Romney Ahead In Electoral College

According to Romney’s internal polling, our Republican presidential candidate is +3 in New Hampshire and +4 or 5 in Ohio.

Via Free RepublicRace42012 reported the Tweets from Breitbart editor, Mike Flynn,

Evidently, the good news wasn’t getting out fast enough through the public polls, so Team Romney decided to grease the wheels of public perception a bit. If these are close to true, Romney may very well be leading on the electoral vote board for the first time since this race began…

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  • RealMc

    R&R 2012………..

  • Bill Mitchell

    Well, even Rasmussen is using a 2008 sample in his polling. How else do you explain a +4 Republican electorate, a +15 Republican enthusiasm gap, a +7 lead for Romney with Independents but only a +2 lead in the polls?

    Yes, glad to see Romney playing some hardball here. Save the best for last.

  • Dale

    Republicans don’t rest on your laurels though, EVERY single Republican needs to vote this election. We need to crush team Obama worse than Reagan crushed Carter. This man will destroy America if not thrown out of office. I am a father of 3 kids and want them to have the same America that I enjoyed growing up in.

  • RealMc

    @ #3 October 7, 2012 at 9:55 am
    Dale commented:


  • Flintstone F.


    Worry not. If people feel the way I do, they count down the days to election like a kid anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas.

    30 days.

    Romney in a landslide.

  • George

    Just vote! We will win!

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  • John Dunn

    I live in a deep blue county in Ohio, and so far I have seen only 3 Obummer signs and Romney signs everywhere. This is coal country and the most popular sign is Stop the war on coal, fire Obama.

  • Lewis Colby

    I suppose in order to compare apples to apples all the pollsters use a version of the 2008 presidential vote model to project the possible vote in this presidential year. But to not look at the 2010 mid term vote which was a referendum on Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the democrats is to miss completely what will happen this November 6th. After the historic drubbing did they learn any lesson? Change direction? Move to the center? Compromise with Republicans? No, no, no and no. In fact Obama doubled down on everything. Now in 2012 the economy is worse, the horrors of Obamacare are more evident every week and Joe Biden is touting a One Trillion Dollar increase in taxes should he and Obama win. Keep calm, focused and vote on November 6th so you will be able to tell your grandchildren you were part of the second American Revolution that vanquished socialism. A rout is in the making.

  • bg


    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • gary gulrud

    Willard was ahead anyway, the debate(and Hume is bang on) just put all the leans blue states outside the margin of error for Romany.

  • Big Red

    Anything that wipes that self-satisfied smirk off Bob Beckel’s face is good for me.

    Your boy is losing, fatso! Deal with it!

  • William

    The Economist has Romney ahead in the Electoral College :

  • This may not be the first time Romney is ahead in the electoral college. According to professors Berry and Bickers of the University of Colorado he may have been ahead in the electoral college all along, with another uptick this week.

  • Sandy

    Close to 80 Million people watched that debate to check out Romney. The next day voter registrations were up 10-1 for Republicans. A lot of new voters, maybe. But also a lot of Registered Dems who want to voice their anger at the rip-off this Prez turned out to be.

    As far as the Jobs numbers — its a Hail Mary Pass. They know that unless the economy shows improvement at least 6 months in advance people will not feel a change. Sounds like The Obama Campaign is in a State of Panic.

    One thing that has me puzzled is why all of a sudden the entire media turned on Obama after the debate. After all he wasn’t any worse than he usually is. Romney was just a Hell of a lot better.

  • Look-Out

    BHO has failed us (or betrayed us – you decide) on every level. This week, with Romney’s speech in particular, and hopefully the VP debate, we’ll be reminded how critical this election is to us all. Here’s Romney’s response to a very alarming BHO “open mic” moment:

  • Patty

    Must keep the momentum, this is a MUST WIN.

  • Eddie Kovacs

    Well, as Glenn Reynolds often says: “Nice numbers, kid. Don’t get cocky.”

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  • Tom

    Come November 6th…ROLL TIDE!! ROLL!!

  • Jpmn

    The polls don’t count for anything until the big one on November 6th. Wether or not Romney is ahead work to beat Obama like our Nations future depends on it.

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