Ohio Student Arrested – Told Class He Wanted to Shoot Mitt Romney

Shaquille Brown was arrested on Monday in Ohio after talking about shooting Mitt Romney.

Brown blurted out while working in a group, “can we leave, because Romney is in town and I want to go shoot him.” (Clevescene)

CBS Local reported:

A community college student who was overheard by a teacher saying he wanted to leave class to go shoot Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during a visit to the state has been arrested and charged with inducing panic, police said.

Shaquille Brown told police after he was taken into custody that he didn’t even have a gun to do such a thing, according to an Elyria Police Department report.

Brown, 19, was charged Wednesday in Elyria Municipal Court with one count of inducing panic, a low-level felony. He said in a brief phone interview that he was just making a joke and never said anything about shooting.

Brown, of Elyria, a two-hour drive north of Columbus, was arrested Monday after a teacher at Lorain County Community College overheard him during a time that students were doing group work in a class, the police report said.

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  • Bigkahuna

    If Obama had a son…….

  • FurryGuy

    Yet the American Pravda media complex breathlessly declaims it is Conservatives/the TEA Party that are the violent ones. Uh-huh, yup.

  • American Woman

    Racist to the core; isn’t that right MSNBC, CNN, NBC? Oh, it’s a joke, hmmm fancy that….

  • Sarge

    What an idiot; it SHOULD be illegal to be that stupid and walk around free.

    We’d need a prety big jail, though.

  • Not Always Right

    What is just as disturbing is that this person can vote; however, if there is a just God he is actually too stupid to figure out how to vote.

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  • Barry S

    A huge over reaction IMHO, and I am a right winger.

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  • dwdude

    Inappropriate comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • Hussein

    Inappropriate comment removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • Maybe the police are finally waking up to what is going on out there. There are areas in Columbus that if you have a Romney sticker on your car, don`t stop, you will be in danger from these peace looking obama supporters. Yet the same peace loving supporters can going anywhere they want and be in any kind of danger.

  • jodi

    Barry S., you are not a “right winger” or you wouldn’t feel the need to state that
    Plus, we call ourselves conservatives.
    I’m sure you think it is an overreaction but you libs would be the first to be pissing & moaning if he wasn’t arrested for saying the same thing about shooting Obama! Or, would that be OK b/c the criminal is black? What a bunch of ignorants.

  • Maybe the police are finally waking up to what is going on out there. There are areas in Columbus that if you have a Romney sticker on your car, don`t stop, you will be in danger from these peace loving obama supporters. Yet the same peace loving supporters can going anywhere they want and will not be in any kind of danger.

  • Hugh

    Wow–shocked that anyone actually did anything! Time to start holding people who threaten violence against conservatives (and anyone else for that matter) accountable. The filth that is spewing forth on Twitter is disgusting. There is very limp enforcement if threats are against a conservative. How is that right? For me but not for thee?

  • Dee

    Obama said, “Get in their face” and “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun”
    Never in history has there been this much division. Enough is enough.
    Vote Romney to O’MITT OBAMA and the rest of his gang (and supporters).

  • Farid

    I went back to college 10 years ago to become a teacher. In Idaho, you don’t have to join the union, and I made it very clear in my classes that I was very anti union. One of my professors said, “You can’t fix things from the outside.”

    so I joined as a student and became President of the ISU (Idaho State University) student union (part of the Idaho Education Association).

    While attending a meeting in Boise in the summer of 2003, one of the reps from my home town said in a political discussion, “Anyone who voted for George Bush in 2000 should be shot in the head.” He received a near-standing ovation.

    But someone in a class says something similar and gets arrested.

    Sigh …..

  • valerie

    I’m glad somebody is taking threats like this seriously. The whole class probably knows this guy’s a nut, and the teacher may be the only one with enough sense to recognize that he just might be dangerous.

  • valerie
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  • Highlander

    Give the kid a break … he’s just doing what he’s been taught to do ….

  • Mad Hatter

    If Obama would have had a son…

  • bg
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  • Charlie

    I wonder if they offer an AA in Brain Surgery?

  • Offier

    Romney’s the hateful one. Sneaking around in a meeting with the super rich talking about 50% of Americans not being worth his time. This student deserves a medal for recognizing how dangerous Romney would be for America! The student didn’t induce panic, but Romney sure would if he’s elected.

  • Desert Dweller

    I’ll blame the whole thing on the liberal media. They have stirred up the radical liberals by painting such a bad, hateful image of Romney.


    I don’t like the looks of the guy but being arrested for shooting off your mouth makes my skin crawl.

  • squeaky

    [Two-thirds of those who have found employment under President Obama are immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to an analysis that suggests immigration has soaked up a large portion of what little job growth there has been over the past three years.] ah, shaquille we have a disconnect.

  • squeaky

    if we were to do a little flipping and let the target of this threat be obama every media venue would be leading with the white racist who threatened the 1st black president. the AP has already done their bit to feed that monster……and it isn’t lost on the black orientated venues.

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  • Arty

    “A huge over reaction IMHO, and I am a right winger.”

    Arresting him was the right thing to do. And I’m a left winger.

  • jony101

    good job getting a job with an attitude and he definitely wont like people bossing him around especially white supervisors. A wasted college education but he aint paying out of pocket. He will be out in time to vote for obama. We wont read about this in the regular news, just like bengazi isnt in the regular news.

  • Unless you are inciting a riot, or causing a panic you are free to say whatever you want too. That is what the 1st amendment says . Unless there was a real panic there is no cause to arrest this guy at all .

  • john

    white people yelling racist? that’s what they do best I guess, liberal or conservative. get over yourselves.

  • Befuddled

    Liberals in the media are culpable for this type of bs racism.How do people like living in apartheid South Africa.

  • Bob

    In Nazi Germany Hitler indoctrinated children who then denounced their own parents to their teachers. The parents were quickly arrested by the Gestapo and placed in concentration camps, never to be seen again. People are now as partisan in this country as Germans were in Germany. As an instructor at an Ohio public university, if I heard someone like this man say what he did, I hope I would take the time to talk to him about how important it is not to say such things because they could be taken literally. People say their thoughts aloud very often, not really contemplating any real action.

  • Deserttrek

    good .. its about time some of the Romney threat throwers are dealt with.

    i think its racism or a “hate crime” would be if it was reversed

  • Nanny St8 College

    Yeah, right, “overhearing” semi-private conversations and running to report them, instead of confronting that bearded idiot right there in class. I guess I would still be sitting in Guantanamo for all the joking threats and plots I was exchanging with my grade-school classmates. Don’t tell me that the teacher had any reason to be afraid of an armed terrorist sitting in her class.

  • DavidCee

    Another mental giant. Surprised he was actually IN class.

  • squeaky

    “white people yelling racist? that’s what they do best I guess, liberal or conservative.” geeze louise it works so well for others john.

  • the wolf

    The party of gun control continues to express a fondness for using guns to kill its opponents.

  • Time For Real Change

    The lack of sophistication with these people is quite stunning. If these morons do not know the laws of this country, how do we expect them to abide by them? It’s not just this particular muslim beard-wearin’, Pell-grantin’, drop-out-in-waiting. This kind of crap is all over the public domain on Twitter and Facebook. I think ol’ Abe Lincoln was right: “The races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.”

  • guess the Party

  • guess the race

  • Chris W.

    Your mother must be very proud, sir.

  • Blue Hen

    So. It was a joke huh? How many laughs did it get? How many is it getting now? Do ya think that you’d rake in the chuckles if you substituted a Democrat for your original target, that is, your ‘punchline’? Or would you never even consider making such a ‘jest’?

    Remember this champ; comedy may be king, but we live in a republic.

  • Romney Supporter

    This is retarded. Children are being murdered in Chicago right now. This guy is not a threat, just a misinformed voter.

  • kato

    Too bad. He looks so intelligent. He could have been the first in his family to pay taxes.

  • Temnota

    Aaaaaand cue the claim that arresting this guy is vote suppression in 3…2…1…

  • Immolate

    I believe everyone has a duty to inform the authorities of a threat they consider genuine. I also think that everyone should use discretion in assessing how real the threat is. The authorities should have some familiarity with sorting out the bluster from the actual threats, and I’d expect that a high percentage of these types of things that make it to that level should be easily dismissed. But everyone is terrified of being held liable if the threat is carried out, they are reluctant to assume any risk whatsoever of being held accountable for ignoring a threat. So they pass the buck up, and to hell with the consequences. It’s time for the whole country to “man up” and use their common sense. Who among you has not said or heard someone close to you say something as bad, just not in public earshot? Do you think their lives (or yours) should be ruined as a result of your intemperate mutterings? I don’t. Color me libertarian on this topic.

  • Campfollower

    Allow me to religious-profile and speculate. That’s a nice, Muslim-looking beard thingy the guy is sporting. And do you think it’s possible that the rest of the story is…maybe the guy has spouted off before, maybe about terrorism, maybe about class warfare, maybe about other issues such as guns, revolution, Columbine, the Batman shooting, whatever.

    Maybe that teacher/professor or whomever called the cops had reason to believe the guy wasn’t just joking.

  • Campfollower

    Allow me to religiously-profile. Nice-looking Muslim beard-thingy on his face, right? And perhaps someone had overheard him at various times this semester talking about Columbine, terrorism, the Batman shooting, class warfare or whatever.

    At my daughter’s high school, white kids are being threatened for supporting Romney. White administrators are doing nothing so far, the same way they did nothing after the 2008 election when the black minority in the school held a black power march down the halls, yelling at those they believed were political in their support of McCain. This is an upper middle class suburban high school, and the closest these kids have ever been to the ‘hood is on their Wii or Xbox.

  • MJ

    Kudos to the teacher fro calling the appropiate authorities

  • burt

    The Democratic Party has seen this as the solution since Lincoln. I guess they were right. Andrew Johnson, southern Democrat, did his best for the Confedercy.

  • raul

    Arrested for “inducing panic”???? Should’nt he be charged with Threatening an assination on a public figure!!!! Even when ” THEY ” threaten violence political correctness still comes into play,PATHETIC! If a white person threatened king zero they would be put UNDER the jail with hundreds of charges! “THEY” want obama so bad because THEY know obama will increase 100 fold the double standard in America! “They” will never be able to run America successfully,just look at the condition of the nation now! They know damn well that THEIR double standard will end when President Romney is at the helm,and then America will finally be able to regain her exceptional status in the world!

  • Kip Spelling

    Here is one black man who will not vote for Obama, just because of Obamas skin color:


    Help me pass this video around, I want to get to 1 Million views by Nov 6th.

  • Westerner

    Barry S…

    You reveal yourself…

    Now lets reverse the “target” from Mitt, and point that comment at YOU, or someone YOU love…

  • bud

    Arresting him for what was probably hyperbole? Come on, folks, get a life.

    Ask yourself this question, “If the name in the comment was, say, Simon Cowell, instead of Romney (or Obama) , would you be worried? Would the student still have been arrested? If the student was a middle class white kid, would he have been arrested?”

    There’s a difference between prudence and paranoia. The power structure in this country has gone overboard.

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