The Obama State Department testified this week that the rational that they were not on the ground for 17 days in Benghazi was because they could not get Visa’s.
Former CIA officer Gary Bernsten was on with Judge Jeanine Saturday:

Gary Bernsten:

“It’s about leadership. In this particular case I saw the Department of State and I heard testimony that said that the rational that we were not on the ground in Benghazi after 17 days is because they couldn’t get Visa’s. Which is insanity. They should have gotten people on planes, both the agency and the FBI, and similarly they should have had military people there, moving there to aid an embassy that was under attack that was sovereign US territory in an area that weakly controlled by the government. And even if it’s a diplomatic problem, you move to save your people first.”

It’s true… Press TV reported on this back on October 6th.

According to the report, security concerns had kept the American intelligence agents and investigators from traveling the 400 miles from the American embassy in Tripoli to gather evidence at the US consulate in Benghazi. Administration officials on Thursday attributed the delay to the Libyan government, which they said was slow in granting approval for the US operation.

Terrorists attacked our consulate and murdered our ambassador on 9-11 and the Obama administration waited 17 days to investigate the crime scene because they were waiting on visas.




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  1. Obama, the Weakling-In-Cheif!

  2. And yet thousands of illegals cross our southern boarder every day without visas. Big Sis should e mail obama, Hilary and Jarrett with tips on boarder crossings.

  3. …probably didn’t even have an “Obama-phone” to call for assistance.

  4. I saw this guy on Fox, he was great. I love his description of how it could have /should have been done within 24 hours. Great insight tonight too on comparisons to USS Cole fiasco while Clinton was campaigning, and some notable anger at throwing the intelligence community under the bus.

    I think the lid is going to blow on this in the next couple of days — be sure to activate your “spin shields” ’cause you know it’s coming.

    After Catherine Herridge’s report on JJ, I wrote to her to ask her to try and figure out who planted the link to the youtube video on Arab social media. There were only a handful of viewings before Sept 11th, so you know the video link had to be planted by someone — probably at the WH.

  5. So, our Ambassador is murdered along with three other Americans, and we are waiting on VISAS? Why didn’t our people just go in – to heck with visas? We are being ‘led’ by a bunch of WIMPS! They are making me crazy.

  6. Even Jummah Carter tried a military rescue mission when the Iranian savages took our embassy in Tehran in ’79…of course it failed because he had hollowed out the military so much, but that is another story of Liberal Democrat failures.

  7. Any further questions regarding the competancy of the Obama administration are superflorous.

  8. Let me see if I get this right. Our embassy is attacked, our diplomat and staff are slaughtered, and the President of the United States can’t arrange for our people to get visas to a country we are supposed friendly with for 17 days to even go in to see the wreckage and blood. Remind me why we need an embassy in this country again. We obviously have a country that doesn’t really want us there, coupled with a President that has neither the desire nor the skill to protect his men or avenge them. This is failure on top of failure with lives lost for no gain whatsoever.

  9. Nothing less than trails for TREASON and FOREIGN INSURGENCY! Both Hillary and Obama and for every person that actively propped up their garbage including some Mainstream Media Heads.

    NOTHING LESS. Watergate was over NOTHING – LESS than OBAMA’s Black Panther Voter Intimidation! Give this what it deserves. “Heads will roll” has become a joke phrase in American Jurisprudence. Treason is a crime punishable ONLY by HANGING in the courtyard. As is this level of Foreign Insurgency. He’s got Muslim Brotherhood in the White House all the time. GET REAL AND FIX IT!

  10. trials

  11. Obama plays mother-may-I with the Arabs, while the blood of our people dries on the streets of Benghazi — DEPLORABLE!

  12. if this is true how could they be stupid enough to say it.

    the obama administration supposedly sent CIA teams into lybia during the revolt do you think they had visas?

  13. So muzies still don’t like us ?
    I wonder why ?
    I’m sure Husseen and Killary never have problems giving American visas to G-hadies from all over the world !

  14. “Visa’s” is possessive. Should be “Visas”.

  15. ‘Waiting on visa’s’ ?

    Don’t you mean ‘waiting on visas’ ie, more than one visa?

    The apostrophe doesn’t make any sense.

  16. They would have had them in no time if they had just stopped by the nearest Mexican embassy.

  17. do you get the feeling they didn’t really want anyone to find out what happened.

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