet getting the FBI on the ground to investigate the scene in the first place…This is how you cover up, this is how you do it.

  • Male Silverback

    I live in WA State, I was one of the first to have a Romney/Ryan sticker on my truck. Now I see more and more of them every day. I get thumbs up from people as they drive by (I’m sure they are thumbs up and not the finger). There is an “Impeach Obama” stand down at the corner near the Safeway in Redmond, WA. They are there collecting signatures on a petition to impeach Barry O over his handling of the Libya debacle.

    If I see all of this movement against the socialist in chief in this liberal state there must be something afoot.

  • regularguy

    The FBI investigative team was delayed by the State Department, not Libya, so the investigation was delayed until after the elections. The Obama administration is so corrupt and inept, and it’s very possible to be both simultaneously, that the only “smart” thing they could do is try to sweep this criminally disastrous debacle under the rug.

  • Stella Baskomb

    So . . . when the call alerting Washington about the terrorist attack in Benghazi came in at 3 a.m. – – what was the response?

    Obama: “Why did you wake ME up? You KNOW I have a fund raiser in the morning!!”

    Biden: “Don’t you say a F’N word! It’s important I can say I wasn’t told!!”

    H. Clinton: “Remind everyone to apply for a visa!”

  • lizzy84

    Dr. K asks:

    So why did they deceive? It’s obvious. Because the attack took place five days after the Democrats had spent a week in Charlotte touting, spiking the football on Osama.

    And essentially, since it’s the only foreign policy achievement of the four years they repeated it over and over again, the great triumph over al-Qaeda. Well, within a week, al-Qaeda sacks a U.S. embassy, kills an ambassador and the administration did not want to admit it so it spent a week deceiving Americans to think it’s about demonstration, its about a film, thinking, I think correctly that if it strung it out long enough the media would let it slide and now that it becomes it’s obvious and true, nobody will care, I guarantee you. This is not a headline in the mainstream media.


  • All of a sudden this corrupt admin is obeying laws?????

  • BarbaraS


    The House would impeach him in a minute but the dem senate would not remove him from office so it would be fruitless to even start proceedings. The dem senate is complicit in treason. No other way to look at the situation. Remember how the dims gathered around clinton in a show of support after his impeachment? And the media wasn’t half-way into the tank with clinton but they bleated constantly that it was all about sex. Republicans didn’t fare well after that and they don’t want to rock the boat now. Of course, there is the factor that they are wimps.

    Waiting for visas is the most feeble excuse I have ever heard. I wonder what genius came up with that canard. The obama administration hoped the trail was completely cold by the time the FBI got there. Evidently anyone could go onto the crime scene and take whatever was there with complete freedom. So hopefully, there would be nothing left to incrimminate the obama administration. This is worse than treason.

  • BarbaraS

    Who ordered Stevens to Benghazi? It is said to meet the Turkish ambassador but why could they not meet in Tripoli? This doesn’t make sense.

  • Mildred Smith


  • Obama Brotherhood

    You remember how Obama didn’t meet with a single foreign leader when everybody was at the UN a month ago? Several international analysts indicated that Barack is so awkward and disliked as a weak, inexperienced fool who has antisocial qualities that turn off pretty much any real leader?

    Yea, America. This is what real leadership is for. Even Bush would have been able to pick up the phone and a tell the Libyan leader to fix the damn visa problem for us. After all, this happened in his country. He’d rather be the one authorizing our access instead of finding Navy ships on his coast with landing craft.

    But nobody on the world’s national leadership likes Barack. If they know he’s an abject loser, what’s wrong with you Democrats and deluded fools in the desperate girlfriend media?

  • Kissmygrits

    The Libyan govt was waiting for the check to clear before issuing visas. The empty chair should know that you can’t get anywhere without crossing someone’s hand with a few dollas.

  • “that there is a daily intelligence report generated each morning for both the President and the Vice President, ”

    True but Biden can’t read and Owe was busy preparing for campaign in Vegas.

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  • sonya321

    How dare they not getting visas before Osama’s raid?

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, it was that fat old white lady’s fault. You know – Bubba’s old lady!

    The only reason I let them in the whitie house was because Bubba promised me that Chris Tingles and the rest of the MSM were on his payroll. I said sure, Bubba and his homie wife can enjoy his third term with me. I am hip with that!

    Boy that was a mistake! The old fat white ding-bat can’t even get some Visa’s for my FBI guys… It’s almost like she is covering up… for me. What an incompetent idiot. I say she goes under the bus! I think Bubba will agree!

    Speaking of Visas, send me $1,666.99 by midnight and put in on your Visa Card. My polling numbers are dropping and 95% of cemetery absentee ballots for democrat strong hold Cuyahog County Ohio are in. And, they voted for me! But, that’s only 13%. So, I need 47% more cemetery votes!

    Send me more money now! Absentee ballots cost money to print and deliver. Vote early and often… even for you dog and her puppies! Good day.

  • Nick Shaw

    It’s odd that we can land 3 helicopters in hostile territory in Islamabad but, we have to wait for 17 days to get visas from a country we supposedly liberated so we can figure our why our ambassador was murdered.
    And we’re supposed to believe this?
    Following on to what Oliver (*4) said, who told the embassy in Cairo, in enough time to get everyone out, that a video was going to cause a demonstration? Enough time in fact, that they managed to compose an apology before the demonstration?
    I believe we are ignoring something much more sinister than the murders in Benghazi.

  • Obama Brotherhood

    If you want to know why the awhile House is circling the wagons, defending Susan Rice but throwing Hillary, State, and the intelligence agencies to the wolves, ask Valarie Jarrett. If you can’t understand why the White House initially condemned our embassy’s statement in Egypt blaming the video (which Romney then also condemned), but then did a 180 and blamed the video, which has puzzled the New York Times today, ask Valarie Jarrett. If you want to understand why we signed the anew UN treaty on human rights and have set a course to diminish U.S. sovereignty and hegemony to UN authority, ask Valarie Jarrett to share her vision with you.

    Remember, Obama was asked to make a decision to get bin Laden for half a year but refused because Valarie Jarrett wouldn’t let him. When he finally told the military to go, against her instructions, she was understood to be extremely angry. The attack in Libya was in response to bin Laden’s death and more recent drone executions – chickens Valarie warned would come home to roost. “You didn’t listen to me and now look what you have wrought,” Valarie is most certainly scolding the hen pecked President.

    Why is Valarie so quiet now and staying out of media spotlights? It sure seems like she is very busy.

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  • Johnb

    Come on Jim take out the apostrophe in the title. Make it visas plural. Best wishes, john

  • squeaky

    [Don’t get me wrong, Clinton promised me that he would. I was sitting right in front of him as he made that worthless promise at the memorial for the murdered sailors. But then again he had made the same promises after all the other attacks on his watch. And did nothing.] sounds a little like Sean Smith’s mother.

  • mivenho

    8 My Foot is correct. The term is “visas”, not “visa’s”. Grade school stuff.

  • C-17s from Dover to Pope AFB. Two hours. Load with HALO qualified Green Beanines/Delta troops. Less than an hour. Flight time to Benghazi with at least 2 mid air refuels from Andrews AFB and Lajes, Spain or Italy. I’ll go conservative and say 9 to 12 hours.

    GPS locations on embassy and safe house. Green Beanies and Delta night drops in and establishes a perimeter. Safes and extracts personnel while Marine FAST teams and its MEU with helicopter support widens and secures both perimeters.

    Just off the top of my head. And I’ve been retired Air Force for three years.

  • Mitchina

    Helicopters? Have we no helicopters? I honestly do not know the ins and outs of such things, but really? We need visas to leave the property and soil belonging to the U.S. to travel to yet another property and soil belonging to the U.S.? Just another lame azz excuse in avoiding responsibility.

  • Patty

    This irresponsible disarray and total negligence would never be acceptable BY ANY ADMINISTRATION.

    Their antics to sweep this under the rug and try to come out with spin, excuses for their complete disregard for Americans on 9/11 is not acceptable.

    Terrorists attacked our consulate and murdered our ambassador on 9-11 and the Obama administration waited 17 days to investigate the crime scene because they were waiting on visas.


    (17)? but this is exactly how Obama has run his presidency, inexperienced, disregard for Americans on America territory and a complete lack of command. I cannot imagine Former President Bush ever even allowing this attack to have occurred in the first place.

  • Patty

    Former USS Cole Commander on Benghazi: Obama only cares about power and getting reelected

    Lt. General Tom McInerney told Judge Jeanine tonight that the only reason the Obama administration ordered the FBI to investigate the Benghazi attack is to stall it through the election. He says this was an act of war against the United States and if this had been assigned to the military we would have known 2 days later what happened. He adds that we know who they are and where they are and that we should have already attacked those people.

    Former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold said that the parallels between this case and the attack on the USS Cole are absolutely striking in that the Cole attack was one month before an election and that Clinton delayed just as the Obama administration is delaying all for political purposes. He further states emphatically:

    The Obama administration in this thing, just like the Clinton administration, does not care about what the American people think about this incident. They care about power and getting reelected.


  • RobertinSATX

    Oh, and they forgot to mention that the garbage man of each person being sent over on the team had to be interviewed first, as a prerequisite for obtaining their visas per Obama’s latest back door executive order.

  • RS

    Why would the administration be in a hurry? There’s NOTHING there will help his re-election.

    And that’s THE ONLY PRIORITY for Obama and his enablers.

  • Linda

    Not like we needed more proof it was all a setup!

    What FBI Agents responsible for investigating at other countries not going to have VISAS!

  • When Ronald Reagan got his eye blackened by the Marine Barracks bombing he didn’t hesitate to do what he needed to do to get his people out. I know, one of my friends in law enforcement, and old timer who spent a career as a Navy SEAL in counter terrorism all through the seventies and eighties (he was on the first SEAL teams in Vietnam) told me he was part of the crew that was used as rear guard during that time of withdrawal.

    He went on to refer to a period of time during Reagan’s era where he and his team and teams like his team were going around the globe, as he put it- “putting out fires before they got too big”. Translated as the best I could tell was he was part of our first real counter terrorism effort. However, back then there were no clinically clean drone strikes. You wanted someone dead you sent in people who knew how to make someone dead.

    He reminded me a lot of John Clark’s character from the Clancy books. Short, stocky, smart in a deadly efficient way, with an ability to simply get jobs done, if you don’t want to look to close on HOW it got done.

    Obama is a feckless fool. His policies made the State react in such a way to get four people, and more (the Yemen ally and security chief died too), killed.

    He will continue this path until hundreds of thousands are killed here. Trust me, as soon as Iran goes nuke hot, one will be on its way here.

    The damage would be so devastating, especially if another is thought on its way, that we’ll simply collapse as a society. Who will be safe, the government will happily seal borders, demand papers, suspend civil rights while trying to stop the second detonation.

    Assuming the government is not the target of the first bomb.

    Obama thinks this is fun and games. Sure, until someone pokes their eye out with a sharp nuclear stick.


  • valerie

    This administration can’t even be bothered to come up with a credible lie.

    Patty @ 60, thanks for the link to comments from the former Commander of the USS Cole, Kirk Lippold. It would appear that he has some very relevant experience.

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  • Hank

    Were visas required to invade Normandy?

  • OT

    if nobody told the white house anything as joe biden says who told them the story about the demonstration againist the muhammad movie? the grimm brothers?

  • mg4us

    Waiting on Visas? You gotta be kidding. .

    They should never wait on Visas. . or for that matter Mastercards too. .

    They should have AMERICAN Express. . don’t leave home without it.
    And in this case the AMERICAN EXPRESS I would use would have been a C5 Galaxy with a few squadrons of Marines and tactical air-cover too.

  • mg4us

    Agree #52. . .Jarrett is evil

  • owl

    Hillary has Huma or Huma has Hillary.

    Obama has Valerie or Valerie has Obama.

    I keep seeing Egypt Morsi all over this thing. He even looks and talks as smug as Obama.

  • owl

    I am very surprised they got the Visas in 17 days.

    Okay………….we now know they were on the horn in Benghazi screaming attack, attack. State watched a lot of this and supposedly it went on for 6 hours.

    State would have called Obama.

    What I want to know……………………..WHAT DID OBAMA DO?????????????????????

    Did he get on the horn to Libya President and tell him to get it stopped???

    Did he demand that Libya call out forces in Libya to save our people DURING the attack?

  • owl

    What did Obama do during that 6 hours and WHY IN THE BLANK HAVE I NOT HEARD A SUPER DOOPER POOP SCOOPER ASKING?????????????

    I watched that ole famous super scooper Bob Woodward this morning and I did not hear him mutter the questions. Can you imagine? Watergate was a nothingburger. Nothing and they slinked around with their 00 spys and Hillary determined to get that crook Nixon that covered up what is not even in the same class as what happens constantly today.

    How many questions did those Scoopers have about Plame?

  • owl

    I think Obama had his ‘movie’ made in cahoots with Morsi. Why do I think that?

    Why would a President promote a movie to make people riot? Why would he keep on for over 2 weeks and on a national stage to promote the riots?

    WHY WOULD A PRESIDENT PROMOTE RIOTS and keep on and on and on????? Somebody ask.

    I heard Morsi is calling for more riots against a government that allows this speech. Us.

  • Spiritof1776

    W.H. hindered investigation, because they do not want investigators to find out what
    did happen.


  • There’s nothing “unreal” or “shocking” about this repugnant administration. It is criminal that Obama and his cabal of inept, corrupt cronies found their way to the White House. These cretins are laughing it up in debates, hobnobbing with celebs, partying & fundraising endlessly, and going on TV talk shows, while the world burns.

    Here’s 14 minutes of “fast & furious” COMEDY GOLD:

    Obama – My Dog Ate It … Like it / share it / repost it…

    – Romney, Ryan, Shy 2013

  • Patty

    Issa: State Dept. sitting on $2 billion-plus for embassy security

    Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) says the State Department is sitting on $2.2 billion that should be spent on upgrading security at U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide, but the Obama administration will not spend the funds.

    Issa made his comment during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation” to discuss the recent attack in Benghazi, Libya, that left U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans dead. Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, held a highly partisan hearing on the incident last week.

    Issa claims the State Department will not spend the already approved funds because they didn’t want to the appearance of needing increased security.

    “The fact is, they [the State Department.] are making the decision not to put the security in because they don’t want the presence of security,” Issa said. “That is not how you do security.”

    With Republicans turning the Libya into a political issue, Democrats have countered that House GOP leaders actually sought to cut funding for embassy security, which Issa tried to refute.

    “You can’t always look to [new] money when there’s money sitting there,” Issa said. “We’re going through a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment. Eleven years after Sept. 11 [2001], Americans were attacked by terrorists who pre-planned to kill Americans. That happened, and we can’t be in denial.”

    Issa said that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice may be called before his panel for testimony. Rice said shortly after the Benghazi attack that the incident was caused by an anti-Muslim video, not terrorists, a position that even President Barack Obama has now refuted.


  • Patty

    Hillary Clinton reveals what REALLY led to Benghazi massacre – and demolishes White House claim

    The State Department has said that it never believed the September 11th attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was the result of a protest over an anti-Islam movie – directly contracting the rest of the Obama administration.

    By trying to distance her department from the inept and deceptive handling of the Benghazi attack, which left U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American officials dead, Hillary Clinton could help herself politically for a 2016 presidential run.

    A dramatic new account by the State Department reveals that Stevens was locked inside a ‘safe room’ choking to death from diesel-heavy smoke as the building around him burned to the ground.

    Alongside him was a security guard, tasked with the impossible choice between staying in the deadly room – or facing the rocket-propelled grenades and machine-guns outside.

    Eventually the guard slipped through the window (cut)

    No-one saw the ambassador alive again – another agent tried desperately to enter the safe-room, but could not find him anywhere.

    The State Department’s insistence it never bought the story – expressed by the White House and Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations – that a crude anti-Islam film made in California triggered the attack gives ammunition against Obama both to the Romney campaign and congressional Republicans.

    State Department sources have said that Clinton has never forgotten that Rice, who served in her husband Bill’s administration, was an early supporter of Obama. Rice has ambitions to take over from Clinton if Obama is re-elected but the Benghazi debacle could scupper her chances.

    In a briefing on Tuesday, State Department officials said ‘others’ in the executive branch concluded initially that the attack was part of a protest against the film, which ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad. That was never the State Department’s conclusion, reporters were told.


  • Patty


    Bankrupt Solyndra Files Bizarre Lawsuit Before Elections

    Solyndra has filed suit in U.S. District Court in Northern California against three of its Chinese competitors in the solar cell market. Fox news reported that the suit was filed on Thursday, October 11. The lawsuit is Solyndra, LLC v. Suntech Power Holdings Co Ltd et al, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, No. 12-05272.

    The basis of the suit is supposed price fixing at predatory prices. I smell a rat that the Chinese firms would fix prices at a “predatory” level. Price fixing is almost always at a higher price than should be charged rather than at a lower price than should be charged. There may be some obscure examples of certain competitors getting together to get other competitors out of the market. But in this case I think the Chinese will clearly show they had better chemistry and lower costs.

    The other interesting aspect of the suit is that it names only three Chinese firms that also have their stock listed in the US. The three firms named are Suntech, Trina Solar Ltd. and Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. There are at least three other Chinese companies who have their stock listed in the US that are not named in the suit. These three other companies are Rene Sola Limited, LDK Solar Company Limited, and J. A. Solar Holdings Company Limited, These three companies also beat Solyndra in the free marketplace and raised capital in the USA.[………………….]


  • Patty

    Obama on Benghazi: Believe Me or Your Lying Eyes (Or At Least Wait Until After the Election)

    Since September 12, the Obama administration has been asking us to believe him, his press secretary, and his proxies that our Libyan ambassador and three other consulate officials were killed by a spontaneous mob driven into frenzy by an anti-Muslim film produced by an unknown Christian film maker. He asks that we not believe his state department or top intelligence officials who testify that this narrative is false. Nor should we notice the coincidence of the attack taking place on 9/11 or that this was revenge for the fifteen top al Qaeda leaders killed by drones under Obama. Of course, Obama spiking the “I-killed-Osama” football at the Democrat convention had nothing to do with this either. Nor did the Libyan President warn of impending violence three days earlier.

    We should at least wait until Obama’s own investigation is complete – that is, until after the election to decide what really happened!

    The following partial CNN chronology reveals the collapse of the Obama narrative and his futile attempts to keep it alive.

    Note that this chronology tells us what the various officials say on record and sometimes under oath, but the truth would have been known within hours or a day. We now know that there were surveillance cameras on site and a U.S. drone overhead to record the fact that there was no spontaneous protest and that this was a planned coordinated attack – the key fact that was initially denied. Surviving consulate personnel could have been debriefed immediately. Hence it is clear that the Obama administration knew almost from the beginning but chose to obfuscate the official record for political gain.{………………..}


  • Patty

    Much Overlooked: September 14 ABC News Report Claimed CIA Chief Petraeus Congressionally Testified To Benghazi Movie Protest Story

    The attack that killed four Americans in the Libyan consulate began as a spontaneous protest against the film “The Innocence of Muslims,” but Islamic militants who may have links to Al Qaeda used the opportunity to launch an attack, CIA Director David Petreaus told the House Intelligence Committee today according to one lawmaker who attended a closed-door briefing.

    Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, the top Democrat on the House Intel committee, said Petraeus laid out “a chronological order exactly what we felt happened, how it happened, and where we’re going in the future.”

    “In the Benghazi area, in the beginning we feel that it was spontaneous – the protest- because it went on for two or three hours, which is very relevant because if it was something that was planned, then they could have come and attacked right away,” Ruppersberger, D-Md., said following the hour-long briefing by Petraeus. “At this point it looks as if there was a spontaneous situation that occurred and that as a result of that, the extreme groups that were probably connected to al Qaeda took advantage of that situation and then the attack started.”

    Petraeus did not speak to reporters on his way in or out of the briefing. When he left the meeting, the former four-star general was trailed by about a dozen intelligence officials and a couple of Capitol police officers.


  • Patty

    Justice after Benghazi

    THE INVESTIGATION of the terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is beginning to look disturbingly familiar. After President Obama promised “justice” for the killing of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, FBI agents were dispatched to the country. But it was three weeks before they made their first visit to the site — which had been left unsecured. Libyan authorities have arrested several people, but it is not clear whether they had any role in the assault. Meanwhile, Libyan officials appear to be resisting direct U.S. involvement in the investigation.


  • Where is Hillary in all this?

    …’Let’s discuss two major foreign policy fiascoes that have occurred on her watch, Fast and Furious (F&F) and the Benghazi massacre, and ask one simple question: Have you noticed that when we have major crises, Hillary Clinton disappears?’…

    The Invisible Secretary of State

    Why aren’t Issa and other GOP members of Congress asking her hard questions?

  • Patty

    #84 October 14, 2012 at 10:26 pm
    S. Wolf commented:

    heard the may call her in to testify. Fast and Furious is another debacle. That is a light word, debacle, it should have taken Holder down, but he skated as I believe Obama will from the 9/11/12 attacks. We will see, it may take a while and hopefully the REAL truths.

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  • Patty #85

    It is making me a cynic. I’m sure you, too. If the GOP wasn’t so nice Holder would be toast and with him Obama. Hillary should be grilled then turned to grill the other side. I’ve always thought Hillary was a party to Bill’s philandering.

  • This is a plausible scenario.

    ‘The murder of Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi is Obama’s October surprise gone bad thanks to two former SEALS who were not supposed to be at Benghazi. But then I ran to the end of the story so let’s back fill the datapoints.

    First President Morsi first public statement to us was that he wanted the blind iman who first bombed the WTC released. Now Obama forever dedicated to appeasing the muslim world, bowing to them comes natural to him, knew that he had to obey Morsi’s request however he couldn’t release Omar Abdul-Rahman. There had to be a reason powerful enough to warrant his release. What better than to return to the Carter era of American hostages?

    Obama sees a way to release the iman and secure his reelection in one act. So the wheels are set in motion. So he needed a cover story. Oh, the You Tube video that no one has seen, released in July. America could be shamed into releasing the iman because someone posted an obscure video and we have to follow Obama’s lead and bow to muslims.

    Next weaken the security at Benghazi by removing the security teams and employing Libyan bodyguards for the ambassador. In effect the embassy could not defend itself. The back channel had to be from the WH to the iman’s legal representatives. It was suggested that Obama needed a reason to release the iman that America could agree to. What better than hostages? They were informed that there were no security forces at Benghazi to defend Stevens so over run the embassy and take him hostage. Really easy.

    What was not planned for were former SEALS Donerty and Woods. They were not part of Stevens security detail; they happened to be in Benghazi working for the CIA to located missing surface-to-air missiles.

    So the terrorists plan the assault on the embassy thinking there would be no resistance. Well two SEALS never back down from defending America and Americans. These two heros gave their lives fighting to protect our embassy and our ambassador. No telling how many peaceful muslim they transported to the after life however the terrorists who thought this was just a walk in the park protect now sought out the Americans to kill them not hold them captive. The over throw went from hostage taking to killing.

    Now the WH knew the plan had blown up. There were no hostages only dead Americans. How to cover? Roll out the 14 minute video, no one has seen, as the cause. The WH cover up was in play.

    With the killing of Ambassador Stevens, there could be no exchange, no October surprise. Oh what was the October surprise? Well Obama would spend a month negotiating with the terrorists for the release of Ambassador Stevens and finally and after his focused efforts on saving Stevens’ live, Stevens would be released just before the election. Obama would have sucked out all the energy from the campaign as everyone would be watching him, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, negotiate for the release of Stevens. The world would applaud him, the muslim would have their murderous iman back, he would be reelected and the destruction of America who go on.

    We can only thank every day these SEALS for defending America with their lives.’

    Two SEALs ruin October Surprise

    That is exactly what the POS Hussein would do.

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  • G. Ken Weaver

    What an outrageios lie! The news media were in Benghazi within a week!

    This lying anti American has now gone too far; ANYONE who still supports this POS is as much an anti American as he is!


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  • Chris Belden

    Wow- read nearly all your comments- have to say impressive. Except not ONE OF YOU have ever been in that situation of our President, whomever he is. A president, essentially is a Manager, who relies on his own people to give him intel that he can act on. If you all READ, the President did not know enough to be able give those badly needed resources. If you read the initial report, this was an organized attack that was lethal not only because of flying bullets but fire that trapped the ambassador. So, other than no diplomatic presence, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Take your uninformed, passionate energy and make a real difference in your community.

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