Mitt Romney slammed Barack Obama tonight for wasting two years on Obamacare when the country needed jobs.




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  1. Romney is doing great! He has command of the facts, taking it right to O, and is presenting his case well, challenging his opponent for false statements, and showing that he does “care”. Great!

    O doesn’t look well prepeared, IMO. In the first segment, he repeated himself thru three different pieces of it. Identical thoughts if not identical words. Looked like he had nothing to say.

    Having said that, I’m not sure this debate will change anyone’s mine. But it’s clear to me, that as Rush says, O is going for the dumb vote.

  2. OMG Obama is pandering and stuttering…talking in circles… Not making any sense….

  3. This isn’t even fair. Obama’s getting smoked on every damn word he stutters out.

  4. BOOM! Romney is blowing O outa the water!

  5. Obama can’t speak without his TelePrompter. He can’t even look Romney in the eye…what an f’ing joke!

  6. SOBama, go get your shine box!

  7. OT

    obama lied in his speech about the government treating new orleans differently then other disaster incidents because the people were black. TWO WEEKS before he gave that speech congress voted to waive the stafford requirement for new orleans. there were 14 members of the senate that voted againist waiving the requirement, ONE OF THEM WAS BARACK OBAMA!

  8. Romney looks so Presidental and posied! WOW! Obama looks like he is old and has done too many drugs–looks really DUMB! What a looser…the faces he was making he looks like a kid caught stealing candy in the store—really guilty and stupid!!!

  9. Don’t look now, but Obama just got spanked.

  10. If this was a 15 round boxing match, Romney won all 15 rounds.

  11. Holy Cow. Ed Schultz is disappointed in Obama, with aggravation in his voice. LOL.

  12. Cant watch but Is Chrissy cleaning up his pants after blowing his wad ?

  13. This must have been the only one out of six debates Obamedia predicted it will go for Romney.

  14. Chrissy is jerking it to a photo of a young boy to relieve his “stress”

  15. Holy Cow! Chris Mathews is having a major league meltdown! LOL He’s po’ed at Obama. LOL

  16. all you needed to do to realize obama was a terrible speaker was to look at videos of his 2008 campaign to see him stumbleing and bumbleing all over himself. the videos were all over you tube but were completely unreported by american tass. they were too busy telling us he was the greatest most inspiring orator in the history of mankind. you saw tonight how well he speaks and thinks without a teleprompter.

  17. Not cutting off Big Bird, turning Obamacare into Romneycare……

    It it was a debate between Obama Sr and Obama jr…..

    Mittens RINO etch a sketch came alive and shows his big government/more regulation with no tax cuts or spending decreases. Same ole same ole from the GOP Elite. A third party vote is more and more appealing….

  18. Tonight, this explains why SØBama sealed his academic records.

  19. Romney did very well. Obama’s best line should be a Republican commercial.

    I’ll work as hard the next four years as the last four” and show him on vacation, golfing, fund raising shooting hoops etc.

    Obama looked out of water a little. Romney made some very good Constitutional points and reminded us about the 10th amend.

    Well done.

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