Newt Gingrich and Liz Cheney Agree – We Are Witnessing the Collapse of the Obama Regime (Video)

Newt Gingrich and Liz Cheney Agree – We Are Witnessing the Collapse of the Obama Regime
Both Newt Gingrich and Liz Cheney were on Hannity tonight and both agreed that this is the end of the Obama regime.

Agreed. The end is near.

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  • John

    As Glenn Reynolds says, “don’t get cocky.”

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  • JT

    I’ll believe it when the fat lady sings & Romney wins it. It’s way too close for comfort. Obama can still pull a “wag the dog” trick. Lord knows he’s cynical & dishonest enough.




  • donh

    America is having a David Bowie moment Turning to face the Ch ch ch changes

    I still don’t know what I was waiting for
    And my time was running wild
    A million dead-end streets
    Every time I thought I’d got it made
    It seemed the taste was not so sweet
    So I turned myself to face me
    But I’ve never caught a glimpse
    Of how the others must see the faker
    I’m much too fast to take that test


  • Another typical white person

    Praise God…Praise God!

  • If this is true then what will obama try to pull on Nov 7?
    I have heard many of the worst possible tales, and I hope the American people do not go that route.
    The bad point is that I beleive it has always been obama`s plan to destroy this country by any means he can.
    Lets just hope that it will be a peaceful transistion, and this country can restart itself with a new president!!!!!

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  • P. Aaron

    Collapse? What the hell was built in the 1st place? All of Obama’s presidency has been a blown-over house of cards.

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  • it will only be the end of the obama regime if romney wins and once elected removes everybody obama appointed and everybody his appointees hired. anybody think obama is up for that.

  • get back to work

    All comments by this offensive and blatant racist have been removed.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • Flintstone F.

    Obama is currently trying to reestablish his “etch-a-sketch” attack. He says “You know what a square deal is, well Romney is tryin’ to sell you a sketchy deal.” That’s all he’s got.

    45% is about right (it’s where he’s always been) and that comes up a big loser when things are still trending for Romney.

  • Stacy

    This is utter foolishness to talk this way. We have 3 long weeks to go, and anything can happen. Take nothing for granted and do whatever you can to help the Romney – Ryan ticket get over the top. No celebrating until it’s clear they’ve won.

  • Mari

    I’ll believe it when I hear: “…and the projected winner tonight is Mitt Romney for Pesident.” Until then…I will keep praying before, during, and after the election….

  • George

    Presidential elections in this country for a large percentage of the population is nothing more than a popularity contest.Don’t get your hopes up to high. And don’t forget, Obama has stolen a lot of money from the US treasury to buy votes!

  • EBL

    There is a basis for what Newt and Liz are saying: Which candidate had the worse night in Long Island?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …this is the end of the Obama regime.

    It can’t come soon enough.

  • mg4us

    and lets keep this in mind on November 6 when we go to vote

  • Calcon10

    There’s rumors (a website even) for an “October Surprise” (consensus by commenters seems to be a govt document, probably MA) to help Obama.

    “Wag the Dog” is a distinct possibility.

    These are very dangerous times. The (highly premature) crowing on conservative websites is appalling. Having lived in Chicago when Obama ran for Senate, I have observed first hand the ruthless obsession these people have for power, and their unscrupulous brutality in obtaining it.


  • Look-Out

    Here’s a debate reveal: In Barry’s mind, he’s bigger than the USofA —

    Obama responded:

    “Well, let me first of all talk about our diplomats, because they serve all around the world and do an incredible job in a very dangerous situation.”

    “Our” diplomats. That’s the perfunctory throwaway line. What followed was truly astonishing:

    “And these aren’t just representatives of the United States, they are my representatives. I send them there, oftentimes into harm’s way.”

    Whoa! Wait a second! “These aren’t ‘just’ representatives of the United States?”


    “They are my representatives. I send them there” — as if that’s the more important, bigger deal? America’s Ambassadors represent the country — not the man. Article II of the Constitution says that the President “by and with” — with, mind you! — “the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors…”

    Read more:

  • lizzy84

    I hope this is just idle speculation. That said, I know full well just what this Regime is capable of doing to get oBama re-elected:

  • Fionnagh

    I’m with many of the others on this thread – do NOT take anything for granted! I will not rest easier unti Romney is sworn in. Not just elected, but SWORN IN.

  • Look-Out

    Don’t forget..This is the BA&TARD in the White House:

    Starting with the killing of Osama bin Laden in May 2011, the Obama administration has, in a very real sense, “informed” Americans of current events via selective and random leaks (many of them apparently unintentional). For example, on the day after the bin Laden mission, both the president and the vice president identified SEAL Team 6 as the unit executing the mission.

    One might call this a “leak in plain sight,” but a leak it was, carrying with it every negative connotation in the word. From the perspective of my military mind, the identification of a specific unit as responsible for the death of bin Laden should, if it ever happened at all, have been the result of intelligence-gathering of the highest order on the part of America’s al-Qaeda enemy. That information surely should not have been provided “free of charge” by the nation’s commander-in-chief.

    Read more:

  • Highlander

    Nobody is taking anything for granted. I think conservatives are going to go out and vote in RECORD numbers. We saw the same indications of a landslide coming in 2010…. We were right then, and we’re right now. I’ve never bought into this idea that conservatives won’t go vote if we think we have it in the bag. That might be true of Democrats, and it might have been a little more likely back when the future of the country wasn’t hanging in the balance, but these are different times. Obama really shot himself in the foot with Obamacare and all the other arrogant executive orders and nose-thumbing he’s done. He scared the hell out of the patriots in this country, and we aren’t going to relax until the threat he poses to this country is GONE ….

  • Liz

    Do all the czars and michelle’s maidservants go too? And various tax cheats?

  • Look-Out

    Just in case anyone wants to read up/refresh memory re the creeps he brought with him:

  • Limousine Barry

    So I lied!

    You should have grown used to my lies after four years of them! I only lie on days of the week that end in Y. [Giggle… snort!]

    Let me be clear, I have known my campaign is collapsing from Davy Axelrod’s secret internal polls.

    People privately admit that “0bama is an lying idiot”, ‘“He doesn’t belong in the White House” and “0bama sucks.”

    That may be true! But, that will not stop me from stealing my donor’s money – to the very last dollar!

    Besides, my fat Crony Crowley promised me an eight point lead in the polls. My fat Crony Crowley failed me! She will pay!

    If you like the way I lie to you and get Americans killed then vote for me!

    And, this is ultra important! Send me $3.00 before midnight. I have run out of money and I have borrowed $69,666,000.00 for George Soros! He want’s his money back!

    My campaign bus is running out of expensive fuel and Davy Axelrod and another scam for my Hollywood Talking Heads like Chris Tingle and fat Crony Crowley of CNN. It’s a version of the bait and switch scam. I cannot go into details because my last bait and switch scam failed!

    I have my Swiss Bank Account and if necessary I will take my donor’s money move to the Isle of Man. It’s a good tax haven for tax cheats and swindlers. I will be in good company… with over $150,000,000.00 of my stolen donor’s money. Good riddance!

  • Your Inner Voice

    We are witnessing the fall of a nation, that would elect and support such “leadership” to rule over them. Those people have not left the country, and few if any have learned any lasting lesson from the last four years. The Dead Elephant Congress are the ones giving away our money to the Alinsky-ites to finance our enslavement and getting rich playing the markets by passing onerous regulatory laws. Half of the $5 trillion the Choomer-In-Chief has spent enslaving us with the REPUBLICAN Congress gave him.

    Have they struck down ObamaCare yet? Why not? Congress has the power of the purse…

  • Paula

    I agree that it’s the end of him but I believe that this is because he only had plans on being in office for 4years.Wake up people of all races this man who I believe is a super bad man I would have had no hesitation to vote for someone of another race but this man had his own secrets about how he wanted to crumble America .And he would do so even to the people who had voted for h I believe in private calling them idiots and him and his stupid wife having ling talks laughing all the time that some people could be so gubible .I as one of the people who he has had removed from a good paying job for no reason other I believe that his policies harmed the business along with obamacare had roughly400-500 people laid off.Wake up Democrats yu are being played for a fool.And look deeply into the demOcratic party in while they are so desperate to sling trash agains the republicans but ad someone who while I was growing up was interested in history and they actually taught history then .some people now need to reallymake dilute that there kids are being taught which I don’t feel they are that what the democrats are lying to people about is that it was their party who did the things that they are saying to people that the republicans omg grow up snd take responsibility for you’re own party and change it to actually be a positive about both parties fire the stupid people who are keeping America back like Pelosi/Reid/or anyone who won’t work to do what I believe is that they work for us so if they are not working for us fire their buts sorry but that is what I feel.and they need to teach the kids what America is really about historically and remove silly things that sacked out teachers press on our kids then when they are called out on it they give the kids a failing grade .they should be fired and not have a position for life fire them

  • regularguy

    The debates have been our salvation. They have been the only uncontrolled venue to witness the true nature of Obama and Biden, despite the bias of the moderators etc. Every one of them has served to let Obama and Biden hang themselves on their own lies. Romney/Ryan did well, but they ultimately cooked their own geese. They have no legitimate answers to their colossal failures, and no agenda for the future but to lie about progress that no one else sees.

    I pray Romney isn’t as milquetoast as he actually has been in the debates, particularly in pandering to people about class warfare that even he espouses at times. But we cannot afford Obama at any cost. It will be an ugly, painful cleanup to put us all on a better track when Romney wins.


    Liz is a Neocon. Get rid of her and her stupid father who lies as easily as Obama.

    NTW, it looks like she has gotten into the corn dogs.

  • Joanne

    Obama and his nutjobs will do anything to keep power…….ANYTHING. The next few weeks are going to be critical for the U.S. People need to be more vigilant than ever – watch, watch, watch.

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  • Winston Wolfe

    Liz is a Neocon. Get rid of her and her stupid father who lies as easily as Obama.

    Put a sock in it, Paultard.

  • cowboybobmt

    while i certainly hope Romney wins, that even may not be the end of this nightmare…i harken back to the then Gov of Tennessee, Ray Blanton, after he lost his re-election. He starting issuing pardons and granting other political favors left and right to all his cronies…it got so bad that the incoming governor went to the state supreme court (a bit fuzzy on that part with time elapsed) and found a way to get inaugurated 2-3 days early to put a stop to it. Ray Blanton wound up in prison a few years later (i do not recall the exact charges). Sooooo, i will not rest easy until Mitt takes the oath and they turkey walk The Obummer out of town. Of course to live off the dole in Hawaii funded by the rest of us the remainder of his hopefully miserable life…that will stick in my craw the rest of days. I would not put it past this cretin to pull some grand stunt, declare marshal law and try something…I don’t think he’s quite that stupid…but arrogant…he is. He will not go down easily. And you watch his smug face at the inauguration, he’ll make a fool of himself one more time. what a pathetic loser.

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