The Longest Yarn… JOE BIDEN CAUGHT IN LIE – Said He Played College Football – He Didn’t

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During a campaign stop in Athens, Ohio, on Saturday September 8, Vice President Joe Biden said the last time he was in the town, playing against the Ohio University football team on October 19, 1963, he almost got arrested for walking into a girls’ dormitory.

It’s a good story. It’s just not true… at all.
Shawn at Free Republic discovered that Joe Biden did not play football at the University of Delaware in 1961, 1962, 1963, or 1964, according to past yearbooks.

The 1984 University of Delaware yearbook included an interview with Joe Biden. It’s Biden first ever interview were he talks about his “triple major” (later during Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign he admitted he lied and had two majors, not three) and playing “intramural football” (flag football). There is no mention about him playing college football.

Page 324 of 1984 year book

There’s more:

In the University of Delaware’s online news service, UDaily, Biden wrote this in which he is the sole source (so take it with a grain of salt):

Joe Biden once said he came to the University of Delaware in 1961 as a “half-baked halfback,” playing on the freshman football team that year under the late Scotty Duncan, and the Democratic vice presidential candidate remains a big fan of the Fightin’ Blue Hens.

But even this account is doubtful because on page 162 in the sports section of Delaware University’s 1961 yearbook, Biden is not listed on the freshman football team’s roster.

Joe Biden said he played football at the University of Delaware and that he almost got arrested after a game in Ohio.
It’s just not true.

Tony Lee at Breitbart wrote more on The Fibber.

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  • Jack

    Oh that’s just Joe. God love him.

  • Walknot

    Why lie about this? What kid of person tries to BS a crowd in the age of the internet?

  • Bigkahuna

    Maybe he got a concussion and just thinks he played football!

  • he’s turning out to be as much of a myth as obama.

  • HuskerinOhio

    Biden uses the Ohio FB team to ramp up the crowd,
    I wonder if he knows the Head Coach is one of the staunchest Roman Catholics
    I know.
    Hey Joe want to challenge Frankie to push up contest for his vote?

  • succotash

    The whole bunch of this admin. Should belong to LA(liars anonymous)

  • Largebill

    He has to be a pathological liar. No reason to make this up.

  • In Biden’s universe, whatever he says is true. That his boasts about his past contradict reality is irrelevant.

  • Addison DeWitt

    Wait….he means what he says, people!!!!!!!

  • USMC Thomas

    Has he recollected how he spent Christmas in Cambodia with John Kerry?

  • silntcalrox

    walked in a woman’s dorm! he must been with Clinton, or Bush had ’em cornered with his six shooter. I thought that Delaware only played in the intermural league!

  • silntcalrox

    gotta rephrase my statement . . .PC police are up and running. walked in a woman’s dorm . . .must have been with slick willie, or bush forced him to do so. I agree with the football statement . . .Delaware plays in the intramural league . . .go get ’em blue hens!

  • MrGoodWench

    He played football and FDR himself went on TV to praise BiteMe for all the goals he scored

  • Stella Baskomb

    I’ll bet Biden was talking about his days as a player in the national intramural league.

    I hear he was really good on the touches.

  • Earthmover

    My mother always taught us kids if you lie, you have to tell another lie to cover that
    one. The truth is only one thing to remember. Imagine the turmoil in some of these
    peoples minds! They don’t even know what is real anymore.

  • RKae

    I’ll bet Dan Rather has some (fake but accurate) documentation that can prove Joe was on the team.

  • SR

    wiki claims “He played halfback with the Blue Hens freshman football team, but he dropped a junior year plan to play for the varsity team as a defensive back, enabling him to spend more time with his out-of-state girlfriend.” cites

    Can you debunk that source? This is really funny.

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  • GotFreedom

    Once a plagiarist. . .always a plagiarist!!!

    Just another “Tempest in the Teapot” for ole Joe (

  • Jim

    Did he lie? Is he a Democrat? Of course!

  • SM-WI

    Joe has dementia because of two brain aneursyms and brain surgeries. My mother and most of her siblings has brain aneursyms and brain surgeries. She was never right upstairs–one minute rational, next irrational, rage, laughing, no impulse control, all over the board. Many ways, sort of like someone who was drinking—loss of imhibitions and lack of self control. He shouldn’t be in any kind of position of responsibility much less in a position to affect life and death issues for the rest of us!

    In February 1988, after suffering from several episodes of increasingly severe neck pain, Biden was taken by long-distance ambulance to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and given lifesaving surgery to correct an intracranial berry aneurysm that had begun leaking;[50][51] the situation was serious enough that a priest had administered last rites at the hospital.[52] While recuperating, he suffered a pulmonary embolism, which represented a major complication.[51] Another operation to repair a second aneurysm, which had caused no symptoms but was also at risk from bursting, was performed in May 1988.[51][53] The hospitalization and recovery kept Biden from his duties in the U.S. Senate for seven months.[37] Biden has had no recurrences or effects from the aneurysms since then.[51]

  • Amash

    Any wonder they can’t tell us the truth about big issues. They have to lie about the little things.

  • “That’s a fact. That’s a fact.”

    Yeah, right, OK, I actually played football with “Mean” Joe Green in college….sorta. Actually, we were in the stands, and he was throwing those little foam footballs to fans…but I nearly caught one…OK, so he actually threw it to a girl six rows above me.

  • bg



    like i said, she’ll “swallow”..


  • A myth is as good as a mile.

  • Goonions

    Yeah, Joe was a Heistman Trophy Winner at the U of D. Yeah, thats the ticket!!! Yeah, he was actually in on the raid that killed Bin Laden. Yeah, thats the ticket. This guy could go on SNL and play the impulsive liar and not have to be sarcastic.

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  • Flintstone F.

    I thought Biden made everything up. Nutty fruitcake has delusions. Dementia?

  • dwd

    Remember, THIS is the guy that repeatedly said “Trust me” at the VP debate.

    When you stoop to lying about yourself, about minute and meaningless details, why would anyone trust anything you have to say about something serious and meaningful… like leading the free world?

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  • Beth

    It’s called confabulation. Making up history to cover actual holes in memory. Very characteristic in patients with frontal brain dysfunction. Almost invariably the patient makes up things that tend to be self-aggrandizing. And they do really believe these things too.
    It goes right along with the swings in emotional expression, between silly fatuous hilarity and outraged irritability, yet the affect is very shallow without any real depth, as well as the marked lack of insight and impaired judgment.

    It’s simply a continuing astonishment to me that this individual is deemed fit to hold any kind of responsible position.

  • It’s in his molecules. Plagiarism was one of the earlier queues.

  • this might be funny if he weren’t the vice president of the united states. he was elected to congress for over thirty years. whose the dummy, him or the voters.

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  • squeaky

    sometimes there’s a hint of truth to someone’s story. embellishing one’s own contributions and betting no one will remember or consider it so far in the past to be a non-starter. much like tom harkin whose reflections of his military service differed from reality.

  • BurmaShave

    It is conceivable that “[Joe Biden] played football at the University of Delaware and that he almost got arrested after a game in Ohio” (on a certain afternoon with a certain bunch of fellow students), but certainly not for the University of Delaware.

    Evidently Joe Biden majored in Linguistic Deception at the University of Delaware and graduated at the top of his class.

    Joe Biden: the man of integrity we want as Vice President, NOT

  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! Biden was caught lying again!

    It’s par for my Administration.

    9 statements out of 10 are lies!

    Alright, 10 out of 10 are usually lies!

    That’s the way I roll.

  • Due-dad

    The only whay to tell he is a liar is when he opens his mouth

  • TPAT

    I’m the last to defend Biden but it says “intermurals” not varsity. That could have been fraternity football/baseball.

  • Gary

    What’s funny to me from this article is that he triple-majored in History, Political Science, and English, three things he has been lousy at since taking office.
    Yeah, I know they still re-elected him all those times, but like the comedian says, you can’t fix stupid.

  • Gary

    Joe Biden on history:
    Joe Biden on English:

    And you’ve seen how he handles himself in politics.

    Hat trick!

  • Jake Green

    Gee, a Democrat that lies. All left wing extremists lie, why would anyone be surprised? Left wing extremists like Biden and Obama have to lie and pass themselves off as something they’re not. If folks knew the truth they wouldn’t get elected.

  • mg4us

    Run Joe Run . .run your a$$ out of town like you run your mouth off in lies!

  • mg4us

    Biden just caught in another lie. . he is NOT from SCRANTON like he claims. . .
    Biden is from SCROTUM. . .
    And is a clear example of how industrial pollution cause genetic defects

    here is proof:

    Run Joe Run

  • Martin Guerre

    Where is he saying he played for Penn State? He’s only saying he went to the Penn State-OU football game. You know, with the rest of the fans.

  • Lightning Jack

    Two years ago Joe Biden was the guest speaker at a graduation ceremony I was attending at the US Naval Academy.

    In the opening statement of his speech Biden espoused the same fabrication about playing football at the University of Delaware. Listening to Biden speak then reminded me of Castro eulogizing himself on Radio Habana.

    Actually, Joe and Fidel are ideological twins in the respect that they both slide around truth and reality like self-greasing axles.

  • Westerner

    So the lying began…pre aneurysm!

  • disgusted

    Oh come on! Its just Joe being Joe!

  • Mac in NM

    He played football before he did not play football.

  • valerie

    Telling tall tales is a long-established American tradition, and some of its practitioners were politicians.

    Which did not mean that such characters were unprincipled.

    The guy I am quoting also said “Be always sure you’re right, then go ahead.” He died at some unimportant mission in an irrelevant part of the country.

    When Davey Crockett was telling a story, everybody knew it for the entertainment it was meant to be, and they didn’t confuse that with important matters. On that same basis, I am not inclined to hold Joe accountable for his football and carousing stories. The Benghazi consulate attack story, however, is not entertainment.

  • MilitaryMom

    Oh, now he thinks HE’S Jack Kennedy?!?! Idiot!!

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  • grandmaC

    BIDEN is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and will say and do anything. He is “famous” for his plagarism.

    For instance his taking Neil Kinnock’s own personal history and turning that into his own.

    Biden’s downfall began when his aides alerted him to a videotape of the British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock, who had run unsuccessfully against Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The tape showed Kinnock delivering a powerful speech about his rise from humble roots. Taken by the performance, Biden adapted it for his own stump speech. Biden, after all, was the son of a car salesman, a working-class kid made good. Kinnock’s material fit with the story he was trying to sell.

    At first Biden would credit Kinnock when he quoted him. But at some point he failed to offer the attribution. Biden maintained that he lapsed only once—at a debate at the Iowa State Fair, on Aug. 23, when cameras recorded it—but Maureen Dowd of the New York Times reported two incidents of nonattribution, and no one kept track exactly of every time Biden used the Kinnock bit. (Click here for examples of Biden’s lifting.) What is certain is that Biden didn’t simply borrow the sort of boilerplate that counts as common currency in political discourse—phrases like “fighting for working families.” What he borrowed was Kinnock’s life.

    Biden lifted Kinnock’s precise turns of phrase and his sequences of ideas—a degree of plagiarism that would qualify any student for failure, if not expulsion from school. But the even greater sin was to borrow biographical facts from Kinnock that, although true about Kinnock, didn’t apply to Biden. Unlike Kinnock, Biden wasn’t the first person in his family history to attend college, as he asserted; nor were his ancestors coal miners, as he claimed when he used Kinnock’s words. Once exposed, Biden’s campaign team managed to come up with a great-grandfather who had been a mining engineer, but he hardly fit the candidate’s description of one who “would come up [from the mines] after 12 hours and play football.” At any rate, Biden had delivered his offending remarks with an introduction that clearly implied he had come up with them himself and that they pertained to his own life.

  • It is truly frightening that Joe Biden is a heartbeat away from the presidency. If there were no others, this reason alone should ensure that any thinking American votes for Romney and Ryan.

  • rolf e. niebergall

    Joe,Joe, do not take this serious. I would take more serious what Mitt and Paul say. They say what ever serves them. Joe says thinks about sports and the others talk about things we care about!

  • Freedom

    Loving the nit-picking. Because this miniscule lie is sooooo far worse than Romney’s and Ryan’s BIG BIG LIES.

  • Westerner

    #56 Rolf E.

    Translation please…your post is not grammatically correct?

  • Freedom

    An example of Romney/Ryan’s lies: When your mother told your father that you were his biological kid, but you’re really not.
    An example of Joe’s lie: When your dad said that your mom’s sister has a hot for him.

    I hope that clears it all up for you 🙂

  • Big Red

    Not only did he play college football he also won the Heisman trophy. Then, after being Orange Bowl MVP, he and his team got to meet Thomas Jefferson in the White House. Don’t you all remember? I swear this is all true!

  • valerie

    Now this is a lie that counts. Granted, it does lack the immediate photoshop opportunity of Biden’t story.

    Obama: ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout; CBO: Bailout Will Lose $24 Billion

  • MicahStone

    where would Plagiarist-joe “Bite Me” biden be today if he hadn’t stolen hundreds of speeches from others and presented them as his own words ? Or if this 30+ year Beltway politics-as-usual parasite and the poster-boy for all that is rotten with Washington hadn’t lied about his education ? Totally lacking in ethics, in his third-rate, mediocre law school Bite-Me was only able to graduate 76th in a class of 85 – i.e., he was in the lowest 10.5%! Of course, while campaigning, he lied and said he graduated in the “top half” of his class.

    Like every other d-cRAT socialist extremist, The Joker biden is a chronic, habitual, pathological, congenital LIAR.

  • AZ Granny

    I think Biden is in the early stages of dementia. My mother-in-law had it and I see many similarities with Biden. I agree, he is also a blowhard, liar, which muddies the water so to speak, but he needs a thorough examination. The man is a heartbeat away from the presidency and his behavior is not acceptable.

  • Nick Shaw

    As been said before, did he lie? Of course, he’s a Democrat!
    Speaking of the things the guy says, being hired for his foreign policy expertise and all, didn’t I hear him say in the debate that invading Syria would be a lot harder than invading Libya because Syria is much bigger in land area?
    How come nobody is mentioning this?
    Anybody who has even looked at a map of the world knows that Libya is about 5 times bigger than Syria!
    Sheesh! This was the best of the lot Zero had to choose from?
    What am I saying? Zero thought there were 57 states (with one to go!)

  • rolf e. niebergall

    but I speak 2 languages and one somewhat. I am much older than you, have a good education and have seen a lot of countries. I lived in Europe many years. I am not advertising my self, I am not looking for a job. All I am saying, what is your problem? Take it easy and look for the real problems in this country!

  • I am Legion

    Giv ’em a brake as he’s still the dumbest man (person) in the Senate.

  • Holly

    According to a report in the Daily Rash, during his appearance on CBS This Morning, Joe Biden told Gayle King the Department of Homeland Security is “crawling with lesbians.”

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  • wtlf555

    You guys are soooooo lame! We here in the reality based community know truth to power. He played flag football and Scotty Duncan coached the flag team in his spare time and Delaware shipped their whole flag football team to Ohio and it was a super big game even if its not mentioned in the yearbook or media. Yeah I know it’s not real football but Joe was great he was super fast and almost never got called for flag guarding.

    Truth to Power! And stop picking on Joe!

  • badnewzbearz

    He “intended” to play football. Liberals will give him credit for his good intentions.

  • coolidgerules

    Plugs was wearing the jockstrap around his head, pushing a laundry cart.

  • kansas

    He was in town for the football game, not to play in it. Sheesh.

  • Westerner

    #65 Rolf

    If you’re speaking to me, how do you know you’re much older than I am?

    You have a good education?
    “but I speak 2 languages and one somewhat”…
    “I lived in Europe many years”…”what is your problem?”

    o.k. Rolf…I nominate you king for a day.

    Just so happens your “qualifications” match mine, except I chose NOT to live in Europe after visiting several times, because of the crap thats going on over there now. Why do Europeans insist that we Americans aspire to be like them? Why did YOU come here in the first place, assuming you are foreign?To try and change the way we do business as a people? It isn’t working in your backyard, now you and yours want to come pollute ours? Tell US how it’s done??
    Your frame of mind IS my problem. Why do you think this blog exists? We’re not exchanging Wienerschnitzel recipes!

    p.s. You might want to take an English class

  • ************ BREAKING ************

    They uncovered an old film of Biden in the locker room during the time he claims he played football in college. Looks like we owe him an apology…..sorta.

  • Now if Joe had said he was already mostly bald and hadn’t yet gotten his hair plugs in 1985 he would have been telling the truth. In the College paper in 1985 they stated that he played “Intermural Football” in other words, he played flag football, wasn’t good enough to make the real team. LOL Now why does that sound familiar….not good enough….? Hmmmm

  • Groundhog

    Is there any chance the mainstream press will report this?

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  • jdawg

    Plus, he told a different version in 2008. Then, he said he GOT arrested. In 2012, he said he almost got arrested…

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  • Mel Sherwood

    He must have played on the same football team that Neil Kinnock was on.

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