**Gulp** Obama’s Crowds Continue to Dwindle (Video)

FOX News compared pictures today of Barack Obama’s crowds in 2008 versus today. In late October 2008 over 100,000 came out to see Barack Obama in Denver. Fast forward to today… Only 16,000 showed up to see Barack in Denver this week.

On October 26, 2008 over 100,000 supporters turned out to see Barack Obama in Denver.


Fast forward to today… On October 24, 2012 only around 16,000 turned out to see Obama.

Mitt Romney had over 25,000 at his overflow rally this week in Colorado.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    But the polls are using Dem turnout samples greater than 2008. Makes perfect sense to me.

  • mg4us

    Agree #1. .

    And they are having a difficult time for his next stop in Tampa, giving tickets away everywhere. .

    Just like at DNC in Charlotte trying to fill the stadium before they decided to go back to the much smaller arena

    As BB King says: The Trill is Gone

    Even Tingles Chris Matthews lost his tingles. . he is now having a stroke

  • Militant Conservative

    America in general has found out what a hateful disgusting petty and thoughtless

    individual Obama is. Obama is stumping for the ignorant stupid american.

    Sadly these individuals are very close to a majority.

    If they are, America is done.

  • Cari

    I saw a comment somewhere from someone who tried to attend the Red Rock rally in Denver who estimated that at least 10,000 were turned away from the event, due mostly to lack of parking.

  • Keller29

    Ahh but what you don’t see in the pics are the 76,000 dead people who will vote twice for Obama in Colorado.

  • Dave-O

    I saw the “16,000” number used in the Denver Post report – the liberal rag which wastes a lot of ink and trees shilling for, and recently endorsing, President Zippy. I doubt very much there was anything CLOSE to 16,000 out at that rally yesterday. It was held in mid-day on a cold and cloudy day.

    But then again, it’s amazing how many more people are now able to attend a mid-day event held during the work week. Lots more than in 2008, that’s for sure.

  • bg


    heh, even CiC Obama can’t stretch his union
    thugs that far, bring em home!! oh wait.. /s/


  • johnt

    16,000, that’s still a lot of morons.

  • snap boy

    Carl, I saw that comment too. Even allowing for someone with no experience at estimating crowds going a bit overboard, it’s probably safe to say at least 5,000 were turned away.

  • bg


    Photos: Obama & Big Bird Rally At Denver’s City Park

    ht: Look-Out

    “Big Bird, Binders & Bayonets”


  • Emilie Green

    I guess he’s not the one we’ve been waiting for after all.


  • Joe College

    Here comes Wag-The-Dog…

    France Sending Drones To Mali, Europe Pledging Support Against Extremists

    If Europe decides the emergency dictates it save Timbuktu from al-quaeda before the American elections, and it needs American military support to do that, then I do not buy it.

    Keep in mind socialist Europe is being held afloat right now partially by IMF commitments. That means your tax money, and under this government it means by the will of Obama. Eventually it may be necessary to extend the Libya campaign into central Africa, but any decision to do that before our election is political.

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  • bg


    re: Joe College #12 – page 1 October 25, 2012 at 9:43 am

    thanks, posted the following a few days ago..

    Guess where U.S. troops go next

    [Analysts believe the resolution, which may pass within the next 30
    days, calls for members to provide military training and equipment to
    halt the spread of jihadists in the western portion of the continent.

    The object of concern is al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM, which
    not only is threatening Mali but some of its neighbors, including Algeria
    and Mauritania. AQIM already is in control of the northern portion of Mali
    – the Azawad region — with international efforts under way to take it back.

    AQIM, however, is gearing up for possible action by increasing
    defenses, such as laying landmines and digging trenches.

    Washington is preparing to extend its unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs,
    or drones, to target AQIM strongholds in Mali. AQIM already is in U.S.
    gunsights for the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

    Until recently, the U.S. has had troops in Mali but has had to pull them
    out due to the increasing political turmoil in Mali’s capital of Bamako.
    As a result, there are fears that the northern portion of Mali will come
    increasingly under the influence of AQIM and become a new sanctuary
    for international terrorism.]


  • bg


    re: #14 – page 1 October 25, 2012 at 10:05 am bg

    re: Joe College #12 – page 1 October 25, 2012 at 9:43 am

    October 21, 2012

    France: Iran seems on track for nukes by mid-2013


  • bg


    re: #14 October 25, 2012 at 10:05 am bg

    btw, we’re also in Jordan, and on the Syrian border..


  • Skinner

    I live in Denver – no way that crowd was 16,000 – the Denver Post (our only newspaper) is a leftist rag completely in the Obama camp – this is such a BS number!

    Liars – all of them.

    As one wag calls reporters (and the Denver Post wankers fit this bill)…”Democrat operatives with a byline”.

    FWIW – no way it was 100,000 back in 2008!


    Can’t wait for this wet blanket of doom Obama has over us to be lifted Nov. 7th.

  • kato

    Next, American taxpayers will be told they need to pay so that Section VIII parasites can have free transportation to see their sugar daddies and race pimps.

    Can’t get photo IDs, can’t go to school, can’t raise thier own children, but, hey, they demand respect. And lots and lots of handouts.

  • http://photos.denverpost.com/2012/10/23/video-romney-ryan-rally-draws-huge-crowd-at-red-rocks/……….Media has been trying to hide Romney and Ryan massive crowds

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  • Flintstone F.

    Don’t trust these numbers other than that there were two events that had a total of 36,000 to 40,000 people. I go with 25,000 Romney, 10,000 Obama.

    Romney event to capacity thousands turned away. Traffic snarled.
    Obama event in the middle of the city came and went hardly noticed.

    Just a suspicious guess.

  • Paula

    Gulp can you actually get that considering the fact that I believe 100% that Romney will win with a landslide no one believes in dumbo/bozo anymore except for z few idiots you might be just shocked when what I believe with Romney win will come to pass

  • Larkin

    That there is even a tiny crowd for obama, illustrates the depravity of the state-run media in trying to drag him across the finish.

    Come on, o-bots! If o was actually intending to do something about the economy, why wouldn’t he have already done it? Especially with a clear majority for two whole years!

    Instead, he handed out a trillion in “stimulus” as political favors, and has done every thing he could do to derail our energy independence.


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  • Patty

    Polls with Large Voter Samples All Favor Romney; Smaller, Less Reliable Polls All Favor Obama. Why?

    http://cdn.pjmedia.com/tatler/files/2012/10/rcp10-24-12.jpg VIEW


  • Patty

    There are so many disturbing events that would have taken down another president. But he still persists on and still believes he can be re-elected. I would say this is why he goes on so many comedy shows.

    Obama is a joke.

  • valerie

    #25 October 25, 2012 at 11:05 am
    Patty commented:

    Polls with Large Voter Samples All Favor Romney; Smaller, Less Reliable Polls All Favor Obama. Why?

    It’s easy. All you have to do is quit while you’re ahead.

  • bg


    October 25, 2012

    What gender gap? 😀


  • mg4us

    The incredible shrinking President. . .

    People don’t show up because:
    – Looking for a job
    – No money to buy gas that is over $4/gal
    – Unions cannot afford to bus them in like last time (blew their wad in Wisconsin)
    – Mommy & Daddy won’t let them out of the basement this time. . .

  • 100,000 self-deluding fools.

  • mg4us

    What is even more impressive is that Right leaning/conservative voters usually work or have other commitments that must be managed and jiggled in order to make time to get to a Romney event. . .

    So all that more impressive

    And Look at this from Des Moines paper

    Romney Optimistic while Obama is Angry, snarky and quite negative

  • Joe Blow

    Please tell me again why 16,000 people are showing up for Obama? There shouldn’t be one in the audience, idiots.

  • upjumpedthedevil

    At Willard and Roadmap Ryan’s Red Rocks jerkathon Monday night, at least 3,631,242 people couldn’t get in because all 10,000 seats were filled. That’s a fact.

  • upjumpedthedevil

    Pardon me, Tuesday night. Monday night Willard was on the TV sweating like a pig.

  • valerie

    #34 October 25, 2012 at 1:58 pm
    upjumpedthedevil commented:

    Feeling lonely, troll?

  • Mvracing

    I am sick to death of DEMOCRATS!!!

  • bg


    Macho Mormon 🙂


  • bg


    valerie #35 October 25, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    re: upjumpedthedevil #34




  • AuntieMadder

    If Kenya Boy ever wants to draw 2008-sized crowds again, he’d better learn to play guitar or take more singing lessons or something.

  • Slick

    You are a bunch of racist trailer trash people none of you damn dummy’s are from America you think you own this country your type will be the down fall of America I served 10 years in the army and hate the fact that I did it for people like you racist pieces of crap

  • Slick

    When your daughters get raped and are forced to have kids they don’t want and should not be forced to have be thankful that you voted for mitt. Cause you dum women that vote for mitt when your rights are gone be happy and stay in the kitchen and get paid less than men you deserve that. Mitts from Mexico or is it that he is white and not black that’s why your voting for him cause he is white only in America

  • Flintstone F.

    Hey Slick, take a breath. Are you yelling or mumbling?

  • Slick

    No I just hate racist people and that’s all I see I wonder if they hate those repugs that signed a pledge to do what ever it took to make Obama fail even if it sent us back into a recession. Oh I guess gas was cheaper under bush you people are stupid it was almost 4$ only reason gas was 1.50$ cause the market crashed oh let me guess mitt will get it back down wrong he would be the worst president ever wake up and stop looking at color and listen to what they say mitt has told to many lies. You people would rather be lied to than vote for a black president damn shame