The liberal Tennessean endorsed Mitt Romney today.
It was the first time the liberal rag endorsed a Republican since 1972.

The Orlando Sentinel also endorsed Mitt Romney. The paper endorsed Barack Obama four years ago.

The Chicago Jewish Star is one of the latest publications to endorse Mitt Romney.

October 19, 2012

In many ways this is still a post-9/11 world. The threat of Islamic terror, a depressed and failing economy, an unsure future for a troubled healthcare system, a genocidal-spewing Iran, an unbalanced Middle East- these are some of the problems which surfaced after that fateful September day and mutated afterwards in unexpected ways.

With his executive experience, belief in the enervating potential of the private sector, proven ability to deal with opposing views, positive outlook and quiet but admirable religious and charitable persona, Mitt Romney is the candidate who can best guide our country in the years ahead.

We like Mr. Romney- and strongly endorse his candidacy for president- because of his moderate, small-government views

We like Mr. Romney because he is able to travel to a hot-bed area like Israel and- openly, unapologetically, and accurately- commend the Jewish state for its achievements, while frankly acknowledging that it is Palestinian recalcitrance which has denied peace to the area.

We like Mr. Romney because he understands the need to create jobs by providing the right environment for the private sector to do so.

Finally, we like Mr. Romney because he, and his running mate Paul Ryan, have announced that they believe in accountability. The buck stops in the Oval Office.

Finally we like Mr. Romney in comparison to his opponent. The administration of Barack Obama has been a failure.





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  1. OT: dem pundits today are laying the groundwork for a set up in Monday’s debate — Obama’s October surprise: an agreement signed by Obama and Iran to stop sanctions in return for a halt to nuclear weapons production! This is huge, and Team Obama is setting Romney up to look like a fool if he criticizes Obama on Iran.

    Romney’s website is not set up to leave comments without going thru’ 15 hoops, so if anyone has a way to warn Romney’s team, please DO SO NOW!

  2. Wow. . though editorials no longer matter for most. . .for Libtards it still does. .

    Orlando Sentinel also a liberal left leaning paper. .

    Libtard heads must be exploding. . .

    The RATs are leaving the sinking DemocRAT ship of Obama/Biden. .

    Obama may lead from behind but no one wants to be left behind. . .when Romney wins. . .

    Just look around. .very few pro-obama bumper stickers or yard signs anywhere. .especially in BLUE states of NY, NJ, PA, MD or CT. . .

    Nevertheless, need everyone to go out and vote. . .need to win by a big margin to prevent lawyers from mucking it up. .

  3. I would not but a deal with Iran for beans. . unless we can go in there and dismantle their centrifuges and systems.

    Remember the agreement with UN and all the inspections yet amazingly they got their enrichment program. . .

    Do not buy it. . .
    This is a screen and diversion by a desperate Candidate

    Be on Guard!!

  4. the rabid, incoherent leftists are going to blow a gasket…this will be another historic election in that americas first half black president will be limited to one term…i only hope it doesn’t take a generation to repair the damage.

  5. Liberals threaten riots if Obama loses election.

    As the numbers begin to spell the end of the Marxist Regime, the left goes nuts.

  6. I think I hear the Fat Lady warming up her vocal chords…..

  7. I’m very cautiously optimistic here, thinking I smell a landslide on election day.

  8. Here is another reason NOT to Trust Obama any longer

    Therefore I would NOT EVER TRUST a last minute deal. . .especially with IRAN. . .
    It would be too suspicious and unbelievable. . .

    Remember the devil will even sell HIS soul to get yours!!!

  9. Oh dear. “Enervating”??

  10. “Liberals threaten riots if Obama loses election.” when you consider the other option. i would hope we wouldn’t have to go there but for that to happen there would have to be an approval from from the obama mob. no mo bo!!!!!!!!

  11. Can’t put it much more succinctly: “The administration of Barack Obama has been a failure.”

  12. “Liberals threaten riots if Obama loses election.” Err I can’t think of a better reason to vote barry. Oh wait. A) that sounds like Fascism. B) it’s just an empty threat, (hey there’s that Fascism thing again.) C) even if a few clowns do ‘riot’ (actually they mean loot shops) they are just $hi77ing on their own door step, let ‘em.

  13. MG4US – agreed that the deal won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on, but Team Obama will use it to make Romney look “out of touch” on the issue, and tout it as a HUGE Foreign Policy victory for Obama, whether it’s real or not.

    And let’s face it, most Americans don’t follow these issues closely – they WANT to hear that Iran won’t get a nuke, so an inept reply from Romney could be disastrous.

  14. The administration of Barack Obama has been a failure.

    And a colossal one at that.

  15. #5 October 19, 2012 at 11:24 am
    Robodog7 commented:

    Liberals threaten riots if Obama loses election.

    As the numbers begin to spell the end of the Marxist Regime, the left goes nuts.

    Be not afraid! We have lived through riots before.

  16. I’ll believe the “buck stops here” line when it happens.

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