Terrific!… Soldier Surprises Family at USC Game (Video)

The Faile family from Kershaw, South Carolina, was the Columbia Metropolitan Airport Military Family of the Game. Their first surprise was a message to them from their dad/husband, Sergeant First Class Scott Faile, playing on the video board, followed by an even bigger surprise.
RightNewz posted the video:
Listen to the crowd roar…

WLTX reported on the soldier surprise:

Saturday night at Williams-Brice Stadium gave USC a lot of thrills–but not all of them were from what took place during the game.

The Faile family of Kershaw, SC, got a special surprise when Sergeant First Class Scott Faile (who’s stationed in Korea) surprised them on the field.

Here’s how it played out. The family (his wife two children) were brought onto the field as the Columbia Metropolitan Airport Military Family of the Game. They then saw a videotaped message from Sgt. Faile, explaining how much he loved and appreciated their support. At the end of the message, Faile said how he wished he could be there with them to see the Gamecocks beat up on Georgia.

However, right as that message ended, Faile came out of one of the tunnels of the stadium and walked onto the field. His family raced over to hug him, and the crowd roared in approval.

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  • senatorseven

    There aren’t words to express the debt we owe families like the Failes.

    I loved that Mom outran the kids to get to Sergeant Faile. 🙂

  • JudyinNC

    Words always escape me but the tears never do. Thank you to all who serve and to their families for the sacrifices they make. I honor them.

  • bg



    October 6, 2012

    Observing the 11th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan

    [October 7 marks the 11th anniversary of the War in Afghanistan. It
    marks 11 long years after the United States military entered into war in
    response to the September 11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 civilians.]


  • bg


    Thank You!!

    It Has Always Been The Soldier

    It is the soldier,
    not the President who gives US Democracy.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Congress who takes Care of US.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

    It is the soldier,
    not the campus [community] Organizer who
    has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

    It is the soldier,
    who salutes the flag;
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
    lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!

    “Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as
    they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless
    acts they perform for us in our time of need. Please place a
    hedge of protection around each and everyone. I ask this in
    the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.”



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  • OT – must watch Fox News Reporting Special, on right now and re-airing later tonight. Called “Obama’s Green Agenda” …. the part about the true meaning of “Sustainability” will make your hair stand on end! Watch or DVR it!

  • Look-Out

    Always, the tears. How thankful we are to this beautiful family.
    May the Lord bless them and all who serve; who’re willing to sacrifice so much.

  • Bill Mitchell
  • bg


    Oliver #6 October 7, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    thank you..

    hope i can find it..’


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  • Gail

    #8 Bill Mitchell…..Thank you very much that study is very, very interesting. I will be sharing! Thanks

  • bigL

    It is awfully hard on the family to surprise them like this.

  • bg


    Oliver #6 – page 1 October 7, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    climate skepticsm and green agenda


  • bg


    Welcome Home Sergeant First Class Scott Faile


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  • WOW!


    BTW: i gotta throw a penalty flag: mom grabbed her daughter’s t shirt at 2:20 mark.


  • nathan j

    My wife told me today that she met a WW 2 veteran today. She thanked him and hugged him for his service.

    Seeing the family’s reaction and hearing the roar of the crowd makes me think that there are Americans who love this country and support the military.

    Welcome home!

  • Patty

    Just wonderful, God Bless them.

    Thank you, for posting. Brings tears of Joy from my heart.

  • NoBama45

    Welcome home Sergeant First Class Scott Faile and thank you for your service.

    These welcome home’s never get old and never fail to choke me up. This one was simply awesome. Chears to the University of SC for making it happen.

  • Ghost

    if everyone who says they love our military people got up off their lazy, fat behinds and voted for the pro-military candidate(s) then a demonstration of love can be shown this November.

    Remember all the stories about how Democrats have been denying our military their Right to Vote. Don’t ever forget, even though State media has not publicized that scandal.

  • Campfollower

    As an Army brat whose dad was KIA in Vietnam when I was young, and a Marine wife with two out of the last three years away from our loved one, it’s always a surprise when I watch videos like this. I have the very same reaction EVERY time. Tears, joy for the family. Incredible gratitude. But when my own husband comes home I’m very calm, no tears, just such incredible relief that he is safe and vigilance towards making the transition easier for him and the kids.

    Now, follow Ghost’s advice and encourage people to vote pro-military Romney ticket AND talk to your friends about hiring a vet. My 30 year Marine retired just as Obama was coming into office and it’s because of the Obamaconomy that he’s had to go back to Afghanistan as a contractor… and as those contracts continue to expire and implode, the U.S. is going to see unemployment like it’s never seen…all among those who’ve sacrificed the most. Yep, I’m passionate about this topic. 🙂 Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  • Sparty

    If Michelle and Obama were there, maybe we would have gotten another “all that for a damn flag” moment.

  • Elderstatesman

    I was there. The crowd was already at a fever pitch of anticipation for the game. This occurred about ten minutes before kick-off. The crowd reaction was real and totally overwhelming. God bless this family and all who serve.

  • NeoKong

    Oh damn….I got something in my eye.

  • bman

    Things have certainly changed since I came back from Vietnam in 1969. Wonder what it could be.

  • Grateful

    This is incredible. Thank you to this whole Family for serving. And thanks to the crowd for cheering like that. Priceless!!

  • AuntieMadder

    That made me cry.

  • AuntieMadder

    #25 October 8, 2012 at 10:13 am
    bman commented:

    Things have certainly changed since I came back from Vietnam in 1969. Wonder what it could be.

    I dunno…but sorry you guys were so poorly treated. Welcome home.

  • Paul

    Why did the PA announcer say he had 3 kids? There were only two kids on the field, Breanna and Cameron. Who the heck is Ashley?