The Obama campaign official website posted this today.
Via LifeNews news:
“Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend on It”

The Democrats believe the only issue important to women this year is abortion.
They’ve reduced women to the sum of their reproductive organs.




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  1. I am fed up with the obama administration talking about my lady parts. Look democrats, they are MY lady parts and MY business and I only talk about them and share them with whom I choose… so STOP trying to win an election USING my lady parts… PIMPS!

  2. If this election is not about jobs and the economy, no election ever will be.

    Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?

  3. Rush Limbaugh mentioned it then they took it down, still cached in Yahoo.

  4. My “lady-parts” are my business and no one else’s — certainly not the business of a bunch of Democrats that want to wave them in the breeze to win an utter failure another totally undeserved term.

    Talk about an utter lack of common sense! Ugh!

  5. TeachX3 #1
    You got that right!!!!

  6. scrub it* typo

  7. Spider #2 … exactly! One thing I can say is, my lady parts where much better off 4 years ago… they had privacy! This OBAMA ECONOMY is taking a very, very hard toll on my family. We cannot have another term of this destructive administration, we will have nothing left!

  8. RE #8 … *were* not where :/

  9. LMAO! The Democrats who “tolerate” and embrace sharia law, which turns women into rape victims, want women to believe they are going to protect their “lady parts?”

    Whose going to protect them, Mike Tyson? Bill Clinton? Gary Condit?

  10. I’ve sold off all my jewelry (including wedding rings), multiple household items, any thing and everything of ‘value’ that we have… in order to buy FOOD! We do not get state / fed assistance… my husband works two jobs from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm, I’m disabled and doing all I can to help support us. We will do what we have to do to survive, but, if there is a *chance* that things could get better, should we not take it?! We KNOW what an obama Presidency gives… let us take a chance on the other guy! I’m pretty PO’d today. Struggling is seriously getting to me today. I know I’m just preaching to the choir here at this site… but MAN how come people don’t get it?!? I’m tired of being lower middle class… I want the OPPORTUNITY FOR A BETTER LIFE and nobody, not man, not government can give that to me, *I* will earn it, however, they CAN GET THE HECK OUT OF MY WAY! ugh

  11. Why are my lady parts part of a national election? Democrats are sick.

  12. My “lady parts” produced three beautiful children. If it were up to Obama and his minions, I would have murdered them all in the womb.

    Obama is the only Senator who defended opposing the Infant Born Alive Act. A very evil, evil man.

    The Communist party, I mean Democrat party, sinks to new disgusting lows every day.

  13. Facebook will not let me post this article to my page.

  14. they admitting Obama is a p_ _ _y?

  15. Sorry Dems, but all this talk about birth control in INSULTING to me! I am NOT a whore! Most of us women are more worried about our jobs and income-not to mention bills!

  16. I’m a former 40 year Democrat, and I’m so sick of my old party getting women ALL WRONG!!!! What we really need to do is think about other things than what’s between our legs….

  17. It is never mentioned that the birth control pill causes strokes and heart attacks in young women. I know two 20 year olds who had strokes, directly linked to usage of birth control pills. Young women who use the birth control pill for ten years are often rendered infertile. I can’t remember the percentage off hand, but it was a real shocker to here. There are many women who do not support the killing of the unborn, so they alienate many women as well.

  18. Under Obama, things are just going to get worse. At least Romney knows how to make money; Obama only knows how to spend it.

  19. “…a real shocker to ‘hear’.

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