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  • SA Armistead

    this news of the cable is a rehash of 3 week old news about security. i see no black helicopters anywhere. the carter ham story has no legs either. the only thing that will stick, float or pencil will have to be a admission that panetta said no deal folks.
    where in the history of military engagement, korea, vietnam, panama, the gulf does an attack aircraft not go into an unknown situation. what do they need to proceed. thats why they call it the fog of war. why does someone not say, the president does not want annother blackhark down incident 5 weeks before the election.
    last and very important and its riduculous why nobody mentions it. why would the seal paint the target morter are with laser and expose themselves to attack unkless he thought the spectre gunship was coming. was he led to believe that it was. i mean really, why get attract fire unless he was informed inaccurately on purpose.