Mother Of A Fallen SEAL’s Plea To You: Listen And Help

The mother of fallen Navy SEAL, Aaron Vaughn, is collecting stories from the men and women returning from, or still on, the front lines.  Karen Vaughn is collecting these stories to provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Please read the deeply moving letter below from Karen Vaughn, whose son, Aaron, was killed last year in Afghanistan, along with 16 of his fellow elite Navy SEALs in the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in Afghanistan.  It is a letter that should be read and shared by every American who enjoys the security and freedom our soldiers protect every day.

Today, like every day, I miss my son.  I miss his laughter.  I miss his smile.  I miss his sense of humor and impeccable timing.  I miss our conversations.  I miss his passion and intensity.  I miss the way he could go from zero to one hundred when someone spoke an improper word about something important to him.  I miss his crazy driving and most of all I miss his heart, which was so overflowing with love and compassion.

I also miss what will never be.  I miss the fact that one day his daughter will walk down the aisle and he won’t be there.  I miss, on Reagan’s behalf, that his daddy will never watch him score a touchdown, learn to drive a car, or fall in love.  I miss that Kimberly will never again be able to share the amazing joys that only parents understand…. “Reagan learned to tie his shoe today,” or “Chamberlyn rode the bike without training wheels.”  I especially miss all the Christmas mornings for the rest of their childhoods when they run down the stairs, but daddy is not there.

I miss what would have been….family vacations, memories, laughter, pictures, love.

I miss that my daughters will have to bury Billy and I one day and their big, strong, larger-than-life brother won’t be there to walk beside them and help them through.

Today I attended the funeral of another fallen special forces operator.  As I listened to his family and teammates describe this amazing man, I couldn’t help but think: “Why is it always the men like him who fall?”  The great ones who walk among us who were “too good for this world” according to Hebrews 11:38.  And then I realized; only the greatest among us would storm the gates of hell for the undeserving; the pot-smoking punk still living in his parent’s basement, the disrespectful teen who can’t be bothered to pull his pants up or answer with a “yes sir” or “no ma’m, the “occupier” who cries on the street for justice but rapes the woman protesting beside him, the list goes on….

And then this evening I received the email below and my heart sank lower than I thought was possible:

Dear Karen,

My name is Cheryl Sitton and my son, SSG Matthew Sitton, was KIA on 02 August 2012. On 04 June 2012 he wrote an email to Congressman Bill Young seeking support and help in reference to the senseless and deadly missions he was required to put his men through.  He told of how they were required to perform foot patrols in empty compounds and grape rows littered with IED’s just to meet a set mandate of a certain number of patrols for a certain amount of time.  He shared how they had to patrol in urine and feces soaked uniforms just to meet this mandate.  And all with no end state in mind.

Congressman Young took Matt’s letter to the Pentagon for it only to fall on deaf ears.  Two months later my son and his 1st Sgt Russell Bell were killed in the exact way Matt had warned and feared for his men. 

Cheryl Sitton

There’s more, but as I read this first portion, I felt like I could literally vomit.  I want to scream.  I want to hit the pause button and fight for these men until someone listens! Please, for the love of God…. listen!  And ACT!

Billy voiced our hearts on Hannity’s America this past Wednesday perfectly when he said, “We want some high ranking military officer to have the courage to risk all and scream out, ‘What is happening to our warriors?’  Somebody, please have the courage to protect our warriors instead of protecting this commander in chief and his cronies.”

And then…just before I “thought” I was going to bed tonight, I decided to check our blog and found the following comment: “sorry you lost your son. But making his death a matter of Democrats v Republicans cheapens his loss.”  And that was it.  My reply?  “Nothing will EVER cheapen the loss our family has endured.  What grieves me most as Aaron’s mother (you know…the one who gave birth to him, rocked him to sleep hundreds, if not thousands of times, sat up with him when he had a nightmare or was running a fever, coached his pee-wee basketball team, sat at the dinner table year after year making sure his homework was done, loaned him the car for his first date, never missed a football game for 7 years (home or away), prayed with him when he received Christ, cried with him when his heart broke, shared every victory and every defeat with him, danced with him at his wedding to “Thanks Again,” hugged him goodbye for the final time in June of last year, and yes, buried him) is that he freely gave his life so someone like YOU would be ensured the freedom to visit HIS personal site for no purpose except to spew a disgustingly insensitive comment toward his parents.  I pity you.  You are a sad, sad human being.  But….he died for you, so go ahead, tell me more about what I’m doing to cheapen his ‘loss’ (whatever that means).” 

Here’s my point.  It’s NEVER been about parties to this family.  It’s about HUMAN BEINGS who are being sacrificed on the alter of narcissism and idiotic ideology where we call evil good and good evil!


These great men (and great women) are fighting for and dying for …US.  It has become glaringly clear to me that our high ranking military officials have no plans to defend those great patriots whose faces are actually marred by war.  They’re far too busy securing their mortgages and pompous life styles to risk anything in order to fulfill the oath they took when they strapped up their boots for the very first time.

And this administration?  Pure, unadulterated evil.  Cover-ups, scandals, finger-pointing, football-spiking, lying, apologizing, throwing each other under the bus, and most importantly, risking our nation as we know it by REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE OUR ENEMY.

As my husband first said, and now I’ve repeated many times as I speak across the states….On September 11, 2001, our government was helpless to stop any one of the four attacks on our soil.  BUT, on flight 93, a group of American citizens counted the cost, answered the call, stood up, gave ALL, and changed the history of this nation.

Billy & I have rolled a snowball.  It needs to become an avalanche and we need your help.

We’d like to collect as many stories as possible from the men and women returning from or still on the front lines who aren’t able to speak for themselves.  Please post the stories here, using anonymity where necessary.  Please don’t use names unless the soldier is deceased, having nothing more to lose.  America needs to know what’s happening to our defenders.  They deserve a voice.

Karen Vaughn (& Billy)

UPDATE: (By Jim) As you may recall, I interviewed Karen Vaughn, mother of fallen Navy Seal of Aaron Carson Vaughn, in Tampa in August. Karen was visibly upset about Barack Obama’s campaign ad “One Chance.” Karen and Billy Vaughn lost their son Aaron last year in Afghanistan.

Thank you Karen and Billy Vaughn for your heroism and sacrifice.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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  • bg


    re: #37 – page 2 October 17, 2012 at 11:59 pm bg

    September 14, 2012

    Libya’s president says embassy attack planned by al-Qaeda

    September 13, 2012

    Benghazi Attack Revenge for Drone Kill of Abu Yahya al-Libi
    aka Mohammed Hassan Qaed: WH State Had 48 Hrs Warning

    [There is growing belief that the attack was in revenge for the killing
    in a drone strike in Pakistan of Mohammed Hassan Qaed, an al-Qa’ida
    operative who was, as his nom-de guerre Abu Yahya al-Libi suggests,
    from Libya, and timed for the anniversary of the 11 September attacks.]

    September 12, 2012

    US ambassador killed in ‘co-ordinated al Qaeda revenge
    attack by terrorists who used Libyan Mohammed movie
    protest as cover’

    [Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they
    were not authorized to publicly discuss troop movements.

    It is believed that the attack, which occurred on the 11th
    anniversary of the September 11 attacks, was a planned
    ambush carried out by terrorists using a pro-Islam protest
    as cover.]

    scroll for more here and here..


  • bg


    S. Wolf #40 October 18, 2012 at 1:00 am

    not a devout Oceam’s Razor fan, actually proved it wrong
    years ago, but forget how, heh, that’s life on the net.. 😀


  • bg


    S. Wolf #40 October 18, 2012 at 1:00 am

    oh, we most certainly know that Obama is helping the Muslim
    Brotherhood, heck, they are positioned within and throughout
    our governmental institutions, anyone who doesn’t realize that
    is a reality by now is just deaf dumb blind and in denial.. and like
    i have been saying since 9/11, Al Qaeda (brawn) is the Military
    Arm of the Muslim Brotherhood (brains)..

    June 24, 2012

    Egypt: Barack Obama the true leader of the Muslim Brotherhood

    links and more at link, in connecting links, and threads..

    September 22, 2012

    Muslim Brotherhood ‘infiltrated’ U.S. gov’t

    scroll for more here and here, in connecting links, and threads..


  • get back to work

    #40 suit yourself. Btw, YOU are a chickenhawk traitor. Prove you’re not. Its plainly evident by your sniveling comments.

    ” I realize (dis)proving it, if you can, would blow your anonymity but that’s your problem.”

    Run along now.

  • bg


    S. Wolf #40 – page 2 October 18, 2012 at 1:00 am

    re: [The war America has fought in Iraq and Afghanistan will be brought to America with Obama arming the terrorists here just as he is arming them there. Yes, a scary place.]

    oh yes, they’re here, and have been for some time now..

    just scroll & click.. *sigh*


  • S. Wolf

    bg #42, 43

    I only use Oceam’s razor as a duh analogy, i.e. the simplest conclusion is obvious, i.e. Hussein is in cahoots with the MB and al Qaeda directly through Morsi et al and indirectly through associates Farrakhan et al.

    From my link #40

    ‘Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: I do not belong to Al-Qaeda or any other organization, but ideologically speaking, I am in agreement with all these organizations. Our common denominator is the Islamic shari’a.

    TV host: Are you in agreement with the ideology of Al-Qaeda?

    Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: With its ideology, but I’m not involved in its activity. The people in Al-Qaeda follow Sunni ideology.

    Muhammad Al-Zawahiri: You don’t have to go into all those details – I reject anything that runs counter to Islam. Do you agree with that? Likewise, I agree to anything acceptable by Islamic law.’

    Doesn’t that describe Hussein just as well. Thanks for your links. I appreciate all the information you post. :)

  • bg


    Looking the other way: President Obama’s dangerous foreign policy

    October 9, 2012
    Rep. Allen West

    [President Barack Obama has built a foreign policy on trying to appease and make friends with America’s enemies, rather than facing them head on with strength and clear consequences for their actions. The president’s approach, marked by his belief that he could transition from a community organizer to a global organizer, has been an utter failure. The president has diminished our nation’s international influence and stature, and most egregiously, has put the lives of all Americans in peril.

    In the days since the attacks on our embassies and consulates on the 11th of September, we have seen a president and his administration demur, deflect, and mislead the American people. Vice President Joe Biden says on the campaign trail that “GM is alive, and Osama is dead.” Tragically, so is our Ambassador to Libya.

    President Obama’s community organizer roots have given him a naïve assumption. He believes he can get everyone in one room and with time, they will all eventually get along. Anyone who studies history and understands the global threat America faces today, understands that in order for “peace, love and happiness,” not only do all parties involved need to be willing to try, but they actually have to have the same goal.]

    more at link..


  • bg


    S. Wolf #46 October 18, 2012 at 2:26 am

    you’re welcome..

    re: [Hussein]

    Barry Dunham Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama
    (Davis for short /s/) is all things to all people..

    well, that’s how he acts, speaks, and is
    (maybe was soon) spoken of anyways..


  • bg


    (((Campfollower))) #26 October 17, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    Thank You.. :-)

    359 To 6


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  • DMG

    3900 American soldiers die in Iraq and Afghanustan between 2005 and 2008 … No problem.
    2400 American soldiers die in Iraq and Afghanustan between 2009 and 2012 … Big problem.

    3000 people die in a terrorist attack inside of US borders, but the president bears no responsibility.
    4 people die in a terrorist attack half way around the world, and it’s all the president’s fault.

    What’s the difference? I’d tell you, but it’s obvious.

  • The real Wow


    This story has been brought to the attention of Concerned Veterans for I hope it helps.

  • Evelyn Rodenberger

    I am Aaron Carson Vaughn’s grandmother, Karen Vaughn’s mother and Billy Vaughn’s mother in law. Aaron was my first grandchild. For anyone who thinks Aaron’s death was cheapened by my daughter and her husbands concerns about our Presidents rules of engagement may you never be the family that loses a child, father or mother because of these one sided rules. They clearly encourage the enemy to be ahead of our warriors in a well defined plan that is given to them because of our Presidents ROI’s which were instituded so as not to upset our enemy. REALLY!!!!!!
    May your child never be sent on a mission that has been turned over to the enemy before they even get it. Rather thinking our speaking out cheapens the loss of this amazing warrior by political views, you’d better wake up and realize that this president is not on our side. At this very minute this administration is spending millions of our tax dollars to hide facts and figures that they can’t afford to come out before the election as they would be run out of Washington on a rail. Pay more attention to what is going on and think before you condemn.