Big Flap Over Big Bird–
The New York Post today…

Morning Joe Crew: Big Bird, Really?
“Get it off the air. It shows such weakness.”




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  1. Watch Mika work hard to think of something to say and she comes up with, “Well, actually, it was Mitt Romney who brought it up.” Priceless. Shades of a kindergarten mind, “He started it, wah.”

  2. NO, dammit! Listen to what Michelle said: Leave Big Bird alone and let the ad play!

    You teabaggers broached a dangerous place when you dared mess with Michelle and Barack’s intimate role-play icons. Mama Big Bird loves her little Elmo. You don’t mess with a Mama Big Bird and you don’t pick on her little blue man.

  3. and correction above… Elmo’s red. Sometimes Barack likes to play the clueless Grover, like his speech this week where he said “Look, you can’t expect me to be perfect ALL the time. Sometimes I just gotta be Grover and muck things up.”

  4. Try and keep up Scarbrough; the ad is already off the air.

  5. OT — Zombie has some great photos of Obama’s visit to San Francisco. It looks like everybody is mad at him, for one reason, or another. Follow the links, and you can see the Tea Partiers cleaning up after the Obama crowd at the end.

  6. #1-Always fun to see Bubbles attempt relevance, isn’t it?

  7. I think the Big Bird ad is Obama’s ‘jump the shark’ moment.

  8. OT – Martha Raddatz the moderator for the Debates tomorrow had a special wedding guest at her very own wedding……Barack Obama…..Unbelievable the deceit that goes on! Watch for the bias!

  9. The ad may be off the air but the damage is done. The Obama crew messed up and showed just how dumb they really are.

  10. I heard that after Obama did his first debate, he thought he won as reported by the The Daily Mail (UK). So they come up with Big Bird as a response AD.


    Unbelievable. yeah, his ass whooped and becomes Carter II. Nov. 6, here we come.

  11. The ad may be “off the air” but it is still all over facebook in one form or another – and a perfect opportunity every single time to point out that Big Bird is part of the One Percent with net assets last year of more than $232,000,000. And then there is the newest addition to the PBS line up, ready to get her cut at the government teat: One percenter Martha Stewart, who surely does not need us to borrow our children’s money from China to support her enterprise!

    I suspect that PBS wants Obama to shut up because when the facts are brought to light to the American people struggling to put groceries on that table and gas in the tank, the One Percenters who make their homes and livings at PBS and NPR are in danger of losing their handouts.

  12. OT

    For what its worth:

    BREAKING! Obama’s Ring Inscription: THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH!

  13. ot

    ‘Oh, my God. This is so funny. It’s cool though’
    New O’Keefe video: Obama campaign staffer caught helping activist vote twice

    Read more:

  14. President Obama cares so much about Big Bird that over the economy, gas prices, Libya, declining incomes, a faltering GDP, and a rise in poverty — the president’s dedicated his campaign mission to keeping the multimillionaire puppet on the government dole. Apparently, though, Obama doesn’t care enough about Big Bird to honor a request from the Sesame Workshop asking that an ad using Big Bird’s image be taken down:

    Following a request by PBS for the Obama campaign to take down its new attack ad featuring Big Bird, the campaign appears to be standing by the 30-second spot.

    Obama campaign senior adviser Robert Gibbs said on Wednesday that he was unaware of any efforts to take down the ad[.]

    But it gets worse:

    Jen Psaki, the Obama campaign’s traveling press secretary, followed a similar line on Tuesday. “There’s only one candidate in this race who is going to continue to fight for Big Bird and Elmo, and he is riding on this plane,” she said

    If only President Obama had shown half as much passion and dedication towards protecting our people in Libya

  15. I want Romney in the next debate to demand the nation be shown and given explanations for the hiding of Obama’s original birth certificate (is he even eligible to be President?), his SSAN (why from Connecticut?), the passport used during his Pakistan trip (did he hold a non-American passport?), his college applications (did he claim foreign student status?), his college grades (mediocre?), and his Selective Service registration (fraudulent?), and why he lost his license to practice law. America’s deep-cover secret agents don’t have their identities protected like this, costing million$ to kept it hidden, using the power of the presidency to close access to public documents. This un-vetted non-American belongs in federal prison, not in our White House.

  16. America’s Chickens coming home to Roost…>

  17. Nice to see President Zippy stand up and fight hard to protect the multi-million dollar Big Bird enterprise.

    Our ambassadors and diplomats overseas?? Well, not so much . . . . .

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