Mother Of A Fallen SEAL’s Plea To You: Listen And Help

The mother of fallen Navy SEAL, Aaron Vaughn, is collecting stories from the men and women returning from, or still on, the front lines.  Karen Vaughn is collecting these stories to provide a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Please read the deeply moving letter below from Karen Vaughn, whose son, Aaron, was killed last year in Afghanistan, along with 16 of his fellow elite Navy SEALs in the deadliest single loss for U.S. forces in Afghanistan.  It is a letter that should be read and shared by every American who enjoys the security and freedom our soldiers protect every day.

Today, like every day, I miss my son.  I miss his laughter.  I miss his smile.  I miss his sense of humor and impeccable timing.  I miss our conversations.  I miss his passion and intensity.  I miss the way he could go from zero to one hundred when someone spoke an improper word about something important to him.  I miss his crazy driving and most of all I miss his heart, which was so overflowing with love and compassion.

I also miss what will never be.  I miss the fact that one day his daughter will walk down the aisle and he won’t be there.  I miss, on Reagan’s behalf, that his daddy will never watch him score a touchdown, learn to drive a car, or fall in love.  I miss that Kimberly will never again be able to share the amazing joys that only parents understand…. “Reagan learned to tie his shoe today,” or “Chamberlyn rode the bike without training wheels.”  I especially miss all the Christmas mornings for the rest of their childhoods when they run down the stairs, but daddy is not there.

I miss what would have been….family vacations, memories, laughter, pictures, love.

I miss that my daughters will have to bury Billy and I one day and their big, strong, larger-than-life brother won’t be there to walk beside them and help them through.

Today I attended the funeral of another fallen special forces operator.  As I listened to his family and teammates describe this amazing man, I couldn’t help but think: “Why is it always the men like him who fall?”  The great ones who walk among us who were “too good for this world” according to Hebrews 11:38.  And then I realized; only the greatest among us would storm the gates of hell for the undeserving; the pot-smoking punk still living in his parent’s basement, the disrespectful teen who can’t be bothered to pull his pants up or answer with a “yes sir” or “no ma’m, the “occupier” who cries on the street for justice but rapes the woman protesting beside him, the list goes on….

And then this evening I received the email below and my heart sank lower than I thought was possible:

Dear Karen,

My name is Cheryl Sitton and my son, SSG Matthew Sitton, was KIA on 02 August 2012. On 04 June 2012 he wrote an email to Congressman Bill Young seeking support and help in reference to the senseless and deadly missions he was required to put his men through.  He told of how they were required to perform foot patrols in empty compounds and grape rows littered with IED’s just to meet a set mandate of a certain number of patrols for a certain amount of time.  He shared how they had to patrol in urine and feces soaked uniforms just to meet this mandate.  And all with no end state in mind.

Congressman Young took Matt’s letter to the Pentagon for it only to fall on deaf ears.  Two months later my son and his 1st Sgt Russell Bell were killed in the exact way Matt had warned and feared for his men. 

Cheryl Sitton

There’s more, but as I read this first portion, I felt like I could literally vomit.  I want to scream.  I want to hit the pause button and fight for these men until someone listens! Please, for the love of God…. listen!  And ACT!

Billy voiced our hearts on Hannity’s America this past Wednesday perfectly when he said, “We want some high ranking military officer to have the courage to risk all and scream out, ‘What is happening to our warriors?’  Somebody, please have the courage to protect our warriors instead of protecting this commander in chief and his cronies.”

And then…just before I “thought” I was going to bed tonight, I decided to check our blog and found the following comment: “sorry you lost your son. But making his death a matter of Democrats v Republicans cheapens his loss.”  And that was it.  My reply?  “Nothing will EVER cheapen the loss our family has endured.  What grieves me most as Aaron’s mother (you know…the one who gave birth to him, rocked him to sleep hundreds, if not thousands of times, sat up with him when he had a nightmare or was running a fever, coached his pee-wee basketball team, sat at the dinner table year after year making sure his homework was done, loaned him the car for his first date, never missed a football game for 7 years (home or away), prayed with him when he received Christ, cried with him when his heart broke, shared every victory and every defeat with him, danced with him at his wedding to “Thanks Again,” hugged him goodbye for the final time in June of last year, and yes, buried him) is that he freely gave his life so someone like YOU would be ensured the freedom to visit HIS personal site for no purpose except to spew a disgustingly insensitive comment toward his parents.  I pity you.  You are a sad, sad human being.  But….he died for you, so go ahead, tell me more about what I’m doing to cheapen his ‘loss’ (whatever that means).” 

Here’s my point.  It’s NEVER been about parties to this family.  It’s about HUMAN BEINGS who are being sacrificed on the alter of narcissism and idiotic ideology where we call evil good and good evil!


These great men (and great women) are fighting for and dying for …US.  It has become glaringly clear to me that our high ranking military officials have no plans to defend those great patriots whose faces are actually marred by war.  They’re far too busy securing their mortgages and pompous life styles to risk anything in order to fulfill the oath they took when they strapped up their boots for the very first time.

And this administration?  Pure, unadulterated evil.  Cover-ups, scandals, finger-pointing, football-spiking, lying, apologizing, throwing each other under the bus, and most importantly, risking our nation as we know it by REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE OUR ENEMY.

As my husband first said, and now I’ve repeated many times as I speak across the states….On September 11, 2001, our government was helpless to stop any one of the four attacks on our soil.  BUT, on flight 93, a group of American citizens counted the cost, answered the call, stood up, gave ALL, and changed the history of this nation.

Billy & I have rolled a snowball.  It needs to become an avalanche and we need your help.

We’d like to collect as many stories as possible from the men and women returning from or still on the front lines who aren’t able to speak for themselves.  Please post the stories here, using anonymity where necessary.  Please don’t use names unless the soldier is deceased, having nothing more to lose.  America needs to know what’s happening to our defenders.  They deserve a voice.

Karen Vaughn (& Billy)

UPDATE: (By Jim) As you may recall, I interviewed Karen Vaughn, mother of fallen Navy Seal of Aaron Carson Vaughn, in Tampa in August. Karen was visibly upset about Barack Obama’s campaign ad “One Chance.” Karen and Billy Vaughn lost their son Aaron last year in Afghanistan.

Thank you Karen and Billy Vaughn for your heroism and sacrifice.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    Officer spills beans on what’s going wrong against Taliban

    [The report contends U.S. counter-insurgency efforts in Afghanistan are contributing to “needless” American casualties because of a restrictive dogma that cannot be questioned. Any discussion about its strengths and weaknesses is discouraged, the memorandum made available to G2 explained.]


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    Thank You..

    It Has Always Been The Soldier

    It is the soldier,
    not the President who gives US Democracy.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Congress who takes Care of US.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

    It is the soldier,
    not the campus [community] Organizer who
    has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

    It is the soldier,
    who salutes the flag;
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
    lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!

    “Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as
    they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless
    acts they perform for us in our time of need. Please place a
    hedge of protection around each and everyone. I ask this in
    the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.”



  • Joanne

    Cheapens his loss????? Why are these men being forced to fill quotas? Aren’t they suppose to be fighting a war and winning? It sickens me that these men and women are not being given EVERYTHING they need to fight this war. How desperately sad that a mother must bury a son who was put in a position where there was a high risk to his life for no reason, and his concerns were not taken seriously. I believe the Obama administration hates the military and doesn’t care one bit about those men and women. Pay back will be a bitch.

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  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    where did we get an officer corp that is more interested in their career objectives then the safety of their men. is this what they are teaching at west point, the air force academy, the naval academy. anybody that takes a command position in which their subordinates face danger must have the safety of those subordinates as a first priority. no officer should accept any condition that needlessly put their people in danger. it is the responsibility of the officer to everything to protect their subordinates.

  • snap boy

    Billy, I thank you for the freedoms you fought to secure for me and my family; you embodied the most basic and valued principles of this nation.
    Karen, thank you for raising a noble son.
    God bless…

  • bg



    [Andrew Sullivan:

    Petraeus deserves the lion’s share of the credit; luck and time and the self-defeating nihilism of the Jihadists have helped. But Bush and McCain equally merit points for pursuing the surge, even though the metrics pointed to failure. Obama needs to capitalize on these gains, not dismiss them.]


    [Now what about Obama? Boy, is the Good Judgement Man™ ever in trouble. He has been talking defeat in Iraq since forever. Whoops. McCain on the other hand has the distinction that, despite the unpopularity of his position, he was right. I predict a pivot – “I never knew how really vile those jihadis were. And I repudiate them for their obvious misjudgment. I have always been in favor of good relations with the Government of Iraq and no Republican is going to stand in the way of my achieving that goal. There are a number of companies in Chicago that would be excellent help in the effort to rebuild Iraq and they will have all my support.” Aside to staff: “&#(*^@!~& Axelrod, where are my G-d Damn Tickets to Iraq?”]


  • squeaky

    “…..where did we get an officer corp that is more interested in their career objectives then the safety of their men.”

  • get back to work

    “He shared how they had to patrol in urine and feces soaked uniforms just to meet this mandate. And all with no end state in mind.”

    **cough bullshyte cough**

    Where’s the pics?

  • squeaky
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  • dwdude

    God bless you, Karen Vaughn, your son would be proud of your determination and integrity
    we must remove the narcissist theoreticians from every aspect of our government, starting on november 6th

  • bg


    was wondering where this post went..

    Terror czar deserves honorary membership
    in the Muslim Brotherhood .. Feb 18, 2010

    [“How can we possibly confront Islamist radicalization if the President’s principal advisor on counterterrorism cannot appropriately identify political Islam as the problem?” said Jasser. “Al Qaida is merely one of many tools of militant political Islam. It is the ideology that they adhere to that we must be at war with and counter frontally in the public sector, because it is at war with us.

    As we have seen over the past year, the common thread of theo-political Islam is what drives militants around the world. Mr. Brennan and the President must provide leadership in articulating the real threat and addressing the root cause of Islamist terror. The Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists can speak for themselves.”]

    September 22, 2012

    Muslim Brotherhood ‘infiltrated’ U.S. gov’t (audio)

    [The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamist organization that has
    successfully penetrated both political parties and the delicate areas
    of defense and national security.


    He said neither Republicans nor Democrats want to protest
    too loudly over concerns of being branded intolerant.

    Boykin said Republicans proved their weakness on the issue by roundly condemning Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., for sounding the alarm on this issue and specifically wondering about the Brotherhood ties of Huma Abedin, a top assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    He also slammed the sequestration plan that has the military on course for an additional $500 billion in cuts over the next decade, saying that will weaken every branch of the service and that a naive rationale is behind it all.]

    more at links, in connecting links, and scroll threads for more..


  • Linda

    I commend you Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn for your Precious Sacrifice.

    For speaking out in behalf of our Troops!

    Our Troops are purposely being slaughtered while our enemies are being protected and well looked out for by “our” leaders!

    There only seems to outrage from these leaders when “an enemy” is mistreated…

    I believe just like the blood of Abel cried out to God…the blood of our Troops cries out to God today! I would be afraid to be in their shoes!

  • Marcia

    Hopefully, the next administration will be better. History will prove that this person was a traitor. I just wish someone had the guts your son did and would expose him for what he has done to this great country. Alas, no statesmen, only politicians

  • Indiana

    Prayers for you and yours…..I’m so sorry for your loss. Some sacrifices are just unbearable.

  • Linda

    #10 **cough bullshyte cough**

    Where’s the pics?

    If you would like to see for yourself, take a little trip to Afghanistan…the only problem is you might not make it back, if Al Qaeda does not get you…this government might…the security people you have might not be allowed bullets!

  • S. Wolf

    Unfortunately U.S. troops under Obama’s Pentagon are NOT fighting for America.

    ‘An American hero, Colonel Harry Tunnell IV, Commander of the 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, documented the truth about the war in Afghanistan.

    What Obama is really doing in Afghanistan is treasonous.

    Dated August 20, 2010, a letter was written to John McHugh, Secretary of the Army, signed by Colonel Harry Tunnell IV. In the letter, four significant factors about military operations in Afghanistan were revealed.

    1. When US soldiers arrive in Afghanistan, they are told that they are fighting for the Afghan people:’…

    Obama’s War: US Soldiers Are Told They Are Fighting For The Afghan People, Not For The US

    The U.S. military is loyal to the U.S., Obama wants a military that is loyal to him.