Barack Obama hates the poor and middle class.


Thanks to Barack Obama gas prices doubled, incomes dropped, unemployment soared and the deficit nearly tripled in less than four years.
The poor and middle class suffered the most.

The Republican Study Group released this information.

A few points about the chart above, which visualizes these trends all too well.
** According to analysts at Sentier Research, median household income has dropped $4,520, or about one month’s average wages, since President Obama took office.
** The average price for a gallon of gas has more than doubled since January 2009, from under $2 to now almost $4.

More… Obama is a net jobs killer




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  1. The commies have won. This complete fraud punk racist is “ahead” in the “polls”. I can’t make eye contact with most Americans. You ignorant complete fools. You lifelong democrats who think this communist racist is a democrat from 1950. You idiot fools. Think how many hard working democrats will vote for this anti American fraud punk racist because he says he is a democrat. He is a racist communist, you idiot fools. Put your phone away, shut the tv off and wake the F up.

  2. #23

    You can’t make eye contact with most Americans? You see them as ignorant complete fools? Sounds like you’re living in the wrong country. Find a country where you can actually respect your fellow citizens. You won’t be missed.

    America! Love it or leave it!

  3. #15

    You really think that Romney is winning? Well, the big money boys disagree. They are beginning to pull their money from Romney so they can spend it on House and Senate candidates that have a chance to win.

    There are several news articles about this lately. Here is one from Fox Business.

    If Romney doesn’t win big on Wed night, all the big money will head for the exits. A lot of it will actually go to Obama. Big money only cares about backing the winner, so they will have influence after the election.

  4. A lot of it will actually go to Obama. Big money only cares about backing the winner, so they will have influence after the election.

    The big problem with Obie is that Big Money donations are no guarantee that the influence will be there when they need it. He’d take their contributions, but at crunch time he’d be more than willing to sell all of them out in a New York minute.

    Would you give someone money if you weren’t sure he wouldn’t turn on you if he found himself in a rather tight spot politically?

  5. This proves that my economic policies are working… to kill American jobs!

    My plans are clever but simple. I first kill all the energy explorations jobs.

    Next, I get Americans dependent on Arab Oil. Finally, I send gas prices sky high!

    The Rubes go bankrupt and end up on Food Stamps. They have to vote for me!

    I win the election!

    Pretty clever!

    Get on Food Stamps you Rubes! Haha!

  6. Sounds on here like the Dims think they finally have enough stuffed ballot boxes, blocked military votes, and plenty of double/quadruple-voting snowbirds, and cemetaries, and illegal aliens and SEIU/ACORN thugs to swamp the counting, and enough Black Panther/Muslim terrorists to not have to worry about the Constitution any more.

    Emphasis is on “Dims think” – and we know how well they excel at THAT. LOL!


  7. Just alerting you that the link at the very bottom of this post is faulty….

    More… Obama is a net jobs killer

    It should lead to:

  8. Guys, I don’t think Romney stands a chance. The Middle East is in flames, the economy’s in the tank, gas prices are at an all time high, unemployment’s the highest since the great depression, guns from fast and furious have been linked to a massacre of teens in Mexico, 44 of 50 states are bankrupt, and all of this can be directly attributed to President Obama’s incompetence.

    But does anyone care? The major story on the big 3 networks is about an independent contractor for Florida contractors whose accused of voter registration fraud, the hottest story of the elections is a 30 second clip from a hidden web cam video, taken out of context, and “Honey Boo Boo” was rated higher than either of the conventions. I’m not sure if the people don’t care because the media isn’t covering it, or if the media isn’t covering it because the people don’t care.

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