Speak at a Conservative Conference with Phyllis Schlafly – Get Detained By the Police

In September I spoke at the Eagle Forum XLI organized by Phyllis Schlafly.
I sat on a conference panel on Saturday morning with Gretchen Logue, Ben Evans and editor Nick Eicher.

My brother Joe was back in St. Louis from Hong Kong and joined me at the conference on Saturday morning. Here we are with 88 year-old Phyllis Schlafly.

Two weeks later I got a visit from local police.

I answered my door around noon and saw two men who identified themselves as police investigators. I let them in. The two officers said they wanted to ask me a few questions. I told them I would jump in the shower and meet them at the station. They said they’d rather I wouldn’t and that they would drive me down to the station. So I changed clothes and went outside with them where I saw another officer was hiding to the side of my door. We got in their car and went for a drive.

As we drove (I had no idea why they had picked me up) one investigator started asking me questions. He explained that an elderly man says he was jumped on the night of Thursday September 20, 2012 in a Schnuck’s (local grocery chain) parking lot when he got out of his car and was entering the store. The retired professor has an Obama sticker on his car and told police a tall middle-aged man jumped him from behind and held something to his neck and threatened him because he had an Obama bumper sticker. (Hmm…) The man contacted police after he saw his neck was scratched.

The police said they discovered there was a conservative conference at the hotel across the street from Schnuck’s that weekend. When they saw my photos on the internet they approached the man and he said I looked like the man who attacked him. They still have no video of the “attack.”

The police asked me several times if I had attacked the 70 year-old Obama supporter. I told them I was with friends that night. The police then called my brother back in Hong Kong and asked him if he attacked the retiree when he was in town.

Today I went on with Dana Loesch to discuss the episode.

So there you have it.
Speak at a conservative conference – get detained by police.

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  • Rhoda R

    Bearing false witness. Just another arrow to close down free speech.

  • Sickofobama

    Unbelievable. I think this must be in Rules for Radicals.

  • KB Walker

    That is weird. Sue for harrassment.

  • Hopeless

    You’ve learned a very important lesson about the police today.

    Never, under any circumstances permit them in your home. Further, never have any discussion with them without a lawyer present.

    This is what you should have done: 1) Met with them outside, declined them entry to your home. 2) declined cooperation, and verify that you are not under arrest and are free to go. Never acknowledge or engage any of their questions. 3) instruct them that to leave your property, and to direct all future queries through your attorney.

    Cops are never your friend.

  • Linda

    Yikes…was this guy who accused you considered a good citizen or was it sketchy from the get-go? I read about this incident in the Patch and wondered about it because it seemed pretty sketchy to me.

  • Militant Conservative

    Congratulations! Your now in the BIG TIME. Only those that are effective are

    harrassed like this. Just know this is what Breitbart delt with too, as well as

    Limbaugh. Ya ever need help, or a body guard, call me. I’m legal and capable.

    Due to Obamacare I am unemployed, I’m quite sure Kenny Soloman will

    join you as well. It is getting down to the rub and the left is getting desperate.

    You have my prayers and my help if needed.

    “May the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jaccob, the GOD of my mother and the GOD

    of your mother protect, shield and guide you. Till next we meet I might clasp

    your hand with a warmer and deeper meaning”

  • Granny

    Jim, an attorney friend of mine says the Number One Rule when talking to the police is to say not a single word other than “I would like to call my lawyer.” If you don’t have one, you might want to get one. Quickly.

  • Be safe Jim, we need your voice…

  • Militant Conservative

    #4 gave you sound advice.

    Retain you rights at all costs.

    The Cops are just a tool of the Political class.

    Rare are the cops that are not corrupt.

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  • JP

    If you Google, “Swatting” you will see that this happened to Eric Erickson as well. Since this call did not involve the SWAT team, then I would call this kind of hoax “semi- swatting.” The guy did call the police and make a false report for political reasons. The left is clearly desperate and willing to punish innocent people just for the sake of getting their political way. To them, the end justify the means. Truth and conviction mean nothing to them.

  • njoriole

    NEVER go with the cops, not “to clear some things up,” not “just for some routine information,” not ever. In fact, before letting them inside your home, find out specifically why they are there, and what they want from you. As much as we all want to cooperate with law enforcement, just the fact that they showed up at your door unannounced indicated nothing good for you. ALWAYS insist on representation, and/or specifics as to what it’s all about. If they had had reason to believe you WERE the guy (assuming the incident even took place), you would have been arrested.

  • dwd

    Anyone can accuse anyone of anything.

    The accuser has to prove HE was where he said he was. They need to look at his cell phone records, which will show which cell towers his phone contacted and when. Was he really at the location where he says the attack occurred at the time he says it occurred? Is there video of him arriving at or departing from the grocery store? He has to prove his end of the story. And frankly, who in their right mind gets “attacked” but decides not to call the police until “finding a wound”? You call the police whether or not you find a scratch on yourself.

    This smells of a set up — this guy looked up this event after the fact, made up a false attack, and accused innocent people who attended the event he disagreed with.

    This accuser needs to go to jail. Pursue whatever legal recourse is available to bring this liar to justice.

    It’s an Obama world.

  • AuntieMadder

    Congratulations. You’re on your way to being a Breitbart.

  • Pastorius

    I hope you will never allow the Police to question you without a Lawyer present ever again?

  • Sasja

    Good advice, Jim. Never, ever, let the cops into your home without a warrant and never talk to them without an attorney present. You know you did nothing wrong but that does not matter when the cops come calling.

  • bg


    was listening to you on the Dana show today..

    one question:

    have you checked your belongings and house for BUGS??


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    If Obama gets re-elected, expect this to happen to others with a “R” after their name with the difference being that you’ll be dragged into a squad car, driven away, and never heard from again. Prior to the election, they need your cooperation. Afterwards, they can skip such formalities.

  • Wow. This country seems to be teetering on the edge… of something. Be careful- apparently you’re too effective and they want to slow you down. God Bless.

  • Llarry

    What a moronic claim by the retired college professor. A tall, middle-aged man “threatens” him for having an Obama sticker on his car? What does that even mean?

    “If you don’t vote for Romney, I’ll kill ya!”

    If he said someone beat the tar out of him, that would make sense. But what kind of threat could a stranger make about supporting Obama? How would this stranger ever find out if his threat was effective or not unless he accompanied the retired college professor into the voting booth and watched him press the button?

    You’ve been “swatted,” Jim. Find out who this guy is and you’ll have all the answers you need.

  • Militant Conservative

    Hmm, as a former intel geek. BG makes a very sound point.

    You let them in Jim. no telling what they left behind.

    You could be getting set up by the political forces that hate you.

    Keep your data safe and redundant off sight in safe hands.

    I still think Breitbart was set up. He was causing major damage to the

    left. Now you and O’keefe are doing the same.

  • silentcalrox

    phylis looks dangerousat 88! probably weighs about 125# she probably could stand her ground against some union thug . . .or, a cop with an obummer sticker on his, or her official vehicle . . .phyllis . .. you know where to kick ’em! of course you would face charges re: assaulting a police officer. that make headlines on the post-disgrace, and channel 5!!!!!

  • Ohio Granny

    Jim, listen to Glenn Reynolds.
    Never allow the other person to control the environment. Never allow the event to go undocumented by your team.

    If it is a TV interview (think Sarah Palin) or your kids principle but especially people who can put you away without any Constitutional protection.

  • Militant Conservative

    Been telling all ya’ll that November 6th/7th there will be riots and mayhem.

    I’m prepared, if nothing happens I’m tired in the morning and will take a nap.

    What if you are wrong? Dead is kinda unrecoverable from.

    Lots of takers in my neighborhood. half the houses are empty.

    They will riot due to a win or a loss.

    Ready for some fun????

    powder is dry


    Wow, I am so sorry hear this happened to you Jim. I guess Ladue police aren’t too bright. Conservatives don’t act like that, Democrats do. Democrats are also liars. Being a Democrat is truly a mental disorder.

  • owl

    Jim, something does not smell right about this one. It stinks. Of course, you were profiled but these police just happen to be able to show your picture to the supposed victim?

    They do not have an arrest warrant but want you to ride with them without calling a lawyer?

    So sorry this happened to you.

  • owl

    Glad you decided to put it out because we have to shine light on all these incidents.

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  • Mad Hatter


    They commented about there being a conservative conference at the hotel across the street from Schnuck’s that weekend where the old man was mugged?

    Why should that matter, unless, they’re profiling. And here I thought that was a big no no by the left.

    Unless they think us Conservatives go out and mug old men.

    Intimidation tactics at its finest.

  • RedStateGal

    Another noose-on-doorknob incident. It’s like they have no lives and spend all their time thinking about politics. Well, that is me, but I don’t wait for a Liberal gathering (faculty meeting at Wash U, anyone?), scratch myself on the neck, and then go falsify a police report.

  • Wow Jim. Sorry you were around rabble rousers like me. Guess I didn’t fit the description or else I might have been detained as well. And we were speaking on such a controversial subject..social media. Give my regards to your brother. You are both are fine gentlemen and I would have given those policemen that statement.

  • Lifting you up in prayer Jim… stay safe

  • katy

    I call this “soft swatting”. Not quite a swat team descending on your home but the same kind of harassment and intimidation non the less.

    Jim, you did not have to go with the police unless they had a warrant. Call an attorney if it ever happens again.

    You must have a witness and let them know someone is aware of the contact and get the charge or accusation before you go with any law enforcement officer.

    If we go along like sheep, they will continue to invoke this kind of baseless crap with the intent to intimidate. Perhaps the threat of slander against the accuser would be in order!

    We have to fight back and stop this crap in its tracks or it will continue.

  • mg4us

    So sorry to hear about this ordeal Jim. . But I agree with #13 dwd. . it’s an obama World and you are being set-up. . .

    So keep it public, keep a recorder on you and call a lawyer. .

    In the meantime, get name of the accuser and investigate his relationship to obama campaign.

  • Paul in N. AL

    I hope you’re going to press charges against the police.

  • RJR


    Please, please pay attention to those telling you to not relinquish your constitutional rights for ANYONE’s convenience. Too many have fought too hard and sacrificed too much for those rights.

  • RJR

    By the By Red State Gal,

    You’re right, they have no lives. Politics are their religion. It’s what they live for… and it’s not just Dems, That subculture includes the likes of Colin Powell and all of his ilk.

  • Kathteach

    Auntie Madder said: Congratulations. You’re on your way to being a Breitbart.

    BG said: have you checked your belongings and house for BUGS??

    Lisa G in NZ said: Be safe Jim, we need your voice…

    Pastorius said: I hope you will never allow the Police to question you without a Lawyer present ever again?

    DWD said: This smells of a set up — this guy looked up this event after the fact, made up a false attack, and accused innocent people who attended the event he disagreed with.

    Militant Conservative said (always) powder is dry and also “You have my prayers and my help if needed”

    I concur with all of the above words spoken to you Jim…..

    If you ever feel like you need to call out to us for support, please do.

    You would be amazed, I think, how many folks respect and admire you even way before you picked up Breitbart’s flag when he fell on the frontline.

    And do let us know someday the name of the moronic DNC operative who probably set you up.

    You are character, integrity, courage and persistence – every single day, Jim Hoft.

    We need you!

  • Jting50

    Press charges against the police and also the crazy old man.

  • katy

    Another thought…. You are being stalked.

    How would they know who you are and where you live unless this accuser knew who you were and where you were the night in question?

    He targeted you. He knew who you were and where you were that night. He was no doubt at the event and eyed you for this false charge. Stalking is a crime. Period.

    Time to turn the tables.

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  • Truth Teller

    The left underestimates what they are up against.

    The only thing standing between these leftist morons and searing hell-fire is a thin illusion of elite superiority.

    Are they dumb enough to poke a hole in the illusion?

  • Joe Blow

    Aren’t the police and firefighters aligned with Claire McCaskill? She thought she was targeted unfairly by conservative media the other day. Maybe this was their payback. Grab someone they know is up front about being conservative and harass them.

  • just-saying

    The muslim film producer is still in jail. What’s the deal with that?

  • chas

    hmmm, i wonder if the police discovered there was a conservative conference on their own of if the “victim” helped them discover it??? police can lie up and down when they are interrogating you so it wouldnt surprise me if they were pointed in a particular direction.

  • mg4us

    Jim. .after thinking about your ordeal I remembered an email I recently received. . .which I want to share. . here goes:

    Can You Guess Who I Am?

    You may think you know who this is
    but the end will surprise you and give you food for thought.
    To get the full effect of this video, you must watch it to the very end.


    Be afraid. . be VERY AFRAID

    I am hearing rumblings of Obamabots cheating and hacking electronic voting systems. . .

  • bg


    just-saying #44 October 25, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    protection, because even before they knew what happened,
    Hillary stated that “they had absolutely nothing to do with
    (which even if they did know, in and of itself is a very odd,
    and imho, revealing, statement to make, oh wait), she said
    so besides, he can’t talk to the press if he’s incarnated (ala
    Rezko et al)..


  • bg
  • bigL

    I think the Police can ask you for ID and you have to provide it. That is the minimum At least I was told that by a Capn of Police in my town.
    I think you can meet them dntn. You are not a flight risk
    If they are not going to question you they don’t have to Mirandize you. If they are not charging you you can be “in a conversation” with them as a person-of-interest.
    The law is on their side. Probably have to meet with them with counsel.

    as far as the video guy still in jail, I bet the bail for Parole violation is about 20 grand, and the bondsman gets 2000 dollars. We could come up with that here in 1/2 hr…
    Also the doc in Pak needs to be rescued.

  • Freddie Sykes

    There is NOTHING you say to police that can help you, Even if your testimony is recorded, their testimony in court will be based solely on their private notes and memory. Your word against their. Do not let them into your house without a warrant and do not accompanying them anywhere without being arrested, Do not respond to any of their questions. Your right to silence is not predicated on having a lawyer.

    Think of the politicized justice system with its unionized police enforcers as John Galt would.

  • donh

    Sounds like a SWATTING incident. ….More of that fundamental transformation into Nazi Germany.

  • Jeff C

    Scary story, but I have to echo the words of others; do not let the police into your house without a warrant, do speak to them without representation present, and for goodness sakes don’t voluntarily go downtown with them to “clear a few things up”.

    If police show up on your doorstep, step out onto the porch, pull the door shut behind you and speak to them there. Even if you have nothing to hide, inviting the police into your residence during an investigation is foolish.

    If you ever feel like you are being harassed or intimidated by the police, just ask, “am I being detained or am I free to go?” If they don’t have probable cause they have to let you go, it is the law. You have no legal duty to cooperate with an investigation, particularly without representation present.

    Of course, you may want to cooperate with police to clear up a misunderstanding. But do it on your terms, not theirs. An excellent video, “Ten rules for dealing with police”


    We can still support law enforcement without tossing aside our hard fought constitional rights.

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  • King

    I’d recommend a security system at the front door that included an intercom and a camera. That way they have to identify themselves before you open the door. And no matter what happens you have it on tape without shoving a camcorder in their faces. Also time for you and your loved ones to conceal carry if they don’t already. You need to minimize risk for you and your family. You’re a public figure and the Left has a history of violence. And as many others have pointed out, if you aren’t under arrest don’t go anywhere, speak to, or cooperate in any way with the police unless an attorney is present.

  • Jet Jaguar

    Hate to say, but to add to the self-protection list (which I’m sure you’ve already been rolling around in your head a zillion times by now): install cameras with mics at your door, around your home, and in your car; get in the habit of being able to prove/verify your activities and whereabouts at all times; start packing, if not already.

    A depressing hassle, but it goes with the territory in our increasingly polarized country.

    May God remember His promise of protection for you!: “The LORD watches over you–the LORD is your shade at your right hand.” Psalm 121:5

  • C-Christian Soldier

    Thomas More Law!! I’m sure Phyllis Shalafly knows of other advocacy firms…

    Reading the comments on surveillance and not answering police questions etc- has given me information for my family’s and my protection-
    I hope everyone here will act upon them-

    Jim- sorry you had to go through this-
    Thank you for sharing …

  • Rose

    Take it very seriously, Jim.

    I wonder if copies of the old Jimmy Stewart movie are still available:


    The Mortal Storm – 1940

    TONIGHT when I did the search on this movie as I have before so often, when I typed in the name, the correct movie flashed at the top of the list for a NANO SECOND, and disappeared. Seconds later, a list came up AND NOTHING ON THE ENTIRE LIST BORE ANY SLIGHT RESEMBLANCE to this movie. I noticed that last week on another, general – not IMDB – search.

    Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, Frank Morgan, Robert Young, Robert Stack, Bonita Granville, the very lovely Maria Ouspenskaya, Dan Dailey…

    Forget MOVIE PLOTS, this is just something to watch to help folks REMEMBER –
    HISTORY demands we pay attention, because we are many light years further down the road to Destruction than we think, when these things begin to happen.

    By the time most folks begin to take seriously what happened in Benghazi, REGARDING WHAT ATMOSPHERE THAT OBAMA PERSONALLY SET, it will be far too late for these stuporous people’s opinions to matter in the least.

  • Rose

    Jim – Psalm 91 is known as The Soldiers Shield, please use it many times a day – and reverse the curses against you and your family, by His Blood, as well

  • I don’t answer police questions. Not without a lawyer. Not even with a lawyer. I say that and then I tell them to leave. I don’t even open the door to them. As others have said they are not your friends. It amazes me how so many people are fooled by them.

  • Noovuss

    Jim really?
    Jim, you should follow the advice of #4, he knows what he’s talking about.
    Check your house or have it checked professionally for bugs and contraband placed by the police. You have already made some big mistakes, consult a lawyer now. Don’t ever give up your rights like that again, it could really “F” up your life.

  • Jaynie59

    I’m going to add my 2 cents to the others telling you to NEVER TALK TO THE COPS. Here’s a video that is worth the 48 minutes:


    It’s a very entertaining lecture given to law students by a professor and a cop. It’s not only very funny, it’ll scare the pants off you. If I were you, Jim, I’d get in touch with a lawyer NOW and make sure they deal with the cops from now on. You may have already given them enough to charge you with something.

    As far as the old man’s story is concerned? He’s lying. Politcal violence ALWAYS comes from the left. Always.

  • squeaky

    “As far as the old man’s story is concerned?” i would believe Jim is a known which would put a target [for harassment] on his back. so i guess they were on his site…..hi mr policia. they can try to shut Jim up but the idea of silencing us… as they say that horse is out of the barn so it’s a little too late.

  • Tom Kubiak, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

    And to think, “They” teach our children. Liberalism is a POX on us.

  • Chris W.

    This is exactly why the Tea Party went silent. This is not an isolated incident of intimidation against conservatives.

  • mg4us

    Jim. . .and others

    Beware and Be Afraid. . .

    Look what is happening in our ally England


    Kevin Carrol’s story will soon be coming to America should Obama win. . .

    Need to awaken our fellow citizens. . that is why the work Jim does scares the left. . .They know we are on to them.

  • bobdog

    This doesn’t even come close to passing the smell test. You were a speaker at this event, not some lurker at the back of the crowd. You’re a public figure, at least among us insane conservative radicals. You had no contact with this person whatsoever and no reason to attack him other than his pathetically poor choice of bumper stickers. That’s supposedly what set you off?

    Give me a break. Your attorney should demand that the police show cause and explain why they think you’re a person of interest. If there is any hint of probable cause, I’d be absolutely amazed.

    I’ve seen your future. Both you and your attorney are smiling. It includes money.

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  • DANEgerus

    A new form of SWAT’ing

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  • flyoverland

    I know the hotel. I know the store. I read about the man’s claim in a local website. The man claimed his attacker was about sixty and had blonde hair. I thought they also had a description of the alleged attacker’s car, but I might be wrong. anyway, to get to this store from that hotel, you would have to cross four lanes of very busy traffic, or drive. So, what? They think you were so worked up after attending this meeting that you decided you would go over to a grocery story in the most Republican city in the state and look for some Obama supporters to harass? I think that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I shop there a couple of times a week. Sure glad my hair is totally grey.

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  • chuck in st paul

    It would be a real shame if some crazy conservative actually beat the crap out of this liar. Just sayin’ …

  • Dale

    Before you know it, your blog will be illegal under the “Fairness Doctrine”. Gosh Jim – glad you are okay. You know, they just took out Andrew Breitbart – I think you’re getting high profile now and I pray for your safety. It’s like having to worry about the Polit-Bureau now- GEEZ!!!

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  • Jim:

    The proper response to the police would have been to tell them that you didn’t care what they preferred — unless you were, in fact, under arrest, you would be taking your shower and driving your own car down to the station. Better yet, you should have refused to go to the station at all and informed the officers that they could interview you in your home — and that you would be recording the entire interrogation for posterity AND for publication on your website.

    If they didn’t like your conditions, they had two options — they could have left without questioning you or they could have arrested you if (and only if) they could get a warrant from a judge. Seeing the weakness of their entire case, it is unlikely that they could have prevailed even under the low standards needed to obtain a warrant.

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